WOW! Our research department has managed to uncover a copy of Fidel Castro's first speech to the Cuban people after seizing power. Here is a transcription in English, rendered as faithfully as we could manage on our pitiful budget. It's inspiring stuff, Eric - probably brings a tear to your eyes. It did to mine, but mine was more for the victims, especially the kids machine-gunned at sea. Still, where would we be without a diversity of opinion eh?

Amazingly, we believe we have discovered the origin of DelBoy's famous catchphrase: "You know it makes sense." Though our Peckham hero is hardly a paid-up member of the Socialist Looney Party, he must have been inspired by the Great Ranter's stirring words. How amazing! And there was me thinking that DelBoy had got the phrase from Shakespeare!

"My dear Comrades

The revolution is victorious! The people have triumphed over the hated capitalists. As I speak, our heroic warriors are executing the capitalist scum as they flee. A few hours ago, I was notified of a great success off the coast, when our glorious navy sank a flotilla of boats trying to escape like the rats they are to the United Satanic States of America. But we got them all, including their children. They and their possessions stolen from the people lie as fish-food at the bottom of the sea.

The punishment of the capitalist oppressors will continue. For a start, the construction of new prisons will begin tomorrow, and they will rapidly fill up with political prisoners and potential counter-revolutionaries - not to mention journalists and anyone else connected in any way with the defeated capitalists. And of course homosexuals infesting us from the Satanic states.

My fellow revolutionaries: a great future awaits us as we build our socialist society, Of course, there will need to be sacrifices to ensure the safety of the revolution, and it is important that I make this clear. Among other things:

- Private property will be confiscated, this being an alien concept. All property belongs to the state to use as it sees fit. Your homes, farms, factories will no longer be your own, but lent to you by the government. Naturally, there will have to be some readjustments in property occupation in order to house our glorious warriors.

- Mobile phone hand computers have not yet been invented, but just so there are no surprises, when they ARE you will not be allowed to use them.

- The same of course applies to the internet: only regime (sorry, government) officials will have any access to any means of electronic communication.

- All media including newspapers, television and radio will belong to - and be controlled by - the state.

- Judges will of course be employees of the state and follow its directives.

- Private enterprise will not be allowed; all commercial activity will be nationalised.
The profit motive will therefore be eliminated. You will no longer be able to work harder and better just to have more money; that is the capitalist way we all hate.

- We will have a universal health system, with special conditions for your leaders of course (they are essential to maintain the revolution).

- Anyone actively opposing the revolution even by so-called peaceful means will be imprisoned or worse (for the good of the revolution of course).

- Our revolution is symbolic of the global yearning for freedom. That is why we will immediately seek strong links of brotherhood with the USSR, North Korea, Zimbabwe and other beacons of revolutionary hope for the victims of capitalist oppression.

As I am sure you understand, all these measures will be in your best interests as we ensure that the counter-revolutionaries do not succeed in reversing our great revolution. You know it makes sense!"


Merkel BACKED Hillary: Clinton Foundation received £4M German taxpayer cash pre-election

Mrs Clinton said on board her plane: “One of my favourites is Angela Merkel because I think she’s been an extraordinary, strong leader during difficult times in Europe, which has obvious implications for the rest of the world and, most particularly, our country.


I will never forget that New Year's Day when free movement from Eastern Europe came into force and Labour luvvies turned up bright and early at LHR on Jan 1st to gloat over the non-arrival of millions of Eastern Europeans.

WHO of course started coming soon after once their NYE hangovers had worn off like everyone else's.

There is such idiocy and denial of reality in all this. Just fix on ONE statistic:

Were France to have the SAME population density as England TODAY then France would have to take in ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-TWO MILLION immigrants. England is the most densely-populated part of Europe bar Malta and Monaco. WE ARE FULL UP (and of course fed up).

UKIP and I said this years ago and were sneered at and called "racist". Racist? MOI? I probably have more non-English friends than most of you together, including black and yellow ones.

Now of course, LABOUR is turning "racist". Why the fcuk do not people use logic instead of imbecilic, tribal slogans and insults?

As for the 46,000 Eastern Europeans who have come to teh UK since teh referendum, well it's no surprise. I expected more. As May is surreally useless, free movement won't stop till we are finally out in about 5 years time at this rate. By then our population will have risen from 60 odd million official (more like 75 million) to about 130 million. But don't worry, Eric; land will by then be so expensive that your Richmond pile will be worth about 20 million quid. You will be able to buy a vast plantation in Cuba and hire those happy Cubans to produce coffee - and sing songs round the campfire with them after work. (YOU won't have to work of course.)

Hard to blame Eastern Europeans coming to a country when they get free money. Exactly WHY we should give away money to millions of foreigners isn't quite clear to me. I have nothing against foreigners as you know, but we have plenty of our OWN poor, disavantaged people, including military vets sleeping and dying rough.

As for the French election, Sarko is a pratt; he had his chance and did nothing useful to reform France. He is only now climbing on the anti-ISLAM bandwagon to try to take votes from Marine. Nobody sane will buy that one, but as we know, the insane multiply like rabbits.

Juppe is a creep; another of those failed politicians who bumbled along failing to reform France.

Only Le Pen will actually change much, in particular getting out of the euro, which an idiot can see is catastrophic for Europe, However, the French are not yet ready to vote FN despite the BREXIT and Trumpian roll. (A couple more Muslim massacres of tehChristian innocents migh change that.) I think Italy and Holland will be next to crack: Italy's financial situation is dire and it is becoming flooded with immigrants - young, fit male Muslims who despise our culture. (This is true, but not of course PC - still, I am personally for truth,). Its industry has been absolutely hammered by Germany since it has not been able to devalue thanks to the euro.

Merkel and her pillock Finance Minister keep pontificating about everyone else's faults, issuing threats to the UK (JESUS - as if threats from Germany have anything but a negative effect! Do they understand NOTHING about us after all this time? Have they never READ any war comics?)) - and Trump. I bet he is worried sick! Why Europe puts up with Merkel is a mystery. I suppose people are STILL scared of Germany. The Dutch, however, are getting seriously fed up with being treated with absolute contempt by Merkel.

Meanwhile, Darth Trump has just met PM Abe of Japan and mutually declared an eternal friendship. The Japanese (not known for being barmy) have welcomed Trump and look forward to working with him and their great ally the US. OMG! COULD TRUMP actually be BETTER than the luvvies thought?

The EU has just given Ukrainians visa-free travel to the EU. WOW! That's a REALLY clever PR move. Sometimes I think these people are just off their rocker.

Still, who am I to judge ....

PS Michael, do tell me when you officially accept that UKIP were right all along. I have a bottle of Moet and Chandon waiting for that inevitable day. You won't like it, but you will be eventually FORCED to accept that we were right 20 years before you and your cretinous party. Sorry ...

‘We will multiply our numbers’ Muslim migrants aim to outbreed Christians, translator says

A TRANSLATOR living in Germany has revealed that Muslim migrants believe the country "should be Islamised", according to a new report.

By Will Kirby - PUBLISHED: 00:33, Thu, Nov 17, 2016 | UPDATED: 08:00, Thu, Nov 17, 2016

After working in migrant centres Germany for several years, the translator claims a number of the Muslim migrants she has spoken to have revealed a hatred for Christians and are determined to destroy the religion.

The 39-year-old translator revealed that despite her Christian beliefs she is often presumed to be Muslim and – as a result – Muslim migrants often confide in her and tell her about their dislike towards Christians. She said: “Christians are oppressed, intimidated and harassed by Muslim refugees. This is normal. Some women told me, ‘We will multiply our numbers. We must have more children than the Christians because it’s the only way we can destroy them here’.”

The translator, who arrived in Germany in 1991 as a refugee from Eritrea, said she began volunteering in asylum centres after wanting to give something back following the "open-minded reception and support" she received on arriving in the country.

Clashes between Christian and Muslim asylum seekers have been on the rise in recent years. A report released last month claimed that 743 Christians have been the victims of attacks in Germany's asylum system since May, with 416 reported to have suffered physical abuse.

Of the 743 victims, 44 said they had been sexually assaulted and more than 300 received death threats. In a shocking revelation, the perpetrators in 205 of the cases were employed as guards at asylum homes - flouting their duty to protect the migrants in their care.

The translator continued: “Pure hatred against non-believers is preached, and children are brought here from an early age here in Germany. It’s very similar in asylum housing, where Muslim boys refuse to play with Christians. When she has tried to encourage Muslim children to play with their Christian counterparts, she said typical responses include: 'I don’t play with Christians. My parents hate them too.'”

O'Blabber is a moron who defends the greatest delusional, narcissistic, paedophile, mysogenist religious bigot and mass-murderer in history, a truly vile human responsible for creating a cult that has murdered over 270 MILLON people since his long overdue death.
Oh dear .... a triple whammy of nightmare worse than Elm Street:

- Trump
- Farage


- Boris

The free world and our once-great country now led by a triumvirate of idiotic, buffoonerish and weird chancers: almost as bad as facing Dracula, The Joker and The Blob simultaneously. I almost feel sorry for the assorted luvvies, "liberals" and "progressives" (George Orwell would have loved what the left has done to Shakespeare's English), whose fantasy world has been shaken to its roots. (I did a typo at first: "rots" instead of "roots"- I have corrected it, but am not sure it wasn't better the first time)

And events are moving with breakneck speed:

- Putin and Trump look set to become best mates: what a TERRIBLE outcome for the left, but maybe not so much for those of us keen on maintaining Europe as a nuclear-wasteland and Russian-tank free zone.

- The GBP is bouncing back upwards - BAD LUCK, Eric - terrible news for you; I now you are so much happier (as indeed are all the leftist PC brigade) when the UK is doing badly (except when you are in power, which is somewhat ironic as it always does badly under your command).

- The banks, financiers, speculators and the US establishment in general are likely to face the ire of the Trump: more terrible news, these people being your natural soulmates.

- Trump seems likely to apply the coup de grace to the EU, clearly among the left's most cherished treasures - OH DEAR, no more vastly-paid sinecures for failed politician luvvies such as the Kinnocks, Cleggs, Mandelscums and Ashtons. What will people like them now DO once the electorate kicks them out of office in disgust?

- The US administration looks likely to give the UK a special trade deal, with Farage prominent in the negotiations.

- The UK stock and housing markets are very buoyant - Eric's property empire looks safe after all, though who knows what will happen in Spain when the euro collapses?

- Business is booming and unemployment is low (JUST LOOK OVER THE CHANNEL AT THE ETERNALLY SELF-PRAISING EU))

One struggles to find any compensating elements in all this. Granted, your lot have rioted, students have wept and bleated that "Our future has been stolen." and vomited shrieks of "racism" against Trumpians. That should cheer you up; nothing like a few good shouts of "old, white racist scum" to cheer the soul when you lose an election.

But you only need to wait for better times: When Sadik Khan's lot have outbred us we'll all be subject to Allah's mercy. Will it happen before we shuffle off this mortal coil? Possibly not: there may be a futile backlash at some point.

Sadik Khan? He's the one who (like all the "progressives") slagged off candidate Trump and now finds himself in the position of having to either  make an enemy of the most powerful man in the world or to grovel. My money is on a good old grovel; after all, a stand on principle would not seem likely in light of experience.

"Progressives"? Such a wonderful word, but actually more accurate when rejigged and combined with "moronic and irrelevant" - like Farron, for example. He really does take some beating. Is he  a Tory stooge undercover with the mission to destroy the LibDems once and for all, much as Merkel is clearly a Stasi spy chosen by Russia to destroy Germany.

Still, all good fun, Eric. I feel safe here in Japan for the moment, though Kim Yong-Un's big whopper is a constant worry. I look at the sweet, innocent and beautiful 9 year olds I am teaching and think we could all be wiped out in seconds by a psychpathic lunatic, just like those German kids returning from their holiday were murdered by an insane pilot. But NO CHANCE of the Yanks taking him out BEFORE he drops an H-bomb on us. That would be VERY non-PC. You can only take down a mass-murderer AFTER he has killed 20 million people.

Besides, the Yanks are so bloodthirsty: who asked them to save Europe and the Far East from Hitler and Japan; obviously, they should have minded their own business. Then we would have had the Nazis in England. HANG ON. Hitler loved ISLAM, so that doesn't sound too good - but he would have rumbled them soon enough and added them to his list of exterminables.

Well Eric - I worry for your blood-pressure in these turbulent times; try some Japanese zen (or maybe in your case as money is so important to you, Yen).

PS The evil Trump ONLY wants to stop "ILLEGAL" immigration One might think this to be a fairly rational proposition, but not for luvvies; they want a mass invasion of illiterate, lunatic religious fundamentalists, though presumably not of their gated enclave on Kingston hill or their picturesque Cotswold village. YOU COULD NOT MAKE IT UP.
Oh Dear, the Professor agrees with me, or is it vice versa?

Be fair - I (like Nigel) have been saying this for years, but of course according to MOD I cannot possibly be right. Bit of a poser ...

REFORM? They CANNOT reform without giving up POWER, and that is UNTHINKABLE ..... (it's ALL about power ....)

They could NEVER have given Greece a "temporary exit from the euro" since the country would have BOOMED and then all the rest would have wanted out. YOU COULD NOT MAKE IT UP.

I like his use of the word "blackmail". I don't do blackmail - or lies, but the REMOANIACS seem quite happy with it. Oh well, nobody's perfect.

Professor Otmar Issing (founding father of the euro) has become increasingly critical of the failing currency and monetary union in recent years and has warned the bloc will collapse if there is no reform.

Issing claimed it was a "mistake in the construction of the whole arrangement that once a member, you remain a member for eternity" and that the way the eurozone’s economic and budgetary rules are laid out means some nations “can blackmail the others”.

He added that countries such as Greece, Portugal and Italy were holding back the Eurozone bloc and were still struggling to find their feet after the financial collapse in 2007.

Issing told the BBC a temporary exit would have helped the struggling Greek economy instead of being crushed under the pressure of fellow EU nations.


Better off OUT: Shock verdict of Remainer who spent 8 years at heart of 'unreformable' EU

BRITAIN is better off outside the European Union because it is a power-hungry political project hellbent on the creation of an EU superstate, a former europhile has said.

In a shock verdict Roger Evans, who spent eight years at the heart of the Brussels project, said reform of the bloc is "not possible" because there are too many federalist fanatics with vested interests. The Tory politician, who as deputy mayor represented London's interests at the EU for eight years, said he had once held a "strong belief" that Britain could lead the charge for change in Europe. But he said nearly a decade spent working within the organisation had convinced him it will never show any interest in handing back powers to member states and regions, and instead only wants to accumulate more for itself. 

He said: "Eight years ago I arrived in Brussels with a strong belief in reforming the European Union from within. It is a belief to which many of those who voted to Remain still cling. Eight years of meetings in Brussels convinced me that reform is not possible. There are too many powerful individuals who passionately believe in ever closer union and who will do everything they can to further The Project. There are too many vested interests who support them. They have a dream but the UK public doesn’t share it – we never did. Which is why we will be better off out."

Mr Evans served on the EU's Committee of the Regions (COR), which is supposed to be a local government voice advising Jean-Claude Juncker's EU Commission, from 2008-2016. The ex deputy mayor of London said there are too many federalists in Brussels. nd he said Remainers were deluded about ever being able to change the EU. The senior Tory, who stepped down from the London Assembly earlier this year, was Boris Johnson's deputy in Brussels and was tasked with pushing the EU to soften its vice-like grip on the regions. But he said that after nearly a decade's work he concluded such a task was impossible because of the nature of the European project, adding that there was a broad consensus within EU institutions in favour of a superstate. 

Writing for the website Brexit Central, he said: "A key function of the COR is to promote subsidiarity – the principle that the EU should not take on powers better suited to local and national government. Unfortunately, many of the members are true believers in a European superstate; indeed all the political groups were signed up and committed to ‘ever closer union’ until the UK Conservatives left the federalist EPP group of Christian Democrats and formed the new grouping of European Conservatives and Reformists, seeking to halt the march towards federalism. 

"So in practice there are often calls from COR members for standards and laws to be set at an EU level and subsidiarity is conveniently overlooked." 


Hard Brexit 'may see Britain more than DOUBLE worth of failing EU agreements' say experts

Change Britain found 14 countries – including China, Brazil, India and Australia  have publicly expressed a desire to strike a trade deal with Britain once .

The combined economic worth of the 14 nations who say they want trade deals with Britain amounts to £17trillion – more than double the £7.2billion of the combined GDP of nations who have deals with the EU.


From the LEAVE campaign

Meanwhile in the here and now, it has been another week of bad news for Remainers as more and more evidence piles up confirming the wisdom of our vote to Leave in June. The CBI has reported a boom in British exports, and the ONS has confirmed that growth since Brexit has outpaced the pessimistic predictions of Project Fear’s doom merchants. And the head of the World Trade Organisation changed his tune and confirmed that trade wouldn’t be disrupted by British exit from the failing EU.

The good news puts the misguidedness of Theresa May’s pronouncements on the negative consequences of Brexit to the UK economy into sharp relief. The Guardian, which broke the ‘story’ of Mrs May’s attendance at a talk hosted by Pro-EU investment Bank Goldman Sachs in the run-up to the referendum, chose to emphasise the apparent ridiculousness of a Remain campaigner arguing for Britain to stay in the EU rather than her apparent lack of acumen.

Meanwhile, Belgium has annoyed the entirety of the European Union and Canada with their attempts to undermine the CETA deal. The deal currently appears to be back on, but the entire incident has highlighted the absurdity of attempting to arrange trade between so many parties with different economic and commercial interests. Why should the assent of the Walloon province of Belgium be required for Britain to trade more freely with our old friends in Canada? And if things are looking bad for the EU and its ability to secure trade deals, according to Leave.EU Ambassador Jim Mellon, they’re about to get a lot worse when the Euro inevitably collapses.

The trade agreement between Canada and the European Union has exposed the flaws in European trade strategy, with the pact nearly being derailed by the objections of the Walloon province of Belgium; a CBI report showed British manufacturing enjoying a boom driven by foreign exports, confirming previous evidence from PMI data; another survey showed a fall in the number of distressed British firms following our vote to Leave; Nissan opted to build new models in Sunderland after months of us being told that Brexit would hurt the British car industry; and voters were reminded of the direct financial costs of EU membership after the Treasury accidentally published a £700m bill from the failing bloc.


Euro 'house of cards' to collapse, warns ECB prophet

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in "The Telegraph" - 17 October, 2016

Today's evidence for the prosecution comes from Professor Otmar Issing, the ECB's first chief economist and a towering figure in the construction of the single currency. You might think he should know of what he speaks, but on the hand Eric's rants have ferocious power. I especially like the reference to the EU'S "obfuscation, political mendacity, and endemic denial." I could never accept any kind of leadership by anyone committing these three things, but of course to you REMOANIACS the only thing that matters is money, and even on THAT you are wrong.

According to Professor Otmar:

"The European Central Bank is becoming dangerously over-extended and the whole euro project is unworkable in its current form," the founding architect of the monetary union has warned. "One day, the house of cards will collapse,” said Professor Otmar Issing. Prof Issing said the euro has been betrayed by politics, lamenting that the experiment went wrong from the beginning and has since has degenerated into a fiscal free-for-all that once again masks the festering pathologies.

"Realistically, it will be a case of muddling through, struggling from one crisis to the next. It is difficult to forecast how long this will continue for, but it cannot go on endlessly," he told the journal Central Banking in a remarkable deconstruction of the project.

