Why we voted to LEAVE the European Union - by CS

1) Democracy

  • Most decisions in Brussels are made by unelected officials: the EU parliament is a compliant rubber-stamp.
  • The openly-stated aim of the Continental political elite is to create a federal state in Europe, which is why the acquisition of ever-more power to Brussels is a policy ruthlessly pursued over decades.
  • The LATEST ploy in this never-ending plan is to form a European Army, something that UK REMAINERS SWORE was not planned and would never happen. Yes, they lied - or were naive - or both.
  • The European elite HATES democratic decisions taken by the people (something that works well in Switzerland). In 2006, the French people voted AGAINST The European Constitution (STATES have constitutions: the title was intended to send a message), but the French parliament PASSED this bill after a few piffling changes were made. YES, the French elite did the OPPOSITE of what its people had voted for.
  • Ireland and Holland voted AGAINST the Lisbon Treaty but had to vote AGAIN to get “the right decision”.
  • The EU pays a LOT of money to the BBC, which is VERY pro-EU. What part of “democracy” is THAT?

2) The Euro

  • The EU is obsessed with creating a unified, federal state in Europe, and a common currency is a KEY feature of a unified state.
  • The euro was specifically designed to accelerate the federalisation of Europe.
  • Criteria were set for entry to the euro, but in the case of Greece, were IGNORED.
  • WORSE than that, Goldman-Sachs was engaged to massage the Greek financial statistics to give the illusion that they qualified, and Greece entered the euro despite being totally unsuitable for it.
  • At the time, reputed economists TOLD the EU that the euro could not work with uncompetitive countries such as Greece in it facing the economic might of Northern Europe - especially Germany.
  • THEY DID NOT CARE. WORSE than they, they KNEW it could not work but planned for the inevitable crisis to force MORE harmonisation onto Europe, especially in finance. There has NEVER BEEN a successful currency union without FISCAL union, and THAT is what they want.
  • The reason that the EU elite LIED about Greece was because for them, MORE is always BETTER: more countries, more money, more laws, more control: they desperately want to be like the USA.
  • They think they have good reasons for this being desirable, but NOBODY HAS EVER VOTED FOR IT. (This point is crucial).

CONCLUSION: The economic and social grief across Southern Europe are ENTIRELY due to the introduction of the euro as part of the UNMANDATED project to federalise Europe. The blame for the decades-long well-over 20% of youth unemployment in Southern Europe lays ENTIRELY at the hands of the European political elite. Why the Italians for a start put up with this is a mystery: Italian GDP per capita is NO BIGGER today than it was at eurolaunch. The euro has MASSIVELY benefited Germany at the expense of much of the rest of Europe, and this has led to massive DIVISIONS within Europe, not to harmony.

3) Money

  • The UK pays over THIRTY MILLION EUROS NET to Brussels EVERY SINGLE DAY of the year.
  • This money is effectively foreign aid to other EU countries.
  • There is no such thing as “EU MONEY” paid to British regions such as Cornwall; whatever money is transferred to Cornwall by the EU is ONLY money the EU has previously received from the UK. IT IS ALL OUR MONEY.
  • Any “REBATE” granted to the UK is not some kind of GIFT from the EU to the UK, but ONLY a reduction in the NET sum that British taxpayers pay.
    This has been going on for over 40 years; you would have to be really perverse to claim that the British are “unEuropean”.

4) Fishing

  • On joining the EU the UK GAVE UP 66% of its national fishing rights.
  • Most of the fish caught in internationally-recognized British fishing waters is caught by foreign boats.
  • Tens of thousands of jobs in the traditional British fishing industry were lost: fishing-ports all around the British coast were devastated.
  • The UK now IMPORTS fish, something it had not done for millennia before the EU.

5) Immigration and Population Density

  • England (especially the South) is one of the most densely-populated countries in Europe.
  • Were FRANCE to have the SAME population density as England then the former would have to take in ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-MILLION migrants.
  • This is why many Brits say: “We are full.”

6) Employment

  • Workers from poor EU countries are obviously willing to work for less money than indigenous British workers, since the currency in their own countries is worth so much less than the GBP.
  • This clearly holds down wages for ALL workers AND reduces the number of jobs available to indigenous British workers.

7) Border Controls

  • EU countries have no control over who enters their countries from other EU countries.
  • KNOWN murderers and rapists from other EU countries have free access to the UK.
  • MILLIONS have migrated to the UK to take advantage of its benefits, which include free housing, education and medical care. For example, 200,000 Roma gypsies migrated from Rumania to Britain.
  • The resulting pressure on British infrastructure has been devastating.

8) Law

  • Up to 80% of new laws are now made in Brussels and the UK has no right to block such laws, even if they are obviously not in Britain’s interest.

9) Bureaucracy

  • EU bureaucracy is modelled on that of France, notoriously regulation and paperwork obsessed.
  • Unnecessary regulation imposes a massive cost on UK business, a cost not faced by non-EU nations.
  • ALL businesses in the UK are obliged to conform to EU regulations, even if they do not trade with the EU.

10) Trade, including Food

  • The UK is not able to make independent and more economical trade deals with the rest of the world.
  • Free trade on food is also impossible inside the EU, which heavily subsidizes EU farmers and makes food more expensive.
  • This system produces waste and discriminates against producers from poor countries.
  • The system is inefficient and open to abuse, and IS widely abused: for example, rich landowners are often paid money NOT to grow anything.

11) Corruption

  • “What can be abused, will be abused.“ EU officials pay themselves VAST remuneration, including a multitude of extra benefits.
  • Top EU officials earn FAR MORE than the Prime Ministers of most EU countries.
  • EU employees pay a MUCH reduced tax on their incomes; they are vastly subsidized by ordinary taxpayers.
  • The EU hierarchy is a natural home for failed national politicians: once rejected by their own people they can usually find a FAR more highly-paid “job” in Brussels.
    When they leave office, they CONTINUE to be paid a LARGE % of their former salary for four years - in addition to their extremely-generous pensions.
  • Nepotism and cronyism are ripe in Brussels; members of the privileged elite look after each other and their families.

12) Waste

  • The EU has NEVER had its accounts properly audited and signed off.
  • TENS OF MILLIONS of euros go missing.
  • MILLIONS MORE are spent on fatuous projects of all kinds.
  • MILLIONS are allocated to projects that are either fraudulent or make no sense: un or underused Portuguese motorways and Spanish airports, bridges in Greece that are never built - and so on.

13) Defence

  • NATO (aka the Americans principally) has indisputably ensured the peace in Europe since World War II.
  • Even so, It was the EU which was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for “saving Europe”, just one more in a series of total LIES by the European political elite.
  • Germany and other major EU countries have for decades NOT PAID their agreed 2% of national GDP towards the cost of NATO: the bulk of NATO’s costs have been borne by the US taxpayer. In these circumstances, it is entirely logical that the US should demand a bigger contribution towards maintaining NATO.
  • The EU response (at a time when it is floundering in all areas) is to announce the formation of a EUROPEAN ARMY. Now, who really thinks that a European army dominated by Germany is going to make Europe safer? EU fanatics are fond of saying that history makes European federation essential; they should have a think about history in relation to the Russians and empathize better with them.
  • The EU has aggressively pushed for the entry of Ukraine into the EU. Whatever the moral merits of this policy, it is like waving a red flag in front of Russia’s nose. If the EU wants to make Europe more safe, this is NOT the way to go about it - at least not until Russia becomes more democratic. (Don’t wait up ...)

14) EU Expansion

  • As has been said, a fundamental policy of the EU over decades is to grow BIGGER and have more POWER and control over European peoples. EUphiles have their reasons for this, but they are NOT reasons that have been accepted by ANY European pleb.
  • The EU’s obsession with increasing its own size has led to an expansion into Eastern Europe which was far too fast; so fast, that the pressures have led to the opposite of what they were seeking. (Few obsessions end up well.)
  • The stated aim of integrating Turkey into the EU is completely insane:
  1. Turkey is NOT EVEN IN EUROPE.
  2. Turkey is vastly incompatible economically and would have to be subsidised by TENS OF BILLIONS of European citizens’ money for DECADES. The ELITE might wish this (they are rich already) but the PEOPLE will NOT.
  3. Turkey in the EU would give 80 MILLION Turks the right to travel (and stay) ANYWHERE in the EU.
  4. Turkey is predominantly Muslim, and ISLAM’S values are totally incompatible with those of Europe.