The comments are a reminder that the eurozone has not overcome its structural incoherence. A beguiling combination of cheap oil, a cheap euro, quantitative easing, and less fiscal austerity have disguised this, but the short-term effects are already fading. The regime is almost certain to be tested again in the next global downturn, this time starting with higher levels of debt and unemployment, and greater political fatigue.

Prof Issing then lambasted the European Commission as a creature of political forces that has given up trying to enforce the rules in any meaningful way. "The moral hazard is overwhelming," he said. "The ECB is now buying corporate bonds that are close to junk, and the haircuts can barely deal with a one-notch credit downgrade."

The European Central Bank is on a "slippery slope" and has in his view fatally compromised the system by bailing out bankrupt states in palpable violation of the Treaties. The Stability and Growth Pact has more or less failed. Market discipline is done away with by ECB interventions. So there is no fiscal control mechanism from markets or politics. This has all the elements to bring disaster for monetary union.

"The no bail-out clause is violated every day," he said, dismissing the European Court's approval for bail-out measures as simple-minded and ideological. The ECB has "crossed the Rubicon" and is now in an untenable position, trying to reconcile conflicting roles as banking regulator, Troika enforcer in rescue missions, and agent of monetary policy. Its own financial integrity is increasingly in jeopardy.

The central bank already holds over €1 trillion of bonds bought at "artificially low" or negative yields, implying huge paper losses once interest rates rise again. "An exit from QE policy is more and more difficult, as the consequences potentially could be disastrous," he said. "The decline in the quality of eligible collateral is a grave problem. The ECB is now buying corporate bonds that are close to junk, and the haircuts can barely deal with a one-notch credit downgrade. The reputational risk of such actions by a central bank would have been unthinkable in the past," he said.

Cloaking it all is obfuscation, political mendacity, and endemic denial. Leaders of the heavily-indebted states have misled their voters with soothing bromides, falsely suggesting that some form of fiscal union or debt mutualisation is just around the corner.



From a local blog: "I am a police officer and have just converted to MIALS (Mad, Insane And Lunatic Sect) a religion created after our drunken Sargeant had a vision in the bog. It's all very exciting, but in our faith we are not allowed to wear any clothes except a black balaclava. I wore the correct dress as laid down by our Prophet, but the Inspector said it wasn't allowed, so I have reported him for racism and religious discrimination and the case is now before European Court of Human Lunacy.

I'll keep you posted."

8-9-2016 COMMENT: The EU is completely obsessed with its own importance. It already acts like a unified state. Its arrogance is staggering. Germany effectively runs it, with Merkel de facto Empress and France a sort of court jester doing what it is told by its neighbour. She ALONE invited into Europe - with stupefying contempt for anyone else's opinion, not even her own people's - TENS OF MILLIONS of poor, uneducated, young, fit, inbred and thus mentally retarded Muslim males who despise our culture and have a depraved attitude towards sex.

The EU has completely ruined Southern European economies; the economy of Italy is NO BIGGER than it was 15 years ago at eurolaunch. Why the Italians (or indeed the failing-state French) put up with this lunacy is a mystery. Most of the Balkans, Iceland and various other countries are not in the EU. Iceland, Greenland and Switzerland do fine outside the EU, just as the UK is and will be fine outside.

The REMAIN camp LIED over and over again about BREXIT. The whole EU project is immoral, unmandated (NOBODY HAS EVER VOTED FOR IT) intellectually bankrupt and economically ruinous. The EU leaders are traitors to the peoples of Europe.

House Prices Exposed!

"There will be a hit to the value of your home by at least 10%, up to 18% [if we Brexit]" - George Osborne, May 2016

"Asking prices increased in August by 0.6% compared to the previous month, with annual growth increasing to 5.6% in August from 5.2% in July" - Nationwide, 31st August 2016

Another 'Remain' lie bites the dust.

See: https://www.facebook.com/leaveeuofficial/videos/1022188901212684/

Senior Airman Brian Kolfage
NOT directly EU related, but relevant to "diversity", "multiculturalism" and racial victimisation:

Black Lives Matter Thugs EXECUTED 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee in Chicago. They planned to torture him by cutting off his fingers, ears. But instead put a gun to the back of his head and pulled the trigger.

There were no riots, no protests, no looting, no uprising, no stores burnt down, hell there wasn't even media attention. Apparently to the 'community' of chicago his black life did not matter. It's just another crime swept under the rug because it doesn't fit the false narrative that divides Americans by race.

Could you imagine the tremendous impact that Black Lives Matter could have on America if they started rallying for victims instead of thugs with mile long rap sheets. But no one wants to talk about the truth, they just want to divide and profit from pandering race issues.

If black lives truly mattered to #BlackLivesMatter, these child victims would be FRONT and CENTER to their campaign. But they're not and for that reason you can 100% say that BLM's mission is just divide and cause chaos as a radical extremist group. just like Democrats have concluded Read This ---> http://dailycaller.com/…/newly-leaked-democratic-memo-call…/

There is just SO MUCH idiocy from REMAINERS:

"Brexit: UK economy 'could not survive' without EU labour, warns former minister."

NOBODY has ever suggested kicking out ALL EU citizens. Firstly, Farage and members of the current government have said that ANY EU citizens here now should be allowed to stay if they want and secondly a POINTS-BASED system is proposed so that we CAN GET the workers we need.

".... the economy would not survive"? You mean, all trade and economic activity would die? After all "not survive" = "die", doesn't it?

FOR GOD'S SAKE USE LANGUAGE MORE CAREFULLY, or NOBODY will treat you as anything more than a moron.

Speaking of morons:

"UK growth is dependent on the free movement of EU citizens across UK borders."

Anna Soubray appears not to understand that we voted AGAINST "free movement". There WILL BE no "free movement". Which part of "NO FREE MOVEMENT" does she not understand? And growth is NOT dependent on it anyway. Yes, if you have 20 billion migrants then the economy is bound to grow, but we have REJECTED IT. We will grow in our own way at our own speed, not by importing millions of extra workers into the most densely-populated region of the entire continent where ordinary Brits cannot EVER afford to get on the housing ladder.

This former Minister receives public money to "work". No wonder we are nearly as bankrupt as all the rest.


Angela Merkel defends open-door refugee policy claiming it was 'our humanitarian duty'


No, you are a self-indulgent, self-righteous and moralising idiot.

A) The decision was not yours alone to take: you never consulted the rest of Europe, let alone your own people.

B) There are HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of disadvantaged and war-weary people in the world, especially in the Islamic paradises of the Middle East and North Africa: are you going to take them ALL in?

C) The Gulf States have taken NO refugees in AT ALL, (citing worries about terrorism: YOU COULD NOT MAKE IT UP), even though Saudi Arabia has THREE MILLION empty tents with water and electricity.

D) A refugee is someone fleeing from a war-zone into a safe country. Turkey was a (sort of) SAFE country. As soon as they LEFT Turkey, they were ECONOMIC MIGRANTS.

E) The vast majority of these migrants are young, Muslim males (many of whom have paid smugglers to get to Europe) who hate European culture and seek to replace it with ISLAM. The poor, young, old, weak, infirm and CHRISTIANS have mostly been left to be murdered in one way or another by Assad or ISIS.

You are perhaps the most dangerous and stupid person in the world. Now you are angling for a fight with Russia, having stated an aim to set up a European army after ensuring that the EU has not paid its share of NATO, which should be the REAL protector of Europe. European armed forces (save for Britain and to some extent France) are in a pathetic state of unpreparedness for any Russian adventures, and the US is rightly fed up with shouldering more than its fair share of the financial burden.

The free world NEVER learns from its mistakes: you CANNOT allow dictatorships to become stronger militarily than you are, since sooner or later they will cause big trouble.  Russia is a failing country; it makes nothing anyone wants except arms. (What is there in YOUR home with "made in Russia" on it?) Its society is corrupt, its economy inefficient, its finances a shambles thanks to the low price of fossil fuels.

Sooner or later the Russian people will get fed up with this, but then Putin will distract them with an invasion of Ukraine and God knows where. As Empress of Europe, YOU, Frau MERKEL are substantially responsible for most of this utter shambles as European economies are failing left, right and centre - even in France - thanks to the absurd euro, which you all KNEW could not work without full fiscal and political integration, for which NOBODY HAS EVER VOTED.

And REMOANIACS wanted us to REMAIN in this lunatic asylum of economic and political incompetence and zealotry?


Owen Smith - what an excrescence! Can you really see him as a potential PM - a Blairite desperately trying to woo Corbynites? A mealy-mouthed pillock unwilling to respect the will of the people? WORSE than that, DESPISING the people's judgement - just like they do in the EU.

"The people voted the wrong way because they were too stupid, so we must give them the chance to get it right this time."

Speaking on BBC Radio 4, Mr Smith said he would tell his MPs to vote against invoking Article 50 until the government commits to a second referendum.

“So what you’re saying to 17million people – 17,410,742 – what you’re saying to them is 'sorry we didn’t like the way you voted last time, we’ll have another referendum',” said Humphrys.

But Mr Smith hit back saying that the public “didn’t know exactly what we were voting on”.

He said: “Theresa May says ‘Brexit means Brexit' but in my view, we were fibbed to about the money for the NHS – there isn’t an extra £350m.


THE 350 MILLION on the BUS MYTH ---

The VOTE LEAVE slogan was not wrong, just misleading - particularly to those desperate to be misled..

Approx HALF of the 350 million GNP sent to Brussels COMES BACK to be spent by the EU (we being too stupid to know how to spend it) and HALF is a NET PAYMENT, a sort of FOREIGN AID.

So, HALF of the 350 million quid COULD be spent on the NHS.

VOTE LEAVE BOOBED, but did not LIE. It does not SAY that the FULL 350 million could be spent on the NHS. In any case, the money is only partly the point: it was mostly about MORALITY, SOVEREIGNTY, CONTROL OF BORDERS AND LAWS, AND IMMIGRATION - Mr Smith seems to understand NONE OF THIS.


An Italian view of the EU ..... does anyone STILL believe Farage and Johnson are wrong?

Meddling EU have turned member states into their own personal SLAVES, blasts PAOLO BARNARD -
PUBLISHED: 15:51, Fri, Aug 12, 2016

"WHY should anybody bother with a referendum to change a constitution and a parliament which have already been reduced to a shadow of themselves by Brussels?

Paolo Barnard has blasted the EU saying it makes member states into their own personal 'slaves'.

"I’m referring to Italy’s autumn constitutional vote that will also decide whether Matteo Renzi will stay on as Prime Minister. Sovereignty lies elsewhere in the EU, not in national assemblies any longer.

If British Remainers spent just half a day looking at what kind of a hellish prison the eurozone and EU supranational Treaties are - you’d be left speechless now.  Here’s a metaphor to explain:
Imagine a massive slavery farm in XIX Century Louisiana, where slaves in barrack N.18 decide to do some minor renovation to their miserable home. Will that change anything for them? Slaves are and slaves those in N.18 will remain, that way. Do you think their masters will be concerned with the new lick of paint the slaves have added to their dilapidated home?

That’s exactly the situation Italy is finding itself in, in this disgraceful EU dictatorship as the referendum approaches. So who is this palaver supposed to give a headache to?

As I said, PM Renzi wants to alter the composition and functions of his Parliament that under Brussels’ supranational Treaties has already been emasculated of all its chief prerogatives.

Here are a few facts:

The de-facto EU constitution, the Lisbon Treaty, dictates the supremacy of EU law over any national legislation. There we have it: when it comes to the real stuff it’s Brussels that rules, not our MPs.

My parliament is even forbidden from seeing the budget without the previous go ahead of unelected technocrats in the European Commission (as per the European Semester Treaty).

Can you believe that, Brexiters? According to Lisbon, European Union parliaments must pursue the interest of Europe in their home countries BEFORE taking care of the national one (Art. 8c, TEU).  Italian elected politicians have literally no saying in fiscal policy and taxation (Fiscal Compact Treaty).

My country’s lower house and the senate are already reduced to an impotent cosmetic affair in this deplorable Union, so they could paint them blue and pink and turn them upside down, who cares?

Tragically, our constitution too has itself been emasculated by EU power."

REVEALED: Desperate EU bosses splurge €1TRILLION on bonds to prop up ailing eurozone

A) The EU zealots knew it could not work.

B) They did not care because ....

C) .... they calculated that its eventual failure would FORCE the fiscal and political superstate union that is their obsession.

D) Part of their plan has worked - the euro has indeed failed. We wait to see whether the peoples of Europe are so stupid as to let part B work, too.

E) British plebs saw through the plan, and told the EU to stuff it. BREXIT was intelligent and moral: a refusal to connive in the economic ruination and forced, unmandated integration of Europe.


- did not CARE about the morality of remaining
- did not care about the lies told over decades about the true aim of the EU  (the obsession with creating a federal European state)
- completely swallowed the establishment's incredible scare-mongering during the referendum campaign, despite the facts presented to them by LEAVE
- did not care about the relentless loss of their country's sovereignty
- did not care about the ruination of Southern Europe
- stuck two fingers up at our fishermen, so grossly betrayed over decades
- seemed mostly concerned about their own pockets and property assets

F) Those responsible for this shambles should be tried and locked up. Instead, they luxuriate on (or look forward to) vast pensions paid for by their victims. Thank goodness they have been found out before it was too late.
"I'm not panicking just understanding that many of the negatives we were warned about re brexit are already beginning to occur and the process has not even started yet.  The real unemployment rate has not been falling - more people are being forced off the figures by having to work part time/zero hours/self employed but the actual amount of work being done has not been increasing, hence the UK's poor productivity figures. The point of yesterday's figures was that full time, waged employment is falling."

I know you do not like lists, but even so, it helps me think clearly:

1) Nobody said that BREXIT would bring no change or even some changes for the worse in the short term.

2) The world economy is extremely interconnected; it is often very difficult at the best of times to decide that event a) in one country was caused by event b) in another.

3) Business needs confidence and certainty to thrive, and both are in short supply at present. Indeed, politically and economically, the world is in a volatile and unpredictable state at present. A pessimist would even say that the signs of impending political, economic and even military disaster are chilling. (China and Russia are dictatorships - as are come to that almost all the Middle East states and now including Turkey - and sooner or later, dictatorships always start wars.)

4) It is quite clear that we were serially lied to during the referendum campaign, and the majority of post-referendum comments on Britain's future outside the EU have been positive: indeed, in many cases to total opposite of what we were told.

5) My personal and principal reason for leaving the EU were:

  a) to ensure we retained full sovereignty over our laws, borders and taxes
  b) to resurrect our fishing industry
  c) to stop the absurdly vast daily payments to the EU and
  d) to get out of an undemocratic and corrupt organisation that has ruined much of Europe (just look at the evidence)

I am completely convinced that these reasons are as totally justified and valid now as they were before the vote. It is absurd to say that Britain cannot do as well outside the EU as the vast majority of successful trading nations, even if there is some post-referendum turbulence to be expected in view of such a major change.

Apart from anything else, we have not even LEFT the EU. We have made NO separate trade deals (even though nations are queuing up to do so), foreign fishermen are STILL taking 66% of our fish and we are STILL paying 28 million quid net daily to the EU.

The UK does 12% of its business with the EU, but the latter is stagnating economically, throttled by excessive regulation and state-control - problems exacerbated by the migrant insanity that Merkel has unleashed on Europe. Many observers maintain that the EU is on the brink of major implosion. Given that, plus the problems in China, the political uncertainty in the USA, the Middle East and even South America, it is astonishing that the UK is doing so relatively well.

For the reasons given, hard times are no doubt ahead, but will have NOTHING TO DO with BREXIT.
Some TRUTH about BLM would not go amiss ... not ME, but a blogger ...... (HINT: some of the finest brains are to be found amoug we bloggers ...)

Let me tell you about BLM. The idealogical inspiration behind BLM is one Assata Shakur, the name they chant at their rallies. She is a black activisty cop killer and is on the FBI's most wanted list. This is the person whose name you see on their placards eg: "Assata Taught Me To Fight."

BLM are a domestic terrorist organisation. They march chanting messages like "Dead Cops" and "Pigs In Blankets Fry Them Like Bacon". And they are allowed to get away with it. Because they are black. They should be rounded up and dealt with like any other terrorist organisation.

For the record, 320,000 black people have been murdered in the US in the last 35 years. That's 25 a day. And they were NOT in police custody. And 93% of those deaths were at the hand of a black assailant. I would imagine, if you could ask them, a very large proportion of the deceased would have preferred an armed cop were at hand to defend them at the time of their assault. They may be alive today.

One can only surmise, however, that had a cop been present to save the deceased by killing the assailant BLM would be out in the streets screaming about cops killing blacks. The fact is that the figure would probably be considerably higher than 25 per day were it not for the intervention of cops to prevent yet another black on black murder. At the rate that cops kill black people it would take them 40 YEARS to kill as many blacks as blacks killed blacks in 2014 alone. All inconvenient truths, I suppose, that have no part to play in this theatre as far as BLM and their supporters are concerned.

1) Go to Pakistan, Afghanistan or Iraq illegally. Don't worry about their immigration quotas, visas, international law, or any of that nonsense.

2) Once there, demand that the local government provides free medical care for you and your entire family.

3) Demand bi-lingual nurses and doctors.

4) Demand free multi-lingual local government forms, bulletins, etc.

5) Procreate abundantly.

6) Deflect any criticism of this irresponsible reproductive behaviour by saying, 'It is a cultural thing; you wouldn't understand'.

7) Keep your British identity strong. Fly your flag from your rooftop, or display it proudly in your front window, or on your car bumper.

8) Speak only English at home and in public, and insist that your children do likewise.

9) Demand classes on English culture within the Muslim school curriculum.

10) Demand that your illegally adopted country gives you a full driver licence and national insurance number (or its equivalent) and full welfare payments for you and your family, and a house to live in (call them racist if they don't give it to you) Such benefits will afford other legal rights and will go far to legitimise your unauthorised illegal presence in Pakistan, Afghanistan or Iraq.

11) Drive around without road tax or insurance and ignore local traffic laws.

12) Insist that the local law enforcement agencies teach English to all their officers.

13) Organise protest marches against your host country, inciting violence against non-Brits, non-Christians, and the government that let you in.

Good luck if you try it! You'll soon be dead.

It would never happen in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq or any other country in the world for that matter. It could only happen right here in Europe because we are run by soft, politically-correct politicians who are too scared to 'offend' anyone.

Act NOW to save Italy: IMF issues URGENT warning as Italian debt reaches 'ALARMING' levels

These morons are incapable of real reform. Along with France, Italy is doomed by its horrendous bureaucracy and corruption.

"It is necessary to take significant measures in the recovery of credit."

?? You mean, getting Northern Europe to bail them out so that they can carry on as before? HA, HA, HA .....

40,000 contribute to fund to sue LEAVE principals:

"The campaign points to Vote Leave’s battle bus which controversially claimed: “We send the EU £350 million a week. Let’s fund our NHS instead."

These people are brain dead:

A) We DO send approx 350 million to Brussels each week.

B) A BIT (known as our rebate) is just returned and the rest of HALF of it is spent BY the EU FOR us on various things we are clearly too stupid to spend it on properly ourselves.

C) HALF OF THE 350 million is simply RETAINED by the EU as foreign aid (and aid to pay for Schulz's limousines, the 1,400,000,000 euro ECB building, the 300,000,000 euro EU Presidential Palace and so on.

D) CONCLUSION: we COULD spent HALF of the 350 million each week on the NHS: the rest would have to go on existing expenditure as decided by OUR OWN GOVERNMENT.


F) ON THE OTHER HAND, Osborne et al said the UK economy would collapse with an emergency budget and all the rest. THAT WAS ALL LIES, COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY.

SALMOND: Another idiot who cannot grasp the difference between "Europe" and "The EU". And it is not good enough to say "we know what he means", because the distinction is super-important.


In the UK, Scotland gets free English money and LOTS of autonomy (and the same language).

In the EU, Scotland has to PAY to belong and gets almost NO autonomy - plus Juncker, Schulz et al.


Cameron was lauded by his outgoing team, but his greatest achievement was using his glib tongue to fool people into believing he had any substance.

He ran an appalling and dishonest REMAIN campaign; he lied about reducing immigration ("We will reduce immigration, no ifs or buts."); his attitude toward ISLAM is moronic and dangerous; he has vastly increased debt, made no real reform of the bloated benefits system; run down the armed forces; done nothing about the disastrous housing and NHS situation; done nothing to halt illegal immigration; given billions away to corrupt governments in foreign aid in a sort of self-righteous ego trip even as poverty has increased in Britain, and law and order are a joke.




IMF admits the economy is growing (Roger Helmer)

The papers are also full today of reports that the IMF has been forced to admit the economy is growing, despite the doom and gloom of ‘Project Fear’.
Officials are facing a humiliating climbdown after claiming Britain would face a recession if thecountry opted to leave the European Union.

But now the IMF expects the British economy to grow by 1.7 per cent this year and 1.3 per cent in 2017. The forecast puts the UK’s economy as the second-fastest growing economy in 2016 among the G7 industrialised nations, second only to the US.

As I blogged a few months ago  The IMF has warned of “severe consequences” from Brexit.  This comes as no surprise, for two reasons.

First of all, the IMF is widely seen as a cheer-leader for Brussels.  It is largely staffed by Europeans, with close links to the EU institutions.

It has  attracted severe criticism because it has appeared to spend more resources and effort on saving Greece and the €urozone than on its broader global remit.

Indeed frustration with the IMF  was a factor prompting China to create an Asian equivalent, the AIIB.  The current head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, is a former French Foreign Minister. So to paraphrase Mandy Rice Davies, “She would say that, wouldn’t she?”

The second reason to doubt the IMF’s advice is that it’s frequently wrong – most notably, perhaps, with its recent dire warnings that Osborne’s spending cuts would lead to financial collapse in the UK.  When the opposite happened, it was obliged to eat its words.

A couple of NEWSPEAK definitions for you - there is of course a lot of overlap here, with the two expressions usually being applied to the same group of people:

the far-right:
ordinary citizens and patriots stupefied and horrified by the unmandated and illegal mass invasion of their country by economic migrants belonging to a mediaeval, totalitarian religious cult of death seeking to dominate the world as commanded by their delusional mass-murdering paedophile leader over 1400 years ago and who are pushed to protest peacefully at their national leaders' total betrayal of the trust placed in them at the ballot-box, and who when peacefully protesting are harassed, water-cannonned and arrested by agents of the same, duplicitous, quasi-fascist leaders, while so-called liberals (aka new-age fascist lunatics who believe in open borders) hurl stones and vile abuse at them as they seek to defend their way of life

indigenous native citizen who does not want to be swamped by millions of illegal or even legal migrants pouring into the most densely-populated region of the entire continent AND in particular who refuses to accept migrants of an incoming totalitarian death cult demanding to modify the indigenous culture into which they are coming with a view to eventually taking it over

Boris is frequently sneered by the usual suspects but always confounds his idiot detractors. He was elected TWICE as London Mayor, so he must have been doing something right. He made a considerable difference to the Leave campaign. Would we have won without him? I am not so sure.

"Hold on to your seat belts; it's going to be a bumpy ride."


What we have is a very silly woman whose only justification for existence is Scottish independence - which of course is why she wants Scotland to leave the UK, where the English subsidize her and give her lots of autonomy, but remain in the EU as a tiny region amd net contributor to a federal state and with no autonomy.

In other words, she is potty. GIVE THE SCOTS ANOTHER VOTE AND IF THEY WANT THE ABOVE, GOOD LUCK TO THEM. You won't find many English complaining about being free of the Scottish ball and chain - or the whiney Sturgeon.

Sturgeon is mad.

A) In the UK Scotland gets huge subsidies from England and has lots of autonomy.

B) Outside the UK and not in the EU who knows what Scotland gets, but go for it.

C) Out of the UK but in the EU Scotland has to PAY for EU membership and has almost NO autonomy.


  • We get 50,000 new jobs in fishing.
  • We light a bonfire of idiotic rules.
  • We regain control of laws, borders and immigration.
  • We can refuse entry to known foreign criminals, and deport them if we choose.
  • There is no more danger of a federal Europe dominated by Germany with French-style control and taxes.
  • We make our own trade deals - multiple countries are already queuing up.

Were you hibernating during the four-month campaign?


Deutsche Bank Failing:

A) "We at Deutsche Bank are venal, stupid and incompetent - despite our vast remuneration - and our bank is failing with vast debt.

B) We therefore demand that the ECB print billions of euros more Ponzi money to save our skins."


We will not forget that for Mrs May and her pals it is now a crime to be a mum, love your family and want the best for them.  It is clear from her record on the welfare of children at risk in Britain what Mrs May thinks of children and how much she is prepared to leave them at the hands of their tormentors, rapists and butchers.

Not even one conviction - not one, despite over 100,000 children in 21st century Britain butchered and also industrial scale racially selected white British girls for the worst kind of sexual and GBH anyone can imagine and NOT ONE CHARGED WITH RACE OR HATE CRIMES.  We all know just what Mrs May is happy to tolerate, ignore and cover up.

'In 2014, a report for the UK Girl Summit found that 137,000 women in girls are living with the impact of FGM in England and Wales. A 2015 report said that women who have undergone female genital mutilation (FGM) are living in virtually every county.'
  • 174,528 women in England and Wales in 2001 were born in an FGM practising country, an underestimate due to the low response rate to the census in inner London
  • 65,790 women in England and Wales are estimated to have undergone FGM.
  • 24,000 girls under the age of 15 are considered at risk of FGM'.

A BLOGGER: If you Brits truly didn't know, you have a SUPERIOR ADVANTAGE right now. Merkel threatening you to accept freedom of movement in exchange for access to the European market is a joke.  Let us explain.  Here in the US, we may have an abundance of German vehicles on the road but 'overall' German products do not sell very well.  Also German vehicles here do not dominate the market. 

The car manufacturing company is a Very Large chunk of a country's economy.  Why do you think your Land Rover, Aston Martin, Bentley, Mini was handed over to Germany? Germany was using you Brits to manufacture their German cars and 'Your Former Brands" then turning around to sell you the cars you just manufactured.  There was a huge Advantage to this approach.  They were saving in manufacturing costs taking advantage of lower wages from uncontrolled immigration into Britain and also taking advantage of the Strong pound from sales after selling you what you manufactured in your country, on top of saving in shipping costs. 

Britain Leaving the EU now puts Germany in a very weak position.  Not only will Germany lose a customer, they'll lose profit and manufacturing strength.  For the past 10-15 years, we Americans noticed an increase of German automobiles.  No doubt this was a result of your financial and manufacturing contribution to their automotive industry.  Germany's production increased and sale prices went down.

You Brits might want to reconsider doing any trade negotiations with Germany.  Your greatest advantage is to buy from industries outside of the EU to further weaken Germany's strength and position in the car market industry.  Further, your Britain can have its own car industry and create loads of jobs in many avenues of employment such as Research and Development and computer and mechanical engineering to name a few.  I do believe you British can achieve great feats in profound technology, invention and ingenuity as you once did.


  • Gove is an idiot who has shot himself in the foot with his treatment of Boris. Lindstrom is the only viable leader.
  • MAY IS A REMAINER. Cameron "resigned" because (as he said) it needed someone else to carry out the BREXIT negotiations; how the HELL is SHE going to do that convincingly?
  • WHERE IS THE ARMY searching EVERY LORRY arriving in Dover and chucking illegals straight back onto a ferry to France?
  • WHERE ARE THE NAVY AND ARMY stopping landing craft dumping migrants all along the coast?
  • WHY was a Sudanese who walked through the tunnel given asylum and benefits? WHAT PART OF "WE ARE VASTLY IN DEBT AND HAVE NO OBLIGATION TO ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS FROM SUDAN." DO THESE MORONS NOT GRASP?
  • CAN'T refuse entry to known murderers? JUST DO IT. What is the EU going to do, arrest us all?
  • She thinks that Shariah Law "brings considerable benefits to Britain."
I don't trust MAY one inch to get us OUT cleanly and completely.

SHE WAS A REMAINER; she OBVIOUSLY does not BELIEVE in getting out.

She has also been a TOTALLY USELESS Home Secretary.

Once again, the establishment spits on the people by anointing a PM without an election of any kind - just as Labour did with Brown.

She will be as useless as Brown and the Tories will bitterly regret this idiocy.

AND she thinks that SHARIA LAW "brings great  benefits to many in Britain". This ALONE makes her TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE.
10-7-16 Chris Snuggs: Can't believe the Tories would be so stupid as to elect May. Apart from her being useless, she voted REMAIN, while 17 MILLION point 4 of us did not. Many of those already feel betrayed that nothing has yet been DONE to start exiting.

I am wondering whether if May wins, she will cook up some "concessions" with Brussels and Berlin  which are simply Cameron's non-negotiation round 2 with continuing vast net cost, fishing loss and mass immigration but dressed up a bit prettier and then call a general election to BACK the new regime. On the one hand it seems unlikely - we have already proven that we don't fall for BS (AND the Tories might risk wipeout - but on the other I put nothing past these people.

And AGAIN the choice may be between lying, traitorous Tories and dysfunctional, Corbyn-led Labour. Will enough people DARE to vote UKIP to put a plague on both their houses?


There is very little NASTIER than the current Labour shenanigans, about which I have refrained from comment as it is their problem and why kick an individual or organisation when it is so utterly down?

I only hope something good will emerge from the mismatched bunch of incompetent misfits and malcontents in the so-called opposition. They should be at least THREE separate parties, but FPTP forces them together as otherwise they would NEVER get into government.

How depressed the few decent Labour MPs must be.

ML, you have NO SENSE of BALANCE or FAIRNESS - NONE. You are totally INCAPABLE of giving ANY credit where it is due, where something does not fit into your ossified mindset.


Gove is an idiot who has shot himself in the foot with his treatment of Boris. Lindstrom is the only viable leader:

MAY IS A REMAINER. Cameron "resigned" because (as he said) it needed someone else to carry out the BREXIT negotiations
; how the HELL is SHE going to do that convincingly?

WHERE IS THE ARMY searching EVERY LORRY arriving in Dover and chucking illegals straight back onto a ferry to France?

WHERE ARE THE NAVY AND ARMY stopping landing craft dumping migrants all along the coast?


CAN'T refuse entry to known murderers? JUST DO IT. What is the EU going to do, arrest us all?

May thinks that Shariah Law "brings considerable benefits to Britain".

She has been a USELESS Home Secretary.

17.4 MILLION LEAVERS will regard with anger and disbelief a Tory choice of May as leader.

See the Tory leadership campaign has started getting nasty; well they ARE the Nasty Party, ask Theresa May. It would some would stop at nothing to make sure someone they do not like gets voted in. Leadsom's credentials are being questioned, sounding a bit like that arch crook Archer so nothing has really changed there then.
So a Remainer will probably end up as the next PM because the Brexiters really have no one to lead them, well us Remainers could have told them that a long time ago which shows us what a state we have allowed our Country to get into. Of course the arch Brexiter could NEVER get a seat in parliament and ONLY managed to get elected through Proportional Representation and rarely turned up to do the job he was well paid for, along with plenty of expenses; do as say NOT as l do comes to mind.
Of course now that the going has started getting tougher he immediately drops out, again NO surprise there then. He never had ANY plan for anyone to see what he could bring to the table,(nothing was probably the best he could ever offer), because he has little idea as to what is involved in running a Country mainly because all he really is a little, and very little as well, Englander albeit with very strong apparent French and German connections; should we allow him to stay in OUR Country as he is possibly a foreigner...

Posted by: "Mike Linden"

Your comments re Farage are simply moronic

His whole life since he left his lucrative job in the City has been to get us out of the EU.

Unless the establishment find a way to overturn the vote (which I by NO means exclude), HE HAS SUCCEEDED IN HIS MISSION. There is nothing surprising or dishonorable about now leaving it for others to get us out. In any case, he can be more effective in some other role than as UKIP leader, not least because there are a large number of complete morons who for some reason dislike him. Maybe it is because he is clear, consistent and truthful; we are certainly not used to THAT from the likes of Blair, Brown, Cameron and Osborne. The Labour Party obviously hates Corbyn because he is clear and honest - except over the referendum, where he really got his brains in a twist and campaigned FOR the EU when his whole political life he has been AGAINST it.

Concerning Farage, if it were not for him, THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN NO REFERENDUM. He has inspired MILLIONS of supporters. Did wou FOLLOW the referendum campaign? Hundreds of thousands of ordinary Brits were out there with their posters and leaflets campaigning. It was a PEOPLE'S REVOLUTION and FARAGE INSPIRED IT. He has CHANGED THE COURSE OF EUROPEAN HISTORY - AND FOR THE BETTER.

Why are you so PERVERSE? What is the reason for your pathological hatred of this individual?

ELECTIONS? You know or should do that it is extraordinarily difficult for ANY small party to get MPs into the HOC because of FPTP. I mean, are you totally dense? UKIP WON the last European elections, got FOUR MILLION VOTES in the last general election (and would have got a lot more had people not been terrified of a Miliband/Sturgeon victory) and ONE MP. There is a threshhold of around 25% of national vote below which it is next to IMPOSSIBLE to get any MPs.

UKIP is very close to that threshold. In the North, it nearly captured one of Labour's safest seats last year. MILLIONS of should-be-Labour voters voted in the referendum AGAINST the official line of their party.

In South Thanet, Farage lost by a very small margin after the Tories MASSIVELY CHEATED on their expenses, a matter which is UNDER POLICE INVESTIGATION and of which we have not heard the last. ST was another constituency where people voted tactically to ensure Labour were kept out. My brother-in-law was one of those. He told me: "I'd like to vote UKIP but I am afraid of splitting the anti-Labour vote and letting them in by default."


FARAGE CHICKENS OUT? A disgusting comment. He has taken on every member of the establishment. Cameron refused to debate with him one-to-one. He regularly speaks in the European Parliament to a very hostile audience. He has never been afraid to take on any individual or ogranisation in debate.

 WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR YOUR COUNTRY IN COMPARISON? Nothing but whine about someone who got off his bum and has campaigned tirelessly for nearly two decades - often scorned and laughed at by the odious estabvlishment (remember Cameron's moronic "nutters and fruitcakes" comment?) for something he passionately believes in - OUR COUNTRY'S INDEPENDENCE, for which MILLIONS died in successive wars.

You may not agree with his stance on the EU, but these personal insults are truly despicable.

"He is a foreigner."? JESUS CHRIST - you should listen to yourself.

Despite Remain campaigners' ‘Project Fear’ warnings of an economic apocalypse should the UK vote for Brexit, households and the wider economy have been dealt a slew of positive developments in the two weeks since the referendum result.

Countries which have so far signalled they would like to open talks with the UK over a trade deal: the US, China, India, the EFTA nations (Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Greenland and not forgetting the Faroe Islands), Australia and New Zealand, South Korea, Canada, Mexico, Ghana and … Germany! The latter’s government has been told by its industrialists that it had better strike a free trade deal with the UK after Brexit, or else.

UK Government bond (gilt) yields have fallen to record lows, meaning the cost of servicing the country's debt has fallen.The fall in gilt yields also helped boost the pension fund values of workers in both final salary and defined benefit schemes.

Retirement pots have also benefited from a surging FTSE 100. A typical barometer of investor confidence - Britain's top stock exchange is up again today by around 1.5 per cent. The FTSE 100 is now at its highest level this year. The FTSE 100 has far outperformed stock markets in Europe over the last two weeks, which are suffering from investor nerves triggered by fears over the stability of the bloc without Britain. Germany's DAX, France's CAC and Italy's FTSE MIB have all failed to recover from global sell-offs seen on June 24.

Mortgage war: Lowest EVER 10 year home loan launched

Pensioners' joy as retirement pots jump in value since EU Referendum

Meanwhile, estate agents in Britain have reported the market is functioning as normal, with disruption running at low levels. Analysis from national agent Jackson-Stops & Staff shows the decision to Brexit has not impacted supply and demand in the property market. The firm said 39.9 per cent of its properties for sale were currently under offer - a proportion largely unchanged by the vote - and the number of properties on the market has increased by more than 21,000 since the referendum outcome.

Project Fear starting to look ridiculous as UK house prices rise. Demand in the property market is also set to be sustained by ever-lower mortgage rates, in part thanks to expectations that the Bank of England will cut the base rate from 0.5 per cent to 0.25 cent. The Bank has relaxed funding rules for lenders to encourage them to advance mortgages and loans to homes and businesses.

The Pound? REMAINERS have been wetting themselves with joy at the pound’s fall; nothing like taking a short view of a speculative situation of uncertainty, what currency markets hate most..


- currencies fluctuate all the time - much of this is driven by speculation
- the UK economy is in better shape than anywhere on the continent, including Germany
- a lower pound will help exporters and reduce our current account deficit as we import less


- Italy is effectively bankrupt; its banks on the verge of collapse.
- Greece is a basket-case, sustained by endless loans it can NEVER repay.
- France is in official economic crisis.

- Deutsche Bank has lost 90% of its market value in the last year and is in severe trouble.
- ... will have to have to pay vast costs for Merkel’s immigrant policy.
- ... is heavily dependent on exports, which are going to be under severe pressure in the coming global recession caused by idiot governments getting into too much debt





Nick Boles, MP, supports MAY for Leader of the Tories.

You idiot, Boles.

  • MAY IS A REMAINER; how the HELL is she going to properly negotiate BREXIT?
  • WHERE IS THE ARMY searching EVERY LORRY arriving in Dover and chucking illegals straight back onto a ferry to France?
  • WHERE ARE THE NAVY AND ARMY stopping landing craft dumping migrants all along the coast?
  • WHY was a Sudanese who walked through the tunnel given asylum and benefits? WHAT PART OF "WE ARE VASTLY IN DEBT AND HAVE NO OBLIGATION TO ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS FROM SUDAN." DO YOU NOT GRASP?
  • CAN'T refuse entry to known murderers? JUST DO IT. What is the EU going to do, arrest us all?

She has been a USELESS Home Secretary.

17.4 MILLION LEAVERS will regard your choice of leader with disbelief.


From The Commentator

Keep your eye on the ball. Every lie, every distortion, every piece of scaremongering from the EU Remain camp is aimed at one thing: to overturn the result of a free and fair referendum of the British people on our membership of the European Union.

These scoundrels will stop at nothing, as we saw during the campaign itself. And if, in order to smash the will of the people, they have to whip up such a frenzy that there is an outbreak of xenophobia and even racism, their attitude is this: so be it.

Make no mistake about it. They're sowing fear and division in order to create a pretext for either running another referendum or, better still, getting parliament to ignore the one we've just had.

Think about it. Even after a full Brexit, Britain will still have one of the most liberal immigration policies in the world. Indeed, it will be far more liberal than the European Union's which blatantly discriminates in favour of a predominantly Caucasian Europe and against a predominantly non-Caucasian world.

Yes, there are nut jobs on the Brexit side, as there are on the Remain side. But the Brexit case is largely internationalist. Put another way, we Brexiteers are quintessentially anti-xenophobic. It is the white-world-Europeanists who have the case to answer on the racism and xenophobia score which is why so many in the Afro-Caribbean and Asian community voted Brexit.

Remainers based their entire campaign on utterly dishonest scaremongering. Most of the lies they told have already been blown out of the water. For example, it took George Osborne barely 24 hours to admit that he wouldn't, after all, be holding an emergency budget. He knew he was lying when he made the threat.

(Contrary to claims, the FTSE 100 has soared after the referendum, while European stock markets have tanked. It was supposed to be the other way around. This is why the "experts" that got everything wrong prior to the Great Recession of 2007/8 are rightly distrusted by sensible and reasoned observers.)

Those calling the Remainers sore losers are dangerously wrong. These people don't think it's over. They don't yet think they've lost.

By haunting immigrants with the fear they're going to be deported by the evil Brexiteers (and thus energising the racists), they're hoping to create precisely the atmosphere in which the referendum can be voided.

Sturgeon - WHAT GENIUS!

A) She wants to leave the UK, where England massively subsidises Scotland and gives it a large degree of autonomy.

B) She wants to stay in the EU which Scotland would have to PAY to do and where her country would be an unimportant blob on the horizon with practically no autonomy at all.

The VOTE LEAVE slogan was not wrong, just misleading - particularly to those desperate to be misled..

Approx HALF of the 350 million GNP sent to Brussels COMES BACK to be spent by the EU (we being too stupid to know how to spend it) and HALF is a NET PAYMENT.

So, HALF of the 350 million quid COULD be spent on the NHS.

VOTE LEAVE BOOBED, but did not LIE. It does not SAY that the full 350 million could be spent on the NHS.

Unfortunately, NOBODY was clear about this. They ALL over-complicated things. It should have gone like this:

The EU:


B) FISHING: ....forces us to give them 66% of our fishing rights with the loss of TENS OF THOUSANDS of jobs.

C) IMMIGRATION: ... entails loss of border control and unsustainable mass immigration into the most densely-populated country in Europe bar Malta and Monaco, forcing down wages for native Brits - AND preventing us from refusing entrance to KNOWN thieves, rapists and murderers.

D) LAWS AND REGULATION: .... interferes incessantly in our lives with wave after wave of ridiculous regulations which ALL businesses have to obey even if they have nothing to do with the EU,

F) DEMOCRACY: .... is profoundly undemocratic, corrupt and wasteful: (8 BILLION euros on the fatuous EU Foreign Service - 1,400 BILLION on the ECB)

G) SOVEREIGNTY: .... is obsessed with forcing us to abandon our sovereignty and into a European federal superstate dominated by Germany and with French-style regulation and taxes for which NO EUROPEAN CITIZEN HAS EVER VOTED:

AND: Being in the EU is not necessary:

H) .... to trade successfully WITH it, as demonstrated by all the multiple NON-EU countries that do just that.

I) ... to ensure our security: NATO does that for big stuff and Interpol for the rest. BOTH can be improved and being OUTSIDE the EU does not preclude cooperatiön in military, intelligence or indeed any other matter.

J) ... to travel freely, as monks did all over Europe in the first centuries after Christ - the delusional Nicky Morgan bleating about "being cut off from Europe" is a disgrace: almost all universities take foreign students from in or outside the EU both for the business and the prestige, and you do NOT have to be in the EU to be an Erasmus student.

The PRINCIPAL reasons for leaving are all there. It seems that even after four months campaigning half the population do not understand them.

Oh Dear - this wasn't in the OSBORNE script. I thought we were all going to have to join foodbanks and go to the workhouse:

BREXIT BOOST: Pensioners' joy as retirement pots jump in value since EU Referendum -WORKERS have seen the value of their pension funds jump in the wake of Britain's vote to leave the European Union (EU)

Defined Benefit (DB) - or final salary scheme - transfer values have now surged to the highest level this year, according to pension specialists Xafinity.

It means an average 64-year-old DB saver who is entitled to at least £10,000 a year, would be able to transfer out a typical £223,000 from their scheme.

This amounts to growth of some £9,000 from any point last year, when the same saver would have seen transfer values highs of just £214,000, said Xafinity

Legal and General Investment Management (LGIM) has also reported an increase in the value of its default defined-contribution funds in little over a week since June 23.



No. What YOU need is a second brain. There are multiple reasons for leaving, EACH ONE sufficient in itself. My preferred is fishing. In 1975, the Tories simply GAVE AWAY 66% of our fishing rights. TENS OF THOUSANDS OF FISHERMEN AND OTHERS IN DEPENDENT BUSINESSES LOST THEIR JOBS ALMOST OVERNIGHT. FISHING PORTS ALL ALONG THE COAST WERE DEVASTATED.  The then govt. was determined to pay the EU blackmail and our fishermen were mere collateral damage to be ignored.

These people have campaigned humbly, patiently, stoically and democratically for FORTY YEARS to right this injustice. NOW THAT RIGHTING MAY BE DONE, but idiots like you whine, moan and whinge, when you mostly DO NOT HAVE A CLUE ABOUT THE FACTS.




"First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. And then you win." Nigel Farage's long struggle to restore the United Kingdom as an independent, self-governing democracy is a heroic example of what sheer grit and determination can achieve. His personal story is one of overcoming terrific adversity: horrific accidents, life-threatening illness, tremendous pressure from a legion of trans-national politicians, corporate interests and media moguls with the power (or so they thought) to break a man's reputation overnight.

But he never gave up, even when some on his own side urged him to abandon the fight and fade away. He was one of that now vanishingly rare breed of conviction politicians, giving up a successful career in business to take up a cause which involved significant financial sacrifice – a million miles from the sneering careerists of the governing class, who will betray every principle and step on every friend to climb higher up the greasy pole of politics and win a place in the Cabinet of a Tony Blair or a David Cameron; professional politicians who believe in nothing beyond their own power and status.

Later, as Nigel brought UKIP up from obscurity and into the public eye, his fight required personal sacrifices, too: first, the Establishment mocked and pilloried him as a "swivel-eyed loon"; later, as he began to eat into their votes and persuade more and more people to question them, they panicked and turned nasty, labelling him a bigot and a racist and doing all they could to tear him down. It didn't work. The poisonous smears did not silence him. The gangs of spoiled, ignorant millenials and superannuated Leftists who mobbed him when attending meetings or even when doing normal, everyday activities with his family could not drive him from public life. He travelled more and more widely, made more and more speeches and continued to do what he had always done: to tell the truth. People listened.

After carrying the flag for democracy and self-government almost alone for twenty years, he beat both the Conservatives and Labour in the European elections and made UKIP the third-largest party in British politics, winning millions of votes at the last General Election. Through gritted teeth, the political class all had to start telling the public what they already knew: it wasn't racist to have concerns about immigration, and they had been wrong to impose massive, unalterable changes on working class communities without asking anyone's permission. More than that, they had to admit that the European Union which they had long served, and which had long provided a comfortable retirement home for their kind after the public had grown tired of their lies and broken promises, was flawed. David Cameron even promised a referendum, which he never thought he would have to deliver, counting on the fact that he would most likely fail to win a majority and have any token Referendum Bill blocked by a coalition of opposition parties. He didn't count on the appetite for democracy which Nigel had created, and after twenty years of fighting for it a referendum was secured.

Even then, the political class tried to shut him out. Amazingly, a crony-packed Electoral Commission awarded the status of official 'Leave' campaign to a gaggle of Tory ministers and their hangers-on, who had mostly been EU supporters until February this year! This group did everything it could to marginalise the man who had been the face of Brexit for decades; the leader of the only UK-wide party actually committed to Brexit. Its campaign was lazy and incompetent and would have cost us this referendum – if Nigel hadn't knuckled down and carried on doing what he does best. That meant touring all over the country, taking his message to the people directly. It meant accepting endless TV and radio requests to put the case for democracy and controlled immigration as often and as powerfully as possible, forcing the Establishment to confront the really key issues in the debate. It meant taking on David Cameron in the closest thing to a head-to-head debate which the Prime Minister was willing to accept at any point in the campaign, and coming out on top.

It was a punishing schedule, demanding more from Nigel than was asked of anyone else on either side of the debate, but the end result was a massive, historic triumph for democracy. With the Government pouring money into a Remain campaign backed by every elitist global body, every academic institution and think-tank bought by EU money and every greedy multi-national and crooked mega-bank which could muster an empty threat, the people still decided that they preferred "Farage's Britain" to theirs. Without doubt, Nigel is the greatest politician of his generation, securing far-reaching and fundamental change which most Prime Ministers can only dream of achieving, not just for his own country but for all of Europe. We're incredibly sad to see him go, and hope he will continue to play an active role in our public life in future – but he's certainly earned a rest more than anyone.

Thank you, Nigel, for convincing us to believe in ourselves, to take back our country and to embrace a future of opportunity and independence, rather than the slow decline into irrelevance which was all our beaten political class hoped to manage. We couldn't have done this without you.

BREXIT REFERENDUM: Some basic facts:

1) BREXIT won clearly despite the full weight of the establishment and international plutocracy backed by the BBC. THIS WAS AN INCREDIBLE ACHIEVEMENT.

2) Cameron previously said he would stay on whatever the result, but in fact "resigned", if you can call leaving in 3 months time resigning.

3) This enabled him to delay invoking article 50 and to scheme to get May elected,  a REMAINER who obviously has NO INTENTION of BREXITING.

4) The two principle LEAVE campaigners have been sidelined. All this amounts to yet more betrayal.

Millions of us are absolutely furious, as the betrayal of 1975 is obviously set to continue.

We live in a banana republic:


- There is massive postal voting fraud.

- The Tories massively cheated on their election expenses to keep Farage out of tje HOC, and look like getting away with it.

- The BBC is horrendously biased.

- NO LIE is beyond the establishment, which ran an appalling campaign of scaremongering and lies. (WHERE IS OSLIAR'S "Emergency Crisis Budget"?; The stockmarket is at its HIGHEST since August 2015; MANY major companies have said that BREXIT makes no differece; some of the biggest trading countries in the word are queuing up to make trade deals; the £ is not far off its average for the last year).

- Worst of all, they have MANIPULATED naive young people to believe they have been betrayed by "old white people", when it is clear that the kids DO NOT HAVE A CLUE about the real issues. We are already in a soft civil war. I personally feel that REMAINERS are TRAITORS, who are either in favour of - or being manipulated by - international plutocracy and fascism. Naturally, the establishment ploy is to call for "unity. BUT WE WON THE VOTE - FAILURE TO INVOKE ARTICLE 50 NOW IS WAR ON DEMOCRACY. I am ashamed of my country.

The behaviour of all three major political parties has been despicable, made worse by the stupefying hypocrisy of Cameron. His glib, trite bilge seems to fool many people, but not we LEAVERS.


EU DOMINOES: Now Hungary calls EU referendum - Hungarian president sets date for vote

HUNGARY is set to hold a referendum on the European Union's mandatory migrant quotas.



Meanwhile, it is reported that the EU is going to give TENS OF BILLIONS OF EUROS ( and WHERE is THAT coming from?) to African countries to bribe them not to send migrants to Europe. Like THAT is REALLY going to work.

Our leaders are all insane. The ONLY thing to do is to STOP migrants coming by FORCE. Not very PC, but IT IS THE ONLY WAY.

First, Scotland? Nicola Sturgeon's only rationale for existence is to fight for Scottish independence. This is hilarious, since she wants to leave the UK, where Scots are heavily subsidised by the English and have lots of autonomy, and join the EU where Scots will PAY A LOT and have almost NO autonomy. Her ranting is typical of the brain-dead REMAINERS. She is a bleating empty vessel who should be ignored.

AS FOR THE REST, millions of British university students and indeed other adults who should know better DO NOT HAVE A CLUE about the EU or the real issues, so it is no surprise that foreigners find it confusing. HERE are the PRINCIPAL reasons why we voted to LEAVE the EU.

  • EU MEMBERSHIP COST: Membership of the EU costs the British taxpayer TWENTY-EIGHT MILLION GBP NET EVERY SINGLE DAY. Only Germany pays more. I am not sure if Germans KNOW how much they pay, but perhaps if more of them DID know then we would have GERXIT .....

  • FISHING: When we joined the EU in 1975 we GAVE UP 66% of our fishing rights, destroying tens of thousands of jobs in the traditional fishing industry and devastating hundreds of little fishing ports all along the coastline. Today, a SINGLE Dutch trawler can catch 25% of our OWN fish. WORSE, WE PAID OUR MONEY to renew Dutch, Spanish and French fishing fleets with large modern boats to come and take OUR fish .... YOU COULD NOT MAKE IT UP!
  • IMMIGRATION: All EU citizens can travel to all EU countries. This means VAST immigration into the UK from poor countries such as Romania. Many of these people work usefully (efficient Polish plumbers are legendary) but HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS do not, and live off benefits, which are very generous to immigrants compared to the rest of Europe. Rumanians come to the UK, push down wages for Brits and send enough back home to build super new houses. TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND ROMA GYPSIES have come to the UK and need feeding, housing, schooling and medically treating. I am unclear as to why WE are supposed to do this. THIS IS OF COURSE "SOCIALISM": the impoverishment of the relatively better-off in favour of the poorer. This is all very well and indeed noble, but in this case it is not clear to me why this should involve foreigners in distant countries. OF COURSE, A) those responsible in Brussels are not affected; their vast remuneration continues as ever and forever and B) nobody in the UK ever voted for it - except idiot politicians, and here is one:

2009 - “I have read some of [the Lisbon Treaty] but not all of it.” – Caroline Flint (Minister for Europe 08-09)

Regarding immigration, please note that England is the MOST DENSELY-POPULATED COUNTRY in the entire continent except for Malta and Monaco. If FRANCE were to have the same population-density as England it would have to take in ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-EIGHT MILLION Migrants.

  • SECURITY: EU LAW means we CANNOT REFUSE ENTRY TO THE UK TO KNOWN MURDERERS, THIEVES AND RAPISTS. British citizens have been robbed, raped and murdered by KNOWN foreign criminals.
  • EU REGULATIONS: There is a CONSTANT tsunami of mostly idiotic rules and reglementation from Brussels, whose bureaucracy is based on that of original EU member France. ALL UK companies have to comply with this nonsense even if they do not do business with the EU. One little anecdote: There was a little garage in a village selling petrol and doing some small repairs. When we joined the EU the owner was FORCED to stop selling petrol in gallons and switch to litres. The cost of converting his pump was so high that he ceased trading, even though his business was NOTHING TO DO WITH THE EU WHATSOEVER.
  • FOOD COSTS: The EU is basically a customs-union (which is determined to become a federal state). It erects BARRIERS against other countries. FOOD IS THEREFORE MORE EXPENSIVE IN THE EU THAN IT SHOULD BE. The idea is to protect inefficient French farmers, but AFRICAN PRODUCERS are penalised. Inside the EU, we lost our seat on the WTO and cannot make trade deals with other countries.
  • DEMOCRACY: The EU is undemocratic; the Commission is appointed, not elected. Most are failed politicians and/or cronies and friends of other politicians, failing, failed or not. The UK PROTESTED about the appointment of Juncker, but Merkel FORCED him on us. Juncker was PM of Luxembourg for years and arranged shady tax-avoiding deals with multi-nationals. He also LIED CONSISTENTLY about the euro. (see "Quotes" on my website: http://www.eutruth.info/). We TOLD Merkel he would be a disaster, but NOBODY EVER LISTENS TO US. (The EU is basically a stitch-up between Germany and France.)

Some Juncker quotes:

“We decide on something, leave it lying around and wait and see what happens. If no one kicks up a fuss, because most people don’t understand what has been decided, we continue step by step until there is no turning back," he said of the euro.

In May 2011, he told a meeting of the federalist European Movement that he often ‘had to lie’ and that eurozone monetary policy should be discussed insecret, dark debates.

He also sparked controversy by suggesting that the eurozone economic policy was incompatible with democracy. “We all know what to do; we just don’t know how to get re-elected after we’ve done it," Mr Juncker cynically quipped last year.

Mr Juncker was also closely linked to the EU constitution, before the French referendum on it in 2005 he predicted, correctly, that Europe would ignore any popular rejections. “If it’s a ‘Yes', we will say ‘on we go’, and if it’s a ‘No’ we will say ‘we continue’,” he said.

Following the ‘No’ votes in France and the Netherlands, Mr Juncker claimed that in reality voters had actually supported deeper European integration, triggering accusations that the European elite was in denial over public
hostility to the EU. "If we were to add up all the votes of the people who wanted ‘more Europe’ as a ‘Yes’ , then I think we would have had a ‘Yes’ vote," he said.

  • FEDERALISATION: As said above, the EU is DETERMINED to force federalisation onto Europe. THIS HAS BEEN CLEAR FROM THE BEGINNING:

1952 - “Europe’s nations should be led towards a superstate, without their people
understanding what is happening.” - Jean Monnet (President ECSC 52-55)

... and is today enshrined in the Lisbon Treaty with the words agreeing to “ever-closer union", but what angers those of us in Britain with a brain is that NO SINGLE EUROPEAN CITIZEN HAS EVER VOTED FOR THIS. It might suit GERMANY, which as the biggest formerly independent country would dominate a European federal state, but IT DOES NOT SUIT THE BRITISH. The EU is POWER MAD: they are determined to get Turkey into the EU AND the Balkans and eventually Ukraine. As for Ukraine, EU policy towards that country has (justifiably or not) angered Russia, and relations with Putin can now only be described as dangerous.

  • EU ARMY: The EU is ALSO making noises about forming an EU army, claiming this is essential for its defence. THIS IS NONSENSE. NATO has always provided for Europe's defence since WWII. It is just ANOTHER example of Brussels thinking itself ALREADY to be a superstate. THIS is why the Lisbon Treaty created the EEAS, a "Diplomatic Service" that cost EIGHT BILLION EUROS to set up and hundreds of millions to run each year. We now have an EU "Foreign Minister" and individual EU countries supposedly are subservient to this. IT IS QUASI-FASCIST NONSENSE: an elite doing what IT wants without a mandate from the people. I remind you, NO SINGLE EUROPEAN CITIZEN HAS EVER VOTED FOR A FEDERAL SUPERSTATE IN EUROPE.

    INDEED, when the FRENCH in 2006 voted AGAINST the "European Constitution", the EU simply made a few minor changes and then PASSED IT IN PARLIAMENT with a NEW NAME, cleverly by-passing the people - BECAUSE of course, the elite knows best.

  • THE EURO? This was ALWAYS a POLITICAL project. The EU'S OWN economists told them it could not work long-term. NO CURRENCY UNION HAS EVER WORKED WITHOUT FULL FISCAL and then POLITICAL union. The last one to succeed was the Roman Empire .... The economies of Europe are TOO DIVERSE for a single currency to succeed without MASSIVE TRANSFERS of money from the richer northern states to the South. HAVE THE GERMAN TAXPAYERS AGREED TO THIS? Since the eurolaunch, we have seen successive major financial crises in the Med countries, which are now in their TENTH YEAR of recession with youth unemployment of up to 50%. TEN YEARS! Meanwhile, GERMANY has prospered. THE SITUATION TODAY? GREECE can only survive with endless loans it can NEVER replay, while its people live in austerity and recession (partly their own fault of course); ITALY is effectively bankrupt, its banks on the point of failure; FRANCE is in OFFICIAL "economic crisis" and falling FURTHER AND FURTHER behind Germany - and as it happens ENGLAND. Spain and Portugal stagger along. THE EURO HAS BEEN A DISASTER for everyone except Germany. The UK sensibly did not enter the euro. WE TOLD YOU IT WOULD NOT WORK (AND of course the EU LIED about Greece’s original qualifications to enter the euro in the first place; Goldman-Sachs and the ECB were engaged to fiddle the books ....) BUT as we have seen above, YOU NEVER LISTEN TO US.

    By the way, the ECB headquarters in Frankfurt cost ONE THOUSAND, FOUR HUNDRED MILLION EUROS and counting - NOTHING BUT THE BEST FOR BRUSSELS, but HEY, it's only the plebs' money .....

    The EU response to the obvious euro failure is to demand a SEPARATE "EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT" for Euro members .... their response to ALL crises is to call for "MORE EUROPE" = more integration. Martin Schulz called for this YESTERDAY, despite the BREXIT result and the huge discontent everywhere in the EU.

CONCLUSION: The EU as it is today has failed. The original noble aim of creating a "Common Market" (actually, it was to create a superstate to make sure Germany never launched another European war, but that was never mentioned in polite society) was hi-jacked by unelected and obsessive federalisation zealots. As long as France and Germany were doing OK, it bumbled along, each year grabbing for itself more and more power.

July 10th, 2007 - EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, rejoicing in the “success” of his Revised
Constitution, hailed the EU as “the creation of an Empire”, adding “We have the dimensions of Empire”.

NOW THE TRAIN HAS HIT THE BUFFERS, and even the Germans are demanding more power be returned to individual countries. From the British point of view, THIS IS TOO LITTLE TOO LATE. WHERE WERE YOU WHEN WE TOLD YOU THAT REFORM WAS NEEDED? You treated us with contempt. Cameron went to Brussels (and Berlin) to "renegotiate", came away with almost nothing and yet told us he had got a good deal - while the EU, Merkel and Hollande congratulated themselves on having given us NOTHING. The average British pleb, however, is somewhat more intelligent than the European political elite seem to think. (Learning from history is not their strong point.)

As Nigel Farage said in the European Parliament, "WHO'S LAUGHING NOW?" Though of course, the establishment will as usual do its best to overthrow the vote. They have always succeeded in the past; will the British people prevail this time against a plutocratic elite?

I hope this makes sense Alex!

PS An article from today's media:

"UK IS NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE THE EU": EU Commission staffer writes to ALL MPs demanding they vote to overturn historic Brexit result - backed by 52% to 48% - because the decision was 'too complex' for the 'uninformed' electorate.

Chris Snuggs: France is one of the most regulated and highly-taxed countries in the world, with horrendous labour costs for employers snd consequent high unemployment. It is falling further and further behind Germany, and as it happens the UK. Successive governments have been totally incapable of reversing the trend, including the Sarko govt with the pontificating and useless no-tax paying Lagarde as Finance Minister. Still, it is part of the wondrous EU, so it's not all bad news. When France goes bankrupt it can start a club with Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain.


Dear Chris,

WE TOOK BACK CONTROL! Last week you changed the course of history. Vote Leave took on almost every force with power and money and we won. Britain chose to Vote Leave. This victory would not have happened without your amazing help and generosity. Thousands of you donated. Thousands of you volunteered. Thousands of you spoke to friends and family on our behalf to spread the message. THANK YOU! In just ten months we built from scratch an unprecedented national movement that took our campaign to every corner of the country. We got to places that ‘politics as usual’ ignored. People who have been ignored, and have never been involved in politics before, suddenly spoke out and took action. In 2008, the worst financial crisis since 1929 hit the world. The people who paid the bills were mainly those on P.A.Y.E. They are still paying. They are also paying the bills for the EU’s and the euro’s dysfunction.

Meanwhile many with power and money who were responsible for the mistakes and were completely wrong in their predictions dodged their fair share of the bills and got rich out of the EU system. We spoke for those on P.A.Y.E. We did new things. Nobody in the UK has ever successfully built a web-based electoral database. Companies have spent millions and failed. We did it in a few months and succeeded. The combination of this database, our digital communication effort and our ground campaign broke new ground for political campaigns. This database product is worth a lot of money. We will shortly put the code online so that everyone can use it for free in the future (keep an eye on Github if interested). Hopefully it will help other campaigns give the public a powerful voice as we have. We’ve shown political parties how they can change and stop ignoring large parts of the country.

Why is this important? The British political system is broken in many ways and needs big changes - the EU is not our only problem. Our campaign was never controlled by any party though there were great people from all parties who helped us. All the parties have very deep problems. The way they are structured incentivises MPs to focus on themselves and their party - not the public interest. It is important that the Conservative leadership candidates accept that the vote must be respected. Both the leading IN candidate (Theresa May <http://www.tmay.co.uk/>) and the leading OUT candidate (Michael Gove <http://www.gove2016.com/>) have made clear that if they win they will respect the vote and deliver a new UK-EU deal. This could mean, among other things, democratic control of immigration policy. This could marginalise extremists and allow a fair, sensible, and humane new policy. It could mean new trade deals and new jobs. It could mean more money for health, education, and science.

But we cannot be sure it will happen. In particular, while there are many wonderful civil servants there are also many who regard our victory as a disaster. They will try to stop or minimise changes. Not all the candidates in the Conservative leadership campaign have shown an ability to deliver big changes in the face of civil service opposition. Many in Labour are in complete denial about the real state of opinion and the real problems of the EU. Few MPs have the skills needed to manage normal government departments - never mind the EU negotiation and complex problems that implementing the referendum result require. Many MPs are desperate to ignore any lessons from the referendum and go back to politics as usual. The situation is very worrying. Westminster cannot be relied upon.

Taking back control to Britain is just the first step. The next step should be major political changes in Britain so that the broken Westminster and Whitehall system has to focus on the public interest in a way it does not now. If we increase the power of MPs and officials without changing how they behave, we will not solve our problems. We need organisations like Vote Leave to operate permanently to give a voice to those who otherwise won’t be heard. This campaign did not win because of support in Westminster - it won because of support in the country that has forced Westminster to listen. But three MPs in particular worked closely together and helped us win: Michael Gove (Conservative), Boris Johnson (Conservative), and Gisela Stuart (Labour) who was also a wonderful Chair. We want to thank all three of them too. They put their careers and reputations on the line. THANK YOU Boris, Gisela, and Michael. Thank you too to other MPs of all parties who helped, such as Anne-Marie Trevelyan and Graham Stringer. It’s been a privilege to have your support throughout this campaign. Your dedication brought victory. On behalf of the team here at Vote Leave, and on behalf of the public, THANK YOU - and goodbye.

Best wishes The Vote Leave HQ

P.S. If you want to keep in touch with events after we have won, then follow the private blog of our Campaign Director, Dominic Cummings - CLICK HERE <https://dominiccummings.wordpress.com/>. If we ever want to send up a ‘bat signal’ that Westminster is cheating the vote and we need to form a new movement, you will see the bat signal there…



Dear Nigel, We, the people of Britain, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your inspiring leadership and your tireless campaigning over decades, often battling a biased, hostile, unfair media, a powerful EU elite autocracy and a LibLabCon political class who collaborated against what was Best for Britain. We persevered against odds which often appeared overwhelming. And Nigel, on June 23 you changed the course of our continent's history. Without UKIP and you, there would have been no Referendum at all, let alone a victorious one! Those throughout Europe who love freedom and democracy already view the United Kingdom's resolve as a beacon of hope for their own countries. We trust you will now find time to relax and enjoy a fulfilling, unstressed private life, while UKIP, that most democratic of parties, will decide upon a worthy successor using One Member, One Vote. As you acknowledged, the continuing need for there to be a UKIP to ensure that Brexit actually takes place, and furthermore that it is on the best possible terms for our country and does not compromise on fundamental issues, has never been greater. We shall defend your legacy. Nigel, when history is written, your place as a Great Briton is assured.

Again - thank you!

Best, Freddy Vachha UKIP Regional Chairman - London

"the man cannot help himself, he carves the attention and will be lost without it. What makes me laugh about him, as well as realising how dangerous he is with his beliefs, is that he "complained" about Big Business running the show when after the Polls had closed he told us his fellow Market Traders had suggested that the Remain vote had probably just shaded it; remember he was one of those Traders and about who "complained" all wanted to stay in..."

This is uncharitble claptrap. Understanding the principle of "credit where it's due" is
clearly way beyond you.

Farage was a successful City trader but chucked it in to fight for YOUR country's self-determination and independence, which he could see was threatened.

He fought a long and lonely fight for years against the sneering contempt of the establishment, sticking to his principles as a very lone voice, but gradually building up a party which FORCED Cameron into a referendum after winning FOUR MILLION votes at the last election.

Farage has been clear, consistent, honorable and patriotic in the face of lying, sneering, elitist, patrician and plutocratic scum - with whom you of course have associated yourself.

You may not agree with him, but your failure to recognize in ANY way his honesty, consistency and clarity is pathetic. YES, he sometimes speaks his mind, these days an appalling sin when you are supposed to be eternally "on-message" and only say what Alastair Campbell or some other PR idiot tells you to - but that merely sets him in contrast to the glib, lying Cameron and his elitist ilk.

Truly pathetic. How is it possible that you leftist people have allied yourself to big business, the hideous and undemocratic EU, banks, plutocrats, Cameron, Osborne and the rest? It is weird.

Britain outside the EU has a fantastic future as a global trading nation, already the 5th largest economy in the world, which is NO THANKS to the sclerotic and shrinking EU. The establishment will do its best to scupper BREXIT, since the status quo suits them, having made them rich and given failed politicians a lucrative sinecure in Brussels (see Kinnock, Mandelscum etc)

Farage's prediction? Exhausted by the ferocious campaign, he like many of us could not believe that the immense weight of the establishment, the BBC, the dinosaur parties, the EU, Obama, the Pope, the Archbishop of C et al would not win the day. BUT THEY DID NOT.

WE WON THE BATTLE, though you stand a good chance of winning the war. NO REFERENDUM won by anti-EU voters has ever actually succeeded in the end. The establishment has ALWAYS so far found a way to nullify a popular vote. (The people are of course stupid and can NEVER be relied on to vote the right way.)

There was a time when the Labour Party was on the side of the people. Not any more, apparently.

NEWSPEAK: "racist" = indigenous native citizen who does not want to be swamped by millions of illegal and legal migrants pouring into the most densely-populated region of the entire continent AND in particular who refuses to accept migrants of an incoming totalitarian death cult demanding to modify the indigenous culture into which they are coming with a view to eventually taking it over

It's a bit long, but accurate.
3-7-16 Fishermen and others campaigned stoically, democratically and vainly for FORTY YEARS to right the appalling injustice done to them in 1975. Today's REMAIN morons can't even give us all a week to enjoy the feel of righting a wrong with a DEMOCRATIC VOTE, but whine, whinge and moan in TOTAL IGNORANCE of reality.

2-7-2016: An FB BLOGGER: "We're a week on from the result. I have sought out 28 "disillusioned" young voters and asked them the following questions:"

1) Did you vote?
said "Yes"
didn't vote
2) Why are you upset?


A) "Our future was stolen from us".
B) Cornwall will get no more EU funding. (HINT: "EU funding" is propaganda: it is ALL OUR OWN MONEY.)
C) said "Don't know" ....... (Yes. They did'nt know why they're upset.)
3) Why do you think your future has been "stolen"?
A) We can't travel through Europe anymore.
B) We have lost our identity. (Even though there is no European nationality)
C) We will be hated by Europe.
D) My best friend is European. (HINT: we are ALL "European".)
4) Who do you blame for brexit?
all 28
The old.
5) Who do you class as old?
A) White people with grey hair.
B) Not sure.
C) Over 35. (I had to prompt for an age.)
6) How many presidents are there in the EU?
Don't know.
7) Name one president.
A) none
B) Tusk
8) Why do you think people voted to leave?
A) Racism.
B) Small mindedness.
9) What is the capital of Hungary?
Don't know.
10) Where is the EU Parliament situated?
Don't know.

I have concluded that they are upset because they wanted to be
comfortably numb in the knowledge they never have to think for themelves.


Sajid Javid tried to distance himself from Project Fear yesterday as he admitted that many of the Remain campaign's doom-laden forecasts could be 'avoided'. The Business Secretary, a Eurosceptic, was savaged by Tory MPs during the referendum over his decision to side with David Cameron and the Remain camp. He faced particular criticism for being willing to side with the Government's various warnings that the UK would face financial catastrophe if the country voted out. But, in a bruising TV interview yesterday, Mr Javid stepped back from his previous warnings about the potential dangers of a Brexit. He refused three times to say there would be an emergency Budget – which George Osborne had threatened would happen within weeks if the UK voted to leave the EU. And he backtracked on his own prediction that a Brexit would trigger a recession 'within two years', along with a '3.6 per cent contraction in GDP, higher inflation, house prices ten per cent lower, and a loss of over half a million jobs'.

Asked by the BBC's Andrew Marr if he still believed that, he replied: 'Throughout the campaign there were many organisations that made all sorts of forecasts.' When the question was repeated, Mr Javid said: 'What matters now is the reality, how we actually face this momentous decision for our country. 'What I actually am focused on now is speaking to businesses, I've called many of them ever since 7am on Friday to get their input. Millions of people, I've spoken to businesses large and small and their representatives, I've convened a special Round Table next week. I'm listening to those businesses, their anxiety, their concerns, and I'm going to make this work.'

Mr Marr, then repeated the question, saying: 'I'm asking you whether you think we're heading for a recession and the loss of half a million jobs. It's not an insignificant question.' At this point, Mr Javid replied: 'I think if we all work together we can avoid many of those things that were forecast. We can work together, we've got a chance to do that.' However, he denied that – by being part of Project Fear – he had been 'dishonest'. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/…/Project-Fear-s-past-says-Javid…


But politics teacher Kevin Rooney, head of social science at Queens’ School in Bushey, North West London, has said that, in his experience, Leave supporters are more likely to be the victims of intolerance than its perpetrators.

Mr. Rooney defied the trend within education and voted to Leave – but he says his elation at seeing the result on Friday morning quickly turned to dismay that afternoon as, at an education conference attended by hundreds of teachers, he witnessed his fellow teachers write off the democratic will of the people.

Far from Brexit precipitating an outpouring of hate and racism, he says “the intolerance and anger I encountered was directed at people who voted Leave”.

Throughout the conference the contempt his fellow teachers showed for working class people in particular was laid bare:

Chris Snuggs: Raheem, I have worked it out. Cameron said before the vote that he would carry on whatever. Had he done so, he would have had no excuse to delay invoking Article 50.

He has reneged on that promise, which allows him to delay actually doing anything to get out for at least four months, during which time the forces of darkness and plutocracy aided by the BBC will do whatever it takes (a favourite EU mantra) to find a way round the people's decision. This has already begin with the egging on of young people (Cameron should have come on telly to talk to the people and explain to the young, of whom only 36% actually voted; he is surreally full of sheit).

I smell a HUGE rat being set free. I think he and the REMAINERS would be extremely foolish to push this (there would be big trouble with the plebs, possibly violent trouble) but then their stance on REMAIN was stupid anyway, so nothing would surprise me.

This has the potential to be very dangerous. However, the EU are pushing for rapid exit, so perhaps they are actually on our side?

Machiavelli would have loved all this ....

Chris Snuggs on Scotland:

TOO MUCH HYSTERIA. TOO MUCH LUNACY .... MANY SCOTS HATE THE ENGLISH, BUT THEY ARE NOT STUPID. Only a REALLY stupid person would quit the UK where they are subsidized and have lots of autonomy to join an undemocratic monster which would TAKE their money AND give them no autonomy. GIVE THE STUPID WOMAN HER REFERENDUM NOW. THE SCOTS WILL VOTE TO STAY IN THE UK AND MAYBE SHE WILL SHUT UP HER ENDLESS WHINING.



This is NOTHING TO DO with not liking or loving Europe. Europe is NOT THE SAME AS THE EU.

Can't you people grasp ANYTHING? Are you REALLY "students"?

I am British, married to two Continental women (not simultaneously), speak four European languages, live in France, have worked and lived in France and Germany for 16 years, have four multi-national and multi-lingual children. I LOVE EUROPE BUT HATE THE FASCIST EU.


Chris Snuggs: NATO assures European defence as it has done since 1945.

The EU is totally useless in defence matters, spending pitiful amounts except for France and the UK. This is why Trump says that Europe must do more to assure its own defence, and CRUDE though he may be, HE IS RIGHT, but the EU has NOTHING DO DO WITH IT. We did not need the EU to rescue the Continent from its own fascism; we needed the Yanks ...

The EU did NOTHING to defend Kosovo from Serbian ethnic-cleansing; THAT WAS THE HATED USA.

The EU has angered Russia by interfering in Ukraine and trying to suck it into its European Empire.

Chris Snuggs: MAY IS APPALLING. The very fact that she is spoken of as a potential PM indicates the level of lunacy stalking the land.

Where are the troops checking every lorry coming through Calais?

Where is the navy preventing tens of thousands of migrants entering the UK along the coast from small French boats?

Where are the soldierw with orders to shoot to kill protecting our truckers in Calais?

WHY was a Sudanese who walked through the tunnel allowed to stay in Britain?
  BLOGGER: "I think many people voted for it for reprehensible reasons."

Chris Snuggs: Such as not wanting to be ethnically-swamped in their own country? Are you a Brown fan? Have you heard of Mrs "Bigot" Duffy? Do you even underSTAND what has happened in this vote? England is the MOST-DENSELY POPULATED REGION OF THE ENTIRE CONTINENT. We have ALWAYS welcomed immigrants, but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

MILLIONS of people in the North, traditional Labour voters, HAVE HAD ENOUGH. Your implication that we are RACIST is just stupid. YOU STILL DON'T GET IT. REMAIN ENDLESSLY tried this in the campaign: IT FAILED.

But immigration is just a SYMPTOM of the EU malaise. There are TWO things especially we DO NOT WANT:

A) We do not want to be a mere region of a European federal state ruled from Brussels (and Berlin), dominated by Germany with French poodle in tow and subject to French-style regulations, state-control and taxation levels.

Is that clear enough for you? IT IS NOT COMPLICATED. Is the above what YOU want?

B) We NO LONGER accept to pay TWENTY-EIGHT MILLION QUID NET EVERY SINGLE DAY in foreign aid to subsidize French farmers, unused Portuguese motorways and non-existent bridges in Greece, not to mention 5 press secretaries for Martin Schulz and God knows how many chauffeured limos for EU officials - and of course the ONE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED MILLION EURO ECB building in Frankfurt, the THREE HUNDRED MILLION EURO EU Presidential palace in Brussels or the EIGHT BILLION EU diplomatic service or indeed the TEN THOUSAND EU employees who earn more than our Prime Minister and pay sod-all tax.

Do YOU accept all that?

We ALSO want back the 66% of our fishing rights we gave away 40 years ago, betraying our brave fishermen.

We ALSO no longer want the endless LIES, not least about the fraudulently-created euro, which has led to the ruination of Southern Europe and a ten-year recession with 50% youth unemployment in Greece, currently getting endless loans which it can NEVER REPAY. Even FRANCE is in OFFICIAL ECONOMIC CRISIS for goodness sake.

  Emeline Holland A) A worldwide crisis is indeed coming and will be more severe than in 2009. This is because idiot leaders always overspend and then run up huge debt.

B) There is a separate economic crisis in Europe,with most of Southern Europe being in a TEN-YEAR RECESSION.

Southern Europe is in the euro and in a long recession with youth unemployment at around 50%. The UK is NOT in the euro and has low unemployment and a growing economy. You don’t have to be Inspecteur Maigret to conclude something from this.

The euro was a POLITICAL project foist on the eurozone to further POLITICAL UNION. EVERY ECONOMIST SAID IT COULD NOT WORK, but they went ahead anyway as they are IDIOTS and TRAITORS.

The situation now as I see it?

Italy is effectively bankrupt; we are just waiting for the collapse of its economy. This has shrunk by around 10 per cent since 2007, as the country endured a triple-dip recession. Output has regressed to levels of over a decade ago. Overall unemployment is around 12-13 per cent, with youth unemployment around 40 per cent. Consumption and investment are flaccid.

The damage is long term, with as much as 15 per cent of Italian industrial capacity destroyed, reducing employment and growth potential. Once its strength, Italy’s smaller enterprises have contracted as a result of low sales, declining profitability and lack of financing.

Greece we know about; it needs CONSTANT LOANS which it can NEVER REPAY.

Portugal is limping along miserably. Spain is slightly better. France is in OFFICIAL ECONOMIC CRISIS and GERMAN BANKS are in SEVERE trouble.

The ONLY thing holding up this house of cards is Germany. NOW, let’s see:

- German banks are in deep trouble.
- the migrant invasion is going to cost Germany BILLIONS.
- they are HEAVILY dependent on exports, especially to China, the US and Britain.

CONCLUSION: When the world recession hits, Germany is going to be devastated since its exports will collapse. This is going to be by FAR the worse economic crisis since WWII.


We are NO LONGER going to accept the disaster which is NOT OUR FAULT and which we have TRIED TO AVOID.

We ALSO have large debt, but our banks are sound, our economy growing and our unemployment low. We are TIRED of being chained to the sclerotic, bureaucratic, interfering and wasteful EU, whose CURRENCY IS GOING TO COLLAPSE.

Sometimes it is necessary to “simplify”, and in this case, the truth IS simple. THE EU IS A DISASTER: You can’t see it because you have grown up with it and it all seems normal, You have posh buildings, a currency, a President, a parliament and all the rest, but it is BUILT ON SAND. They DO NOT LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE. The ECB is currently PRINTING TRILLIONS OF EUROS. As soon as a bank or anyone else simply prints money to solve a financial problem, the end begins to approach. THEY ARE MAD.

The LAST STRAW is Continentals who accuse the UK of being “UNEUROPEAN”!!!!!! INCROYABLE. Pendant QUARANTE ANS nous versons 35 MILLION D’EUROS NET a Bruxelles - TOUS LES JOURS. Nous DONNONS a l’UE 66% de nos droits de peche. Nous acceptons un tsunami de reglementation idiote. Et pour cela, on est “UNEUROPEAN”.

Non, c’est la derniere valse .....

TIP - convertez vos euros en francs suisses avant qu’il ne soit trop tard .....

  You are wrong - end of story. I live in the UK and taught about the EU at ISUGA. I have studied politics for DECADES and lived in THREE European countries for over 20 years.

Youth unemployment in the eurozone is catastrophic. YOU must know that surely!

You do NOT have to be in the EU to be in the Erasmus programme.

When I was 18 in 1963 I travelled all over Europe for three months without a visa or any problems.

ALL European universities accept students from all over the world because it means MONEY. THAT WILL NOT STOP? WHY SHOULD IT? Which French or German university is going to REFUSE foreign students from the UK and thus lose money?

Monks travelled all over Europe in the first centuries after Christ. The idea that being out of the EU

The EU is CATASTROPHIC for Europe. More than HALF the French population want OUT. Your President has a popularity rating of around FIFTEEN %. People EVERYWHERE are realizing that the EU as it is set up NOW is a TOTAL DISASTER, and that was BEFORE Merkel invited Africa and the world's Arab Muslims to come to Europe without even ASKING her neighbours.

It should NOT have been like this, but Brussels has ABUSED its UNACCOUNTABLE POWER to interfere in SOVEREIGN NATIONS' business. The EU is NOT a state but does EVERYTHING to pretend it IS one. They spent EIGHT BILLION EUROS on a Ministere d'Affaires Etrangeres, exactly duplicating independent nations' existing embassies. They spent THREE HUNDRED MILLION on a palace for the EU Comission President. (A "President" must have a palace to look the part and further the pretence that he is important.)

They spent ONE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED MILLION EUROS on the ECB HQ in Frankfurt. They got Greece into the euro on the basis of LIES to further their insane power-freakery and FORCE Europe into federalising.

It is arrogant, interfering, wasteful, bureaucratic and disastrous. THEY LEARN NOTHING. They DO NOT LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE. If they had LISTENED to the Brits they would NOT BE IN THIS POSITION.

YOU DO WHAT YOU WANT, but we are OUT. We save THIRTY-FIVE MILLION EUROS NET PER DAY in foreign aid to you, including your farmers. We GET BACK our 66% lost fishing rights and put an end to the general insanity.
SOME POSITIVE NEWS FROM ROLLS-ROYCE When the markets opened yesterday morning, Rolls-Royce's share price slipped by 5% to 614p a share - but by the early afternoon it had rallied to 660.5p, an increase of 7.5%, after the company reaffirmed its commitment to Britain. Before Britain went to the polls, Warren East, the chief executive of Rolls-Royce, warned that a "leave" vote could result in the company putting some of its investment decisions on hold - including a new £65 million aero engine test bed at its civil aerospace site at Sinfin. But in a statement, issued shortly after the result of the referendum was declared, the company said: "We respect the verdict of the electorate, although this is not the outcome we would have chosen. "As we have said before, whatever the outcome of the referendum Rolls-Royce will remain committed to the United Kingdom where we have been headquartered for more than a century, where we have a talented and committed workforce and where we carry out the lion's share of our research and development. "It is important to remember that Rolls-Royce is a global company: two-thirds of our revenue and three-quarters of our order book is generated outside the European Union, so the UK's decision will have no immediate impact on our day-to-day business. "The medium and long-term effect will depend upon the relationships that are established between the UK, the EU and the rest of the world over the coming years.
Chris SNUGGS: CAMERON made the DISGUSTING plea to parents to "think of your kids", which has helped stir all this up.

We OLD people ALSO have kids AND Grandkids. We KNEW Europe BEFORE the EU, which now has 50% youth unemployment in Greece, 30% in other parts of Southern Europe and over 10% general unemployment in France. The idea that the EU is "good for kids" is a LIE. WHERE IS THE PM TO CALM THESE PROTESTORS DOWN? The UK is turning into a propaganda-run quasi-fascist state, aided by the BBC. I am still astonished that the establishment didn't manage to scupper this vote, but they SEEM TO BE DOING THEIR BEST TO NOW.

BLOGGER: Never, in any political process I have witnessed, has the collective might of the state media sought to tell the majority of the people that they were wrong following a vote. That is until until the 24th of June in the UK. Yes, the British people exercised their democratic right to vote against the European Union, a right which had been denied them by successive Prime Ministers since John Major. But the reporting of this momentous event, which should have been a celebration of democracy, has been nothing but appalling virtue signalling.

We know that most journalists in the BBC would have preferred a remain vote, but that doesn’t exempt them from their legal requirement to political neutrality. For the first 24 hours following the referendum result, presenter after presenter has sought to force their own bitter disappointment down the throat of everybody in the country. They have found a line of equally bitter stooges to continue the campaign they already lost, to again tell 51.9% of the voting population that they are stupid. The air time given to the people who managed to win the referendum has been at best minimal and, even then, the presenters have shouted overt disgust over their words.

At one stage this reporting got so bad, they even dragged an obvious drunk from a park bench, clutching a can of red-stripe, to ask him to justify his apparent Leave vote.

WE WOULD LIKE TO VOTE AGAIN, the 350 weekly MILLION promise to the NHS was a lie.

Can REMAINERS not switch their brains on?

The UK GIVES 350 MILLION quid per week GROSS to the EU, but we get some of it back. The KEY figure is the 28 MILLION QUID DAILY sent to the EU as FOREIGN AID. OK so far?

That is 28 MILLION QUID we can't use HERE as we might wish.

Once OUT, that 28 MILLION QUID NET PER DAY can be used AS WE THINK FIT, and a VERY LARGE PART OF IT could go to the NHS, which is IN ANY CASE threatened by TTIP, which the EU is determined to push through.

The 350 million a week referred to the TOTAL we pay to the EU, half of which THEY spend FOR us (we obviously being too stupid to spend it correctly ourselves). THAT HALF of the 350 MILLION will have to go to support farmers, science and other causes (NOT THE BBC) which the money was used for BEFORE BREXIT.

THIS is why Farage has said we cannot guarantee to pay an extra 350 million quid per week to the NHS. THAT SLOGAN WAS NOT PUBLISHED BY FARAGE, by the way, but by the LEAVE organisers. As usual, Farage gets slagged off for telling the truth. UKIP complained about that slogan during the campaign; it was TRUE (we DO sent 350 million to Brussels each week) but it was misleading if you didn't know that it was a GROSS figure.

Does that make things clear? Can you now stop the hissy-fits?

PS In an election, one votes for what one wants. This is not rocket-science; it is called "democracy". Do go and read up about it, and NO, you can't have another referendum. Maybe in 40 years, which is as long as we had to wait for THIS one.

BLOGGER: As Tony Blair points out ''others won’t want to make leaving easy for Britain, in order to discourage similar movements.''

Maybe that will indeed be the case. If so I say that is immediate proof that the UK has made the correct decision. Many times I h
ave heard and thought myself of the EU as undemocratic, if they can not simply accept our referendum as the views of a nation and move on accordingly, then the 'undemocratic' label is quite clearly well deserved.

Mr Blair also talks of such things as ''the political centre, groups of elites, modern populist movements'' etc etc. He can categorize groups of people how ever he see's fit, but ultimately they are all the electorate. Now had Mr Blair and other recent PM's actually ever listened to the population of the UK, and actually done something to address their concerns rather than simply delving ever deeper into the European project. John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron, etc may have even got the result on the 23rd that they all desired?

Chris Snuggs HILARIOUS!! The Nazis didn't make it easy to leave Stalag Luft III either. I wonder if that had something to do with encouraging the others? BLAIR, GO AWAY AND ROT YOUR LIVER ON AN OLIGARCH'S YACHT SOMEWHERE.

Were you a Remain campaigner? Are you sore about the referendum result?

Check out these 10 top self-comforting strategies.

1) Jump out of your pram.

2) Hand back your medals.

3) Use the word "populist" instead of "popular", each time with a vicious snarl on your face.

4) Bathe in a warm glow of self-righteousness knowing that you were on the same side as Geldorf, Izzard, Blair, Brown, Mandelscum, Cameron, Diane Abbott, Corbyn, the Kinnock and Miliband Dynasties, Juncker, Merkel, Hollande, Obama, Lagarde and David Beckham and AGAINST John Mann, Frank Field, Tony Benn, Dennis Skinner, Geoff Dyson and Joe Bamford.

5) Sign a petition demanding an immediate rerefendum repeat expecting a different result (something usually reserved for lunatics, but not uncommon in the EU.)

6) Call every white person who voted LEAVE a "racist", ignoring the fact that Europeans are also white. Treat ethnic minority LEAVE voters as some kind of weird aberration to be ignored.

7) Claim that the (huge) turnout wasn't high enough. 72%? It should have been at least 75%! 80%? It should have been 85%! Make sure to keep moving the goalposts.

8) Get over-excited about the economy, even if the impact has been pretty boring and mundane. Pretend that your 2:2 in English Literature or your 3rd in Sociology make you an expert on currency markets.

9) Attack the very idea of Democracy, because it's only a good thing when it goes the way you want it to. Working-class voters don't know what's good for them, but middle-class liberals definitely do.

10) Share memes bashing Brexit, ignoring the unwelcome and uncomfortable realisation that you are in the minority of public opinion.

11) Boldly claim that Scotland will leave the UK, forgetting that A) they can't afford to B) the EU can't afford to take them C) 1.6m remain votes don't cancel out 2m NO votes.

12) Make fun of Boris Johnson while sweating slightly and really hoping he doesn't become Prime Minister.

13) Continue to call Farage "a racist", ignoring the fact that 52% of the population agree with him.

14) Learn absolutely nothing from the campaign, blaming the result on everyone but yourself. Scaremongering and bullying are clearly the best tactics to use; there's no way they could possibly backfire.

15) Curl up in a ball and cry yourself to sleep while listening to "Ode to Joy"and staring lovingly at a portrait of Blair, Junker, Merkel and Hollande.

Ever since Enoch Powells speech in the late 60's, successive governments have refused to even seriously discuss the immigration issue and the ordinary people's concerns, Thursdays vote to leave was the result of that ! It is a mark of the tolerance of the British people that it has taken almost 50 years to get to this point. People say we are a tolerant nation and that fact proves it!
18-12-15 The BBC has admitted taking more than £2 million in European Union funding over the past three years, in a move that critics said called into doubt the corporation’s impartiality over the forthcoming European referendum. The broadcaster said it had taken the cash under the European Union framework programme, to fund its research and development arm, which is working on projects such as 3D broadcasting, and ultra-high definition filming. The BBC is not allowed to spend the money on programme-making or newsgathering, and corporation sources insisted that the grants helped the entire broadcasting sector develop new technology, and had no impact on editorial decisions. But critics of the corporation said that accepting any EU funding in the run-up to the referendum, expected before the end of 2017, was inappropriate. Andrew Bridgen, a Conservative MP and a stern critic of the corporation, said: “Everyone knows that the BBC has an inbuilt pro-EU bias, but it should be above reproach during this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to vote on the future of our relationship with Europe. It already receives £3.7 billion from the licence fee, and taking EU funding unavoidably creates the impression that it is being paid to do the EU’s bidding.” http://www.telegraph.co.uk/…/BBC-has-received-2m-in-EU-fund…


Working-class Northerners have revolted against the London luvvies, says FREDERICK FORSYTH

WHAT we have just seen is actually an insurrection.

Not with weapons, not with rioting but the British way – with votes. But do not be deceived by the gentleness – the people rose in revolt. Immodesty is not a national characteristic but permit me a lapse.

Five weeks ago I spotted something that I suspected but could not prove: that there was a slow, seething resentment out there, moving quietly beneath the radar, unperceived by the selfadoring luvvies of London who foresaw a convincing victory for “Stay In the EU”.

Three weeks ago I forecast it would be the workingclass folk of the North who would come out for a restoration of our British independence. On Thursday night it was a joy to watch the disbelief of the studiobased EU-appeasers as the results from Darlington, Leeds and Hartlepool flowed in. So from a born-and-raised Man o’ Kent, well done the North. You saved us.

But even we peasants have to be provoked, so why did we do it? It is quite simple. Every country worth that name has a government, hopefully elected. Round it is grouped a range of large and powerful interests – some taxpayer-funded, some private sector. All together, these form the establishment and every country has one.

Numerically probably no more than five per cent but they effectively run the country: parliament, civil service, quangos, commerce, industry, banking, finance. In a contented country the establishment treats the demos with respect and is rewarded by the people’s trust. I do not look back through rose-tinted glasses but it used to be like that.

It is no longer. For years it has been a cause for sadness in me to watch the establishment become degenerate with self-adoration and contempt for the demos, for us, the broad masses of the people. You see it everywhere.

In the huge self-awarded salaries, bonuses and monstrous pension pots of the City slickers; in the naked bias of the BBC news and current affairs division; in the walls of obstruction that prevent any client actually reaching anyone in authority; in the bored dismissal by the mandarins of the concerns of ordinary folk.

  I'm sorry, Emeline, but you simply do not know enough about the situation, and neither do the young people. They voted through naive idealism, as we OLD people did in 1975, since when the EU has had a DELIBERATE policy of creating a federal state ruled from Brussels. Are the FRENCH going to give up their sovereignty? THAT is what the EU is trying to achieve. They have a flag, anthem, a foreign ministry with worldwide embassies, their own currency, their own environmental laws, a farming and fishing policy: EVERYTHING that a STATE has. They are trying to PRETEND they are a state.

The British REFUSE TO LOSE THEIR SOVEREIGNTY. Our men DIED in TWO WARS to help preserve YOUR FREEDOM. As I told you before, in 2005, the French people voted AGAINST the European Constitution, but its parliament passed it ANYWAY with some tiny changes and after changing its name to the Lisbon Treaty. There is a TOTAL DISCONNECT between European governments and peoples, so big it amounts to quasi-fascism.

If you look at the EU, MOST of the countries are BANKRUPT. Southern Europe is in a TEN-YEAR recession. Even FRANCE is in an OFFICIAL "crise economique". Unemployment in Greece is around 30% and for young people around 50%. In France unemployment is around 10% and for young people HIGHER. HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of young French are forced to go abroad to find work. There are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS in London. There are TENS OF THOUSANDS of migrants trying to get into England - if the EU is so wonderful, WHY DON'T THEY WANT TO STAY IN FRANCE?

We older people were told by our idiot PM to "think of your children". WHAT ARROGANCE! As if we DON'T think of them, AND of our grandchildren.

The EU is the only region of the world not growing. There is deflation; bankruptcy looms, even for France. ITALY is about to collapse economically. The EU is sclerotic, wasteful, venal and obsessed with power-grabbing control-freakery. IT HAS BEEN A DISASTER FOR EUROPE. The euro was introduced on a basis of LIES, especially regarding Greece, which NEVER fulfilled the entry criteria, but Goldman-Sachs was hired to cook the books.

  Some facts:

REMAINERS voted to continue allowing free movement of EU members.

The UK therefore has to admit KNOWN foreign criminals into Britain.

Some of these have come in and robbed, raped and/or murdered British citizens.

Let's be clear: if you voted REMAIN you consented to KNOWN FOREIGN MAJOR CRIMINALS entering the UK.

British citizens will be robbed, raped and/or murdered thanks to this decision.

Congratulations on this betrayal of British citizens; you must be proud.

PS Farage got death threats after the Cox murder for wanting to prevent mass immigration, the vast majority of which is by Muslims who despise our culture and whose totalitarian death cult is responsible for 270 MILLION murders by Jihad since Muhammed and 29,000 since 9/11, where a mere 3,000 from 60 different nationalities died in one go.

Which reminds me, I must check on the Bombathon count: the number murdered since the start of Ramadan. Muslim murder stops for nothing, not even a religious festival.

And they ARE "Muslims". "ISLAMISTS" is a euphemism used by morons.
  So this is what democracy feels like....This is what a ballot-box revolt looks like. Yesterday the people asserted themselves. They made plain their dislike of the EU. And they did so against virtually the entire establishment. The leaders of capitalism, the vast majority of the political class, experts, academics, world leaders, global institutions, the liberal media and the celebrity set united to warn the little people, to hector and lecture them, about the dangers of rejecting the EU. And yet the little people did it anyway. They said No to the EU, and in the process revolted against a political and media establishment that thinks it knows better than us how Britain should be run. This was an uprising, a polite, quiet one, not only against Brussels but against the political class here at home, against those who rule.
  Cameron was convinced we would win, and his "renegotiation" was an insult to the intelligence. Brussels was convinced the UK would poodle along with the rest of the slave countries. They therefore offered Cameron nothing substantial, which is exactly what he asked for. The British establishment and Brussels have treated us with contempt. The Germans and French both threatened us - a fairly moronic strategic approach. "Absolute power corrupts absolutely." The Commission is unaccountable and has hundreds of billions of free money, part of which it uses to bribe the BBC. Such unaccountability allied with power and money is ALWAYS  catastrophic. Remainers ars still banging on about "the markets" and the pound. JESUS, the markets go up and down all the time and both will recover quickly. They are driven by short-term speculators. We are still the 5th largest economy. This victory was won AGAINST the Westminster bubble, the totally-out-of-touch Labour Party, the other two dinosaur parties, the banks, hedge funds, Brussels, the BBC, associated luvvies and people like Obama. And it was won by the arguments and thousands of grassroots campaigners up and down the country, who led an incredible campaign. Labouring Party luvvies will note that their traditional supporters spat on their position; whole swathes of Northern areas went for LEAVE, not least WALES, once rock solid Labour territory. Any Labour bigwig with an ounce of intelligence (not many of those left) will be wondering where the party goes from here and whether it can ever recover its once solid working-class support. The EU? Others will follow, unless it reforms itself MASSIVELY, which few believe possible. I voted for the EU in 1975, but they have ABUSED their power. We do NOT WANT TO BE IN A FEDERAL STATE RULED FROM BRUSSELS, certainly not paying millions daily for the privilege. Democracy will be the winner. The European political elite tried to take our country's sovereignty over; it has failed. THANK GOD FOR THAT
  Many people seem to have lost all reason. This Sturgeon woman wants to leave the UK - where Scotland has a large degree of autonomy and gets subsidies from us - yet join the EU, which is a power-mad, control-freaky and federalising monster in economic chaos and decline and which will suck money FROM Scotland. But if the Scots want to elect a moron, that's their affair. Maybe they should leave the UK and see how they like it. I am a great believer in freedom of choice - unlike the EU of course. I have been listening to whinging REMAINERS. Many have not got a clue about the issues. The average Brit, however, knows when somone is taking the piss, and have refused to play the dumb slave. Some of my faith in humanity has been restored. This victory was achieved in the face of establishment lies and personal vilification of Farage and Johnson, and against the three dinosaur parties, Merkel, Hollande, the banks, international plutocracy including the IMF, hedgefunds and Obama, and not least the BBC. It is absolutely remarkable to have triumphed against that lot. The dinosaur parties have the humungous advantage of FPTP, amd will weasel their way back to their cosy Tweedledee-Tweedledum relationship. Cameron will use glib charm to make people forget his utterly crass and odious performance, and the other lot will dump their Chief Clown asap and replace him with someone prettier. I am not sure, however, if they will win back their traditional heartlands in the north, where they have treated their voting-fodder with absolute contempt. It will be fascinating to see where UKIP goes from here. A general election next week would be interesting .....

UKIP Manchester 8 hrs · Nobody ever says Switzerland is in economic ruin, or are bigoted and xenophobic to reject EU membership. In fact, it has the highest average earnings per capita (I believe) almost anywhere in the world, it has more trade deals than almost anywhere in the world, it has some of the lowest taxes in the world, it exercises direct democracy through referenda on big subjects of social concern, it is considered the diplomatic capital of the world, has the world's biggest scientific research project in the form of the large hadron collider at CERN, is made up of three cantons much like the constituent parts of Great Britain, and the Swiss are largely regarded as hard working, tolerant, rich, successful, polite...

This outpouring of emotion based on some warped idea that by leaving the EU we've become football hooligans that hate foreigners and will destroy our economy is the result of people taken in by lie after lie by the remain campaign and that really wasn't fair of them to ruin your belief in your country like that. It is not true and you have nothing to worry about. You will see over the coming months quite how extensive those lies were. Accession talks with Turkey begin very soon and plans for the EU army are being unveiled next month. We are lucky we now get to control our own destiny and we are not sitting here wondering if the Euro will crash (it will, probably in July when Greece defaults) and whether we have to bail it out, which country will be the next to join and what the migratory flows will be, or what plans Brussels has up its sleeves next that are not only not run past the British people, but made up in secret by people who aren't even elected to govern us and then imposed upon us. All that has happened is we now have full freedom to make all of our own laws. That's it. And we aren't going to bring back the workhouse or start deporting people.

My God! What sort of a country do people think we are? Have some pride you Brits! We are an open, fair, tolerant, hardworking, wonderful nation that has global respect. Many a nation functions perfectly well as a self-governing state without having to be in a supranational political union dominated by the lobbying forces of Moody's, Goldman Sachs, Pfizer et al. This is a real victory for the people. You will see. This is the start of something truly amazing and we are brave, courageous and principled to do this. I am so very, very proud of Britain, and you should be too, once again showing the world that we not only value democracy, but fight for its preservation. Well done us. It's time people stopped scribing hyperbolic messages of woe on social media and bashing their fellow citizen who took the plunge to leave the EU. Those are not British values and if that's the nature of the majority of people who backed Remain, well I am glad the heroes, the freedom fighters and democracy warriors won it. Let's start this new life now and let's be Great Britain.



They lost because:

A) They had no valid arguments.

B) They indulged in vile personal mud-slinging and scaremongering.

C) They were led by someone generally considered to be a smooth-talking liar.

D) They were perceived as self-righteous and unpatrioti

  A Prime Minister resigned. The £ plummeted. The FTSE 100 lost significant ground. But then the £ rallied past February levels, and the FTSE closed on a weekly high: 2.4% up on last Friday, its best performance in 4 months. President Obama decided we wouldn't be at the 'back of the queue' after all and that our 'special relationship' was still strong. The French President confirmed the Le Touquet agreement would stay in place. The President of the European Commission stated Brexit negations would be 'orderly' and stressed the UK would continue to be a 'close partner' of the EU. A big bank denied reports it would shift 2,000 staff overseas. The CBI, vehemently anti-Brexit during the referendum campaign, stated British business was resilient and would adapt. Several countries outside the EU stated they wished to begin bi-lateral trade talks with the UK immediately. If this was the predicted apocalypse, well, it was a very British one. It was all over by teatime. Not a bad first day
25-6-16 http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/683229/GERMAN-BREXIT-We-saw-Brits-as-ludicrous-outsiders-we-should-have-listened The leading Hamburg-based newspaper Die Zeit has laid out what led to the Leave campaign getting a monumental victory. It said Europe had “got used to viewing the British as some sort of ludicrous outsiders that don’t get what the EU is all about anyway”. The article said this line of thinking has turned out to be "dangerous" as Britain has "a sharper eye for [the EU's] problems and hypocrisies." The article added: "It's about time that we start listening to the intelligent and worldly Brits and listen to their suggestions about reforms of our Union." The article also pointed the blame at Oxbridge, saying an"elite" who were privately educated has helped add to the country's problems.
  Doctor: "Well, Nicola. How are we today?"

Sturgeon: "GREAT! I feel so much better ..... And I'm calling for Scotland to have another referendum on leaving the UK and joining the EU!"

Doctor: "You mean, you want to leave the UK which subsidizes you and where you have a large amount of autonomy with your own parliament and become a mere region in the power-mad, federalising control-freakery of the EU which will suck money out of you till the pips squeak - and of course where as a region rather than a state you won't be allowed to have a national football team?"

Nicloa: "YES! Great, no?"

Doctor: "Errm, well, I think we will have to give it a bit more time for your treatment to work ....."
Doctor: "Well, Nicola. How are we today?"

Sturgeon: "GREAT! I feel so much better ..... And I'm calling for Scotland to have another referendum on leaving the UK and joining the EU!"

Doctor: "You mean, you want to leave the UK, which subsidizes you and where you have a large amount of autonomy with your own parliament and become a mere region in the power-mad, federalising control-freakery of the EU which will suck money out of you till the pips squeak - and of course where as a region rather than a state you won't be allowed to have a national football team?"

Nicloa: "YES! Great, no?"

Doctor: "Errm, well, I think we will have to give it a bit more time for your treatment to work ....."

Political Elite "Headless Chicken" Crisis Talks


Merkel: "Right - the Brits are buggering off - Well done, Juncker: another fine mess you've got us into; couldn't you have humoured them a bit more? Given them a few more fish or something? What the hell are we going to do without their dosh? Do you think we Germans are made of money?"

Juncker: " But ....."

Merkel: "Now let's see. First we cut all our salaries by half - OK?"

Lagarde: "But ......"

Merkel: "THEN you prattling pillocks in the IMF start paying TAX on what's left, of course."

"Lagarde: "But ....."

Merkel: "Then you all relocate to cheaper premises; that makes sense - we can put thousands of migrants into your palace for a start."

Juncker: "But ....."

Merkel: "Then the EU will have to cut the €8,000,000,000 Diplomatic Service, the 300 Press spokesmen for Schulz and we can get rid of Reding and Verhofstedt - actually, not sure if we really need Schulz and his army of secretaries either ..... remind me what he actualls DOES?"

Juncker: "But ...."

Merkel: "Oh DO SHUT UP JUNCKER: this is all your fault in the first place .... why did you have to ADMIT that you are a serial liar? Being one is ONE thing, but ADMITTING IT? GOTT IM HIMMEL!"

Juncker: "Well ...."

Merkel: "And we replace the 9000 chauffeur-driven cars with pushbikes - you could do with losing a few kilos Juncker, you fat slob ...."

Juncker: "But ....."

Merkel: And if you pinch my bum ONCE more in one of your drunken binges I'll have you: cameras or no cameras."

Juncker: "But ...."

Merkel: "Right: that'll do for a start, OH, no more Europarliament pfaffing about up and down to Strasbourg, right?"

Hollande: "But ......"

Merkel: "I thought we had a deal, Flanby. I talk; you listen - as we always do. .... "

Hollande: "I .....

Merkel: "Did you not hear what I just said, Flanby? Well, there's one good thing: at least we don't have to bother with that hypocritical and ludicrous "Hug-a-Brit' rubbish any more. Right - where's our coffee, and time for the photocall."

Some facts:

REMAINERS voted to continue allowing free movement of EU members.

The UK therefore has to admit KNOWN foreign criminals into Britain.

Some of these have come in and robbed, raped and/or murdered British citizens.

Let's be clear: if you voted REMAIN you consented to KNOWN FOREIGN MAJOR CRIMINALS entering the UK.

British citizens will be robbed, raped and/or murdered thanks to this decision.

Congratulations on this betrayal of British citizens; you must be proud.

PS Farage got death threats after the Cox murder for wanting to prevent mass immigration, the vast majority of which is by Muslims who despise our culture and whose totalitarian death cult is responsible for 270 MILLION murders by Jihad since Muhammed and 29,000 since 9/11, where a mere 3,000 from 60 different nationalities died in one go.

Which reminds me, I must check on the Bombathon count: the number murdered since the start of Ramadan. Muslim murder stops for nothing, not even a religious festival.

And they ARE "Muslims". "ISLAMISTS" is a euphemism used by morons.
BBC News is unwatchable. Just a bunch of remainers with long miserable faces holding a wake and talking Britain down.

The first lie the BBC is peddling is that the 'The pound is at a 30 year low'

No it is not. The pound is trading at 1.22 euro, versus 1.26 before the referendum, and versus 1.14 euro throughout most of 2013.

The second lie the BBC is seeking to spread is that this result is all about Scotland. No it is not. Scotland chose to remain part of the UK in a 'once in a generation' referendum in 2014 knowing full well that Cameron was committed to a referendum on the EU. So that issue is off the agenda.

The third lie the moaning whiners of the BBC are peddling is that this result is all some mistake brought about by the Conservatives. Clearly it is not, the people, all of them, nationally, have as a whole voted to LEAVE the EU. That is not a mistake, it is the will of the people, and it MUST be respected.

I've finally decided to subscribe to SKY News, the BBC is like the EU, not fit for purpose, unrepresentative of the nation, and beyond reform.

Chris Snuggs
ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. I also tried watching some BC stuff; it's full of whingers who haven't got a clue about the real issues. Either they complain about "racism", or about the vote "cutting us off from the world".

A) They obviously do not know or care that England (where they LIVE!!) is the most densely-populated country IN THE ENTIRE CONTINENT (except for Malta and Monaco).

B) Monks travelled all over Europe in the early centuries after Christ; Erasmus students do not have to be in the EU. This "being cut off" stuff is absolute DRIVEL.

C) Scotland? Many people seem to have lost all reason. This Sturgeon woman wants to leave the UK - where Scotland has a large degree of autonomy and gets subsidies from us - yet join the EU, which is a power-mad, control-freaky and federalising monster in economic chaos and decline and which will suck money FROM Scotland. But if the Scots want to elect a moron, that's their affair. Maybe they should leave the UK and see how they like it. I am a great believer in freedom of choice - unlike the EU of course.

Some government, sometime has to deal with the BBC; it is getting past a joke.
  I have been listening to whinging REMAINERS. Many have not got a clue about the issues. The average Brit, however, knows when somone is taking the piss, and have refused to play the dumb slave. Some of my faith in humanity has been restored. This victory was achieved in the face of establishment lies and personal vilification of Farage and Johnson, and against the three dinosaur parties, Merkel, Hollande, the banks, international plutocracy including the IMF, hedgefunds and Obama, and not least the BBC. It is absolutely remarkable to have triumphed against that lot. The dinosaur parties have the humungous advantage of FPTP, amd will weasel their way back to their cosy Tweedledee-Tweedledum relationship. Cameron will use glib charm to make people forget his utterly crass and odious performance, and the other lot will dump their Chief Clown asap and replace him with someone prettier. I am not sure, however, if they will win back their traditional heartlands in the north, where they have treated their voting-fodder with utter contempt - just as the EU treated us (which is why they have been expelled)
  MORE BBC LIES EXPOSED: £1 BRITISH POUND = 1.24 euros - that is 25% HIGHER than it was at the time of the 2015 General Election - the BBC are lying this morning - the value of the £1 three days ago was 1euro=79p RIGHT NOW is is 1euro=81p - a shift of just 2p which will be corrected as soon as Cameron buggers off. It has made BRITISH GOODS such as all our great sportscars - Caterham, Morgan, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Noble, Corsicas, Wilkins, XJ13s etc BETTER VALUE. It is the EURO which has CRASHED and will continue to CRASH because there is now a £361 MILLION POUND PER WEEK HOLE in the EU budget - yes, British people's taxes which have been illegally used to pay GERMAN PENSIONERS £449 PER WEEK when our Brits can't afford to eat nor heat. The BBC are trying to cook up a FAKE RECESSION - shout them down on Social Media.
THIS is what you get if you vote REMAIN - MORE of LOTS of nasty things:


- irrelevance of our own parliament = loss of sovereignty: up to 80% of laws made in Brussels
- unmandated drive towards a federal state ruled from Brussels and dominated by Germany and poodle France
- the above obsession giving birth to the euro and the economic ruin of Southern Europe
- DAILY net payments to the EU of 26 MILLION quid, effectively FOREIGN AID
- a single Dutch trawler catching 25% of our fishing allowance
- EU taxes: the next one coming is a Europe-wide fuel tax to pay for Merkel's African and ME invitees
- HARMONISED taxes across Europe, and - YOU GUESSED IT - UPWARDS
- countries joining the EU: next come the Balkans, Turkey and Ukraine
- uncontrolled immigration from poor countries forcing down wages for Brits
- catastrophic housing situation
- inadequate schools and medical facilities
- threat to the NHS from TTIP
- restrictions on who we can trade with, and on which conditions
- Cameron, Osborne, Corbyn, Blair, Merkel, Hollande, Lagarde and Juncker
- Goldman-Sachs, hedgefunds and unrepayable loans to Greece
- French-style bureaucracy (HINT; bureaucracy = control)
- expensive food: YES, it's cheaper on the open market
- harm to African food producers shut out of our markets
- idiotic regulations: coming up is compulsory lawnmower insurance
- expensive lightbulbs and less powerful hairdryers
- demands to hand over control of our armed forces

There is probably more, but my fingers are hurting.

STAYING IN IS INSANE - not out of any "feeling", but HARD FACTS.

We want to be like Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Greenland, New Zealand, Australia, Russia, the USA, India, China, Singapore and all the rest: INDEPENDENT. None of these countries have any trouble outside the EU, so WHY WOULD THE WORLD'S 5th biggest economy?

20-6-16 Fascism is just under the surface in Britain. We have a SHODDY democracy - hardly better than a banana republic

- a rubbish voting system that whereby MILLIONS of voters have NO representation in parliament - EVER

- a surreally-biased national broadcasting company paid for by ALL taxpayers (AND THE EU) and yet BLATANTLY establishment biased: I have just been listening to their report on the IMF's latest scare-mongering, and it was a TOTAL DISGRACE - not ONE mention of the IMF's zero credibility and the fact that its President has been charged with fraud OR that she is a French political crony put in place to save the euro

- utterly corrupt postal voting involving massive fraud

- the Tories flagrantly broke election expenses rules in the last general election, and yet the results are allowed to stand and the chances of anyone going to prison for this fraud are microscopic

- now this ludicrous petition demanding to suspend the referendum, naturally because REMAIN fears losing it

As for that, people die all the time. The killer was deranged. As far as is known, the murder had NOTHING TO DO with politics. Nobody knows yet exactly what happened, but my understanding is that Jo Cox went to sort out an argument between the killer and someone else and the former turned on her - WE DO NOT KNOW THE DETAILS....

.... but the PRESS and the HIDEOUS Labout Party jumped on the killing and accused LEAVE of contributing to the death: someone even posted "Nigel Farage has blood on his hands." This was even more despicable than Bob Geldorf putting two fingers up to our brave fishermen who have been UTTERLY BETRAYED by the establishment.

We in LEAVE have suspected all along that the crapulous, corrupt and traitorous establishment would do ANYTHING not to lose this vote. I hope we are proven wrong.

Let's be clear: a vote for REMAIN means yet MORE abandonment of our sovereignty. Of this there is NO DOUBT AT ALL; plus of course all the rest we know about.

And the IMF intervention is complete rubbish: they have been wrong about EVERYTHING, including the catastrophic euro. They COULD NOT CARE LESS about Britain; they ONLY want to save the skins of the lying and corrupt European political elite.

This has NOTHING TO DO WITH NATIONALISM. It is the EU which has caused strife and dissention in Europe. Many people HATE the EU. Do you call that a success? Europe is the ONLY region in the world not growing. Many European countries are vastly endebted and have severe economic problems, including France, in OFFICIALLY-ADMITTED "economic crisis".

The EU is responsible for TEN YEARS OF ECONOMIC MISERY IN SOUTHERN EUROPE. It is a power-mad, venal, corrupt, bureaucratic monstrosity, which now apart from anything else has invited MILLIONS of African and Arab Muslims into Europe. Merkel is entitled to do what she wants for Germany, idiotic though it is, but I want no part of Continental lunacy and quasi-fascism.

We must REJOIN THE WORLD, reconnnect with the Commonwealth, regain our seat on the WTO, save 30 million euros a day, get back our fishing and tell them where to go with their obligatory lawnmower insurance and their straight bananas.

graphics and news here: http://www.eutruth.info/

Jo Cox's murder was horrible and disgusting, but should not influence the vote, much though some REMAINERS have already tried to exploit it. Their attitude has been despicable, just as was Geldorf's in sticking up two fingers to our brave but betrayed fishermen.


Regarding the death of Labour MP Jo Cox, is there no level to which the Remain campaign and some of their supporters will not stoop to win the referendum?
Before Ms Cox had even been confirmed dead, the mainstream media, along with people on social media, Twitter, Facebook etc, immediately went into overdrive blaming the Leave Campaign We've even had EU politicians and Hillary Clinton making statements suggesting as much. One commenter on social media wrote of Nigel Farage that "He as blood on his hands".

Will they stop at nothing to score political points to make political gain? Is nothing beyond the pale for them? They conveniently chose to ignore the reports that the assailant, Thomas Wair, had a history of mental illness, or that his neighbours said that he never, ever spoke of politics and wasn't a supporter of any political party as far as they were aware. They also chose to ignore the fact that other eyewitnesses denied that Thomas Wair said anything along the lines "Britain first" during the attack.

Clarke Rothwell, who claimed to be an eyewitness to the attack, told the BBC that the attacker said either "Britain first' or 'Put Britain first', he wasn't quite sure, yet all other eyewitnesses have stated that no such thing was said. How convenient that the BBC happened to come across the ONLY person who supposedly heard Thomas Wair speak those damning words.

"Jo Cox was murdered because of her political beliefs ....... she was hated because she was pro-EU .....blah, blah, blah" cried the shameful political opportunists, whilst rubbing their hands, no doubt, at the thought of how it might damage the Leave campaign, and ignoring the fact that Jo Cox couldn't have been the assailant's intended target because she was in a cafe at the time and only went outside to intervene in an argument/fight that Thomas Wair was having with another man. It appears that she was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Labour MP Maria Eagle was quick to tweet yesterday to spread the word that the attacker had said "Britain first", Yet within a few hours she deleted her tweet. Why was that? If it were the truth why did she delete it?

Yesterday exposed the vile, putrid underbelly of the Remain campaign for all to see. The people involved in the media attacks are ruthless, lying, shameless people who possess no morals whatsoever. On top of that, they are traitors to Britain and the British people. No less traitorous than Ted Heath and his ilk, who took us into the EU, unlawfully, I might add, using blatant lies to fool and betray us. It's understandable why foreign politicians in the EU and the socialist, slave to the international bankers, Hillary Clinton would make statements on the murder of Jo Cox to further the Remain cause. But for British politicians, both past and present, to do so is unforgivable.

If we should lose the referendum, I hope that ever last one of them burns in eternal Hell.


Credibility poll (out of 10)

Cameron and Osborne (rolls off the tongue like Laurel and Hardy) = 0

Lagarde = minus 2,000

Blair, Brown, Mandelscum, Clegg and the Miliband and Kinnock dynasties = minus 10,000

Obama, Hollande and Merkel = minus off the scale

Bob Geldorf and Goldman-Sachs = Excuse me, I have to vomit

Tony Benn, John Mann, Dennis Skinner, Frank Field and Kate Hoey = 10

Geoff Dyson and Joe Bamford = 10

Del Boy, Michael Caine, Joan Collins and Posh Beckham = 7

See more OUTERS here: http://www.eutruth.info/


A mail to my mate Michael ......

The Referendum? Made up your mind yet?

I urge you to reject the variable of personalities. This is not about whether you prefer Kinnock, Corbyn, Blair, Brown, Mandelscum and Diane Abbott to Boris, Farage, Gove or Snuggs, but about the future of our country. Forget that Farage is a cross between Attila the Hun and Robert Mugabe, that Boris is a scheming buffoon and that I am a racist, xenophobe and ranting idiot. Concentrate on the arguments.

Those for BREXIT are overwhelming, including the one about whether you will be better off. This appeal to greed is the REMAIN camp's principal argument, which shows just how immoral and desperate they are. There is also, however, a moral issue (and that of self-determination of course), though inevitably the money and immigration are calculated to motivate most people (what low opinions the REMAIN scum have of us!)

The MORAL ISSUE? The EU deliberately created the euro knowing it would FAIL. YES, IT'S TRUE. Their OWN economists told them it would fail. There has never been a successful monetary union without eventual fiscal and political union, and the LATTER is of course their aim. Basically, the euro was a TOTALLY political project. Like Ken Clarke and Mandelscum, they want the UK to become a mere region of a European federal state ruled from Brussels and dominated by Germany and France.

They ALSO let in Greece, which NEVER complied with the financial conditions the EU themselves set. Only Goldman-Sachs and some fudging of the numbers managed to make it look to idiots as if Greece was entitled to join the euro.

Now it has obviously FAILED. Germany has a VAST export surplus with the rest of the EU, most of which is slowly going bust - starting of course with the Med countries (and Portugal, to keep Briggs happy re the geography). Greece has just received MORE loans which it will NEVER be able to pay. Of course, the EU would sell Grandmas's remaining teeth to prevent any new crisis before the British referendum (and it's only your money, after all.) Italy is on the verge of bankruptcy; deep and long-term recession is all over Europe, France is in an official economic crisis (and civil crisis, but the govt will not admit that.) The EU is an economic shambles hamstrung by French-style red-tape and insane control-freakery: the latest example being the intention to do away with rules concerning the length of TV commercials. WHAT THE HELL HAS THAT GOT TO DO WITH THE EU?

No, staying in this lunatic asylum is unthinkable, so I hope you will do the right thing. Coates I have given up on: he loves dictatorships. WHICH REMINDS ME, Venezuela is going well, isn't it? Inflation up to 400% or something. Just another socialist basket case to blame on the USA no doubt. The problem with socialism is that A) people get into power who are obsessed with making it work and B) it never works and C) their only option then is to use force to try to maintain the pretence that it does work: hence the USSR, East Germany, China, North Korea, Cuba and so on - let's see whether Venezuelans can break the mould.

Still, let them sort it out, it's their country, after all - which is more than we can say for ours in the EU.

NO, the MORAL issue among many others is that the TEN YEARS ECONOMIC (and thus social) MISERY of Southern Europe is ENTIRELY due to the EU's Kalergi-Coudenhove obsession with creating a federal state, for which NO CITIZEN IN EUROPE HAS EVER VOTED. Indeed, when they HAVE voted against something giving Brussels more power the political elite has ignored the vote. The French voted in 2006 in a referendum to reject the "European Constitution" (a name revealing their arrogance: COUNTRIES have constitutions, not "common market" groupings) the EU elite in cahoots with the French elite rebadged it, gave it another name and passed it in parliament. Similarly with Ireland, which had to keep voting until it got the right result.

And do you remember the HOC vote on the Maastricht Treaty? Opposing MPs were physically and psychologically BULLIED into voting the right way; it was a disgusting disgrace, but the elite got the vote they wanted.

No, Michael, the 50% youth unemployment in Greece and elsewhere is the result of quasi-fascist EU arrogance and abuse of power. We don't like that in Britain, do we?


If you vote REMAIN; the EU will take this as a green light to plough on. The euro disaster is so great that it will collapse without full fiscal integration (which you may remember was the euro's rationale in the first place). I am not sure the Germans will accept this, as it would mean huge transfers of money to the south much like they had to do with East Germany. However, democracy in Germany is so destroyed that its crapulous elite might be able to push it through, certainly labelling any protestors as "far-right" and "neo-Nazis" of course.

If they DO manage to prevent the eurocollapse, look forward to BILLIONS more UK money going south, to HARMONISATION of your taxes with France and Germany (I have lived in both for years, and trust me, you DO NOT want THAT).

There is only one way to vote, Michael ..... and I count on you to take an anti-vomit pill before voting the same way as Boris, Nigel and me ......



Apparently there was a letter published in the Daily Mail on the 14 June 2016 from a Diane Sanson of Northwich, Cheshire.

She claimed to have mugged a 'Remain' supporter and taken £350 from his wallet, but he didn't seem to mind. Feeling sorry for him she decided to give him half back but on condition he spent it only as she instructed and on condition that next to every item purchased he puts a picture of her saying she had paid for it. He agreed to this and they will be meeting again tomorrow to do the same again. He thought it a fantastic idea and wondered how he had been able to survive before without her.


"Fat cat my arse," said Leave.EU co-chairman Arron Banks, after Jeremy Corbyn suggested that Brexit would put the NHS in danger. "I started my business with nothing but a desk and two phones, and I've never worn a fur coat or owned a Bentley.

"I once said that I thought wealthier people should pay top-up insurance to help the NHS – the sort of policy which should be music to Jeremy's ears."
"You have to feel sorry for old Jez, really. Voted to leave in '75, voted against Maastricht, voted against Lisbon – but now the Blairites have got him supping cream from the same EU bowl as Cameron, Osborne and the crooked mega-banks who are the real fat cats in this referendum, drooling at the prospect of being able to buy up huge chunks of the health service after Brussels finalises its dodgy TTIP deal with the US.

"That's the real threat to the NHS, and I think we all appreciate that Jeremy knows it, really. Just look at what the EU and IMF have done to Greece, lashed by permanent austerity and crushed beneath a debt which can never be repaid; the suicide rate soaring and youth unemployment touching 50%. How could he possibly square all of that with his Labour values?

"Winning the Labour leadership has seen him transform from muesli-eating old Trot to champagne socialist in record time. Even his own brother thinks he'll be casting his personal vote for Brexit once he's in the privacy of the polling booth, but it's a pity he hasn't had the courage of his convictions in public.
"The MPs he's trying to keep on side will still stab him in the back the first chance they get anyway, so he's betrayed his principles for nothing."

The Corporate takeover of the planet continues apace. TTIP is the biggest threat to small business and only by leaving can we keep control. This has to be stopped. Very scary. Extract:
As inequalities in the US grow, each new study reveals ever more staggering injustices. The middle classes not employed directly by plutocrats face a perilous future. The poor have no safe future. And those who work to increase their masters’ fortune wonder what will happen to them when they are cast aside, and so they work even harder to ensure that their masters are pleased with what they have achieved.
Ten large fast-food chains in the US pay wages so low that they drain federal funds, because their workers’ families qualify for public assistance. A fifth of all families with someone working in a fast-food restaurant live below the poverty line. Of all these chains, historian Ronald Formisano notes in this cogent, data-driven and unsettling book, “McDonald’s heads the list, with an estimated average [annual] cost to taxpayers of $11.2 billion in public assistance for its employees; Domino’s Pizza occupies the tenth spot, with an average cost of $126 million.” The plutocrats rely on public funds to allow them to profit so much.

Labour councillor Ed Murphy, who wants the UK to stay in the bloc, said: “The polls are showing that people who are very poorly educated are likely to vote leave.

“The narrative is quite clear and the analysis has been done, that those demographics are the people who are voting to leave.”

Mr Murphy, a councillor in Peterborough, made his comments on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire this morning.

He was criticising trade unionist Brendan Chilton, head of the Labour Leave movement, for sharing a platform with Ukip leader Nigel Farage.

Mr Chilton responded: “Millions of Labour voters up and down the country are going to vote to leave the EU and to write them off as thickies and people of less intellect is the height of arrogance and snobbery.”

REACTION 1: Us thickies are Plasterers, Electricians, Brick layers, Hod carriers,   Scaffolders,  Painters, Decorators, Plumbers, Carpenters, Mechanics, Hair dressers,, Farmers, Fishermen, Accountants, Architects, Road sweepers, Lorry drivers, Van drivers, THE ONLY GOOD LEFTY IS A DE AD LEFTY. 

RECTION 2 (ME): You lot are the salt of the earth and the heartbeat of British economic activity (along with fishermen), and you have our total support and admiration.

From my research I would argue that the referendum debate within working-class communities is not about immigration, despite the rhetoric. It is about precarity and fear. As a group of east London women told me: “I’m sick of being called a racist because I worry about my own mum and my own child,” and “I don’t begrudge anyone a roof who needs it but we can’t manage either.”

Over the past 30 years there has been a sustained attack on working-class people, their identities, their work and their culture by Westminster politics and the media bubble around it. Consequently they have stopped listening to politicians and to Westminster and they are doing what every politician fears: they are using their own experiences in judging what is working for and against them.

In the last few weeks of the campaign the rhetoric has ramped up and the blame game started. If we leave the EU it will be the fault of the “stupid”, “ignorant”, and “racist” working class. Whenever working-class people have tried to talk about the effects of immigration on their lives, shouting “backward” and “racist” has become a middle-class pastime.


Corbyn must address working-class EU concerns, warns Frank Field
Read more
Working-class people in the UK can see a possibility that something might change for them if they vote to leave the EU. The women in east London and the men in the mining towns all tell me the worst thing is that things stay the same. The referendum has become a way in which they can have their say, and they are saying collectively that their lives have been better than they are today. And they are right. Shouting “racist” and “ignorant” at them louder and louder will not work – they have stopped listening.

For them, talking about immigration and being afraid of immigration is about the precarity of being working class, when people’s basic needs are no longer secure and they want change. The referendum has opened up a chasm of inequality in the UK and the monsters of a deeply divided and unfair society are crawling out. They will not easily go away no matter what the referendum result.


ME, in various blogs:

Well, if it's not lies from Cameron and Osborne, it's an exhibition of sheer, crass, insensitivity and ignorance from Geldorf and his pals.

One may - perversely - be planning to vote REMAIN, but it cannot be denied that our fishermen were royally shafted by the establishment when we joined the EU. Thousands of jobs were lost, boats laid up and the incomes of those left plummeted. The UK taxpayer PAID for Spanish and French fishing fleets to be RENEWED in order to return and fish in OUR waters. A proud and centuries-old fishing tradition up and down the coasts of England was absolutely savaged. The fishermen and their families and communities were sacrificed on the alter of EU socialism, though in this case it was done to surreal proportions. ONE single Dutch trawler now catches up to 25% of our fish; French fleets can catch over 5,000 tons of COD, but our men only 800 tons. It's all HERE, and it makes for sad reading. http://www.eutruth.info/StolenSeas.pdf

And NONE of this was the fishermen's fault.

Yet after FORTY YEARS of betrayal they organise ONE SINGLE day on the Thames to publicise their situation  and the cretinous moron Geldorf has to do his best to trash their legitimate protest.  It is still - for the moment - legal to protest peacefully in England. Despite this, the moronic spawn of an increasingly detached-from-reality-left give themselves the right to spit on an honest and legitimate protest by decent, hard-working men.

Any decent Brit will have been sickened by this idiotic parade of nastiness, so it probably won us a lot of votes. And to be fair, it is reported that several people actually ON that boat have twittered that they got off it as soon as possible in disgust, such a moronic performance not being what they had signed up to.

As for the fishing, the wrong done all those years ago was SO VAST that THIS ALONE is reason for leaving the hideous EU, which by God's grace we will vote to do in a week's time.

Farage, of course, is routinely slagged off by the same kind of unicellular-brained Neanderthals as on that boat. An objective observer, however, would point out that a decent Englishman fighting for decades to regain our sovereignty was supporting a group of REAL working men whom the traditional left of "Olde Labour" - a group that becomes ever more attractive the more one looks at the grotesque new version  - once would have stood up for.

Fishermen brave the elements to feed us. All the little fishing ports up and down the coast have memorials to men lost at sea. People in those communities must be sickened by what happened today.

Geldorf joins a long list of cretins supporting REMAIN for some weird reason: Cameron, Osborne, Diane Abbott, Andy Burnham, the Kinnock dynasty, the Miliband dynasty, Nick Clegg (mercifully quiet on the hustings), Blair, Brown and Mandelscum, Obama, Hollande, Merkel, Juncker, Schulz and of course Eddie Izzard - not forgetting John Major.

  Some interesting BLOG comments ... there are very intelligent people out there ....

A) “Not one English boat here now,”.....Appledore has been hit by the loss of fishing and shipbuilding jobs....the village, sitting on the banks where the Taw and Torridge rivers meet before they flow into Bideford Bay, is perhaps England’s oldest fishing port so it was with dismay that locals looked on as the last English boat based here – the Hannah Marie – was sold five weeks ago. The marine-blue trawler is awaiting shipment to Denmark. According to local people, it is the latest victim of EU fishing quotas.

“Not one English boat here now,” said Tony Rutherford, chief executive of North Devon Fishermen’s Association, his anger barely concealed. “There were about 80 to 100 in these parts in 2002. Brexit Britain: ‘Foreign boats catch fish in our waters and then ship it back to us’

In one of England’s oldest fishing ports, feelings about EU quotas naturally run high.

(My comment: I can't see how any true Englishman can vote REMAIN; it would be sanctioning the fishing betrayal (among much else) AND the continuing abandonment of sovereignty to Brussels.)

B) R.I.P The Labour Party, Founded on February 27th 1900. Died on June 23rd 2016. Reason and cause of death : It chose to Become the Voice and Champions of Illegal Immigrants and Unlimited ' Bogus Refugees ' as well as international finance, big business and huge corruption, lies and failure in the EU over and above its traditional core voters, the British working class. R.I.P. Vote LEAVE and OUT.

C) The best way to get rid of Farage - if that is your obsession - is to vote LEAVE. He loses of course his job in Brussels, but if REMAIN win, then the resentment among millions of LEAVE voters will be immense: not beause they don't believe in democracy, but because they will fell betrayed by most of the major parties and not least the media, wiht the BBC first in line. A more crass and biased organisation does not exist in Western Europe.

It should be obvious even to the village idiot that LEAVE supporters are immensely more motivated that the other lot: JUST LOOK AT CORBYN, supposedly for REMAIN but everyone KNOWS he really would like to LEAVE but is trapped by having to hold the Labour Party together by keeping the Blairites on board. "Blairites"? Since when did they become anyone worth humoring?

So, IF REMAIN win, these millions of voters - including a very large number of once devoted Labour voting-fodder in the North (see Mrs Gillian "Bigot" Duffy) are NOT gong to vote Labour next time. Labour has been wiped out in Scotland, the Lib-Dems in England. You think that can't happen to Labour? OMG, you are naive: politics is very volatile now: people are no longer willing to put up with BS.

Dave JOBSON: Please read: This is going to get embarrassing for the remain campaign. So buckle up. Now I'm not an economist, but I can pick apart research papers, and If I can pick apart their claims, anyone can. Over the past month I’ve really taken interest in the research articles surrounding The Stronger In Europe campaigns, especially since this could influence my potential career in a European country as a Physiotherapist in the ESA. Unfortunately, there are just too many plot holes in the Remain Campaigns figures. I will now attempt to take apart the political agenda put forward by the Remain campaigns short video titled “How would leaving Europe affect you and your family?” just to show how ludicrous its claims are. Please share this so as many people can see as possible, and please feel free to criticize my own conclusions, and I invite you to challenge me on points made.

"9 out of 10 economists say brexit would damage the economy" : This study was drawn from a sample of 639 economists working in the GES. Unfortunately, what they failed to tell you is that there are actually 1400 economists working in the GES, meaning that 761 weren't accounted for. That's excluding other organisations and institutes.

To give you a sense of how much misrepresentation this statistic implies, imagine one borough being hand-picked by the government, which mainly supported labour, to vote in a government every year. It means that the rest of the UK population would have no say at all, and only labour votes would ever be accounted for. The same scenario applies for the economist statistics put forward. This statistic has been manipulated in favour of the Remain campaign, and fails to acknowledge the larger consensus of the entire economist population, particularly from the Society of Business Economists and 3rd party organisations such as Universities. There are an unprecedented amount of economists supporting the Brexit campaign, including Professor Patrick Minford who in one debate had to educate an entire panel of supposed experts, on the effects of trade if we remained or left the EU.
"Jobs Lost & Fewer Opportunities" – Source CBI

This updated analysis came from two separate papers. One from the Centre of Economics and Business Research and British Influence published in 2000, and one from South Bank University published in 2000. Since both papers suggest a similar set of figures, I will use the CBI paper as the example. According to Nigel Pain et al. (2000) it is estimated that 4.2 million jobs were supported by exports by UK firms to the EU – 3.1 Million supported directly by exports and 1.1 million indirectly through the spending this generated.

Of course though, this headline gives a disingenuous and mistaken interpretation, and is a classic example of the Remain campaign bending the figures in their favour for use in their scare mongering tactics. Yes, these figures are correct, but they actually represent the effect of imports and exports with the EEA, the World Trade Organisation, and businesses in other EU countries, not trade with a political union such as the EU. (Butcher, B. and Shaw, P. 2013) You are being deceived and lied to.

I don’t wish to sound biased towards the leave