15) Germany

  • Germany is by some measure the biggest economy and population in Europe which for these reasons alone would lead to Germany dominating the EU whatever else happened.
  • Unfortunately, the perception in the UK (and I am not saying this is right or wrong) is that only Germany really counts, that nothing can be decided without Germany and that other EU members hardly get a look-in on policy decisions.
  • This perception has strengthened considerably since the German Chancellor made the apparently unilateral decision (no consultation with neighbours, let alone her own people) to invite millions of “refugees” into Europe.

Given the famous “history” which EUphiles constantly talk about, it has been appalling governance to allow this perception to have grown, The policies and actions of the EU and European political elite in recent years have only served to INCREASE division within Europe, not reduce it.

CONCLUSIONS: The British PEOPLE (not its establishment, which is as detached from its people and from reality just as much as its counterparts over the Channel) has for all the above reasons decided to LEAVE the EU, which it entered as a “COMMON MARKET” but which has changed unrecognizably since 1975 when we voted to join.

The British people will ALWAYS be part of “Europe”, for which it made immense sacrifices in two wars to defeat fascism. We will continue to trade freely with Europe, as indeed we have for thousands of years - but we will not be part of the corrupt, wasteful, incompetent, undemocratic and ruinous EU. We want to retain our sovereignty and independence, like the VAST majority of other countries in the world.



1952 – “Europe’s nations should be led towards a superstate, without their people understanding what is happening.” – Jean Monnet (President ECSC 52-55)


  • “We decide on something, leave it lying around and wait and see what happens. If no one kicks up a fuss, because most people don’t understand what has been decided, we continue step by step until there is no turning back," he said of the euro.

  • In May 2011, he told a meeting of the federalist European Movement that he often ‘had to lie’ and that eurozone monetary policy should be discussed in ‘secret, dark debates’.

  • He also sparked controversy by suggesting that the eurozone economic policy was incompatible with democracy. ‘We all know what to do, we just don’t know how to get re-elected after we’ve done it," Mr Juncker cynically quipped last year.

  • Mr Juncker was also closely linked to the EU constitution, before the French referendum on it in 2005 he predicted, correctly, that Europe would ignore any popular rejections.“If it’s a Yes, we will say ‘on we go’, and if it’s a No we will say ‘we continue’,” he said.

  • Following the “NO” votes in France and the Netherlands, Mr Juncker claimed that in reality voters had actually supported deeper European integration, triggering accusations that the European elite was in denial over public hostility to the EU. "If we were to add up all the votes of the people who wanted ‘more Europe’ as a “YES” , then I think we would have had a “YES” vote," he said.

2012: “The most puzzling development in politics during the last decade is the apparent determination of Western European leaders to re-create the Soviet Union in Western Europe.” – Mikhail Gorbechev (Gen. Sec of CP, USSR 85-91)

2011: MR. SCHÄUBLE said the German government would propose treaty changes at the summit of European leaders in Brussels on Dec. 9 that would move Europe closer to the centralized fiscal government that the currency zone has lacked.The ultimate goal, Mr. Schäuble says, is a political union with a European president directly elected by the people. “What we’re now doing with the fiscal union, what I’m describing here, is a short-term step for the currency,” Mr. Schäuble said. “In a larger context, naturally we need a political union.” He sees the turmoil as not an obstacle but a necessity. “We can only achieve a political union if we have a crisis,” Mr. Schäuble said.

2010: “Decisions taken by the most democratic institutions in the world are very often wrong.” – Jose-Manuel Barrosso (President of European Commission 2004-2014)

2007: EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, rejoicing in the “success” of his Revised Constitution, hailed the EU as “the creation of an Empire”, adding “We have the dimensions of Empire”.

2005: “Politicians should have the courage to take decisions against the will of the people.” – Klaus Kinkel (German Foreign Minister 92-98) (NO, Herr Kinkel - the people are sovereign.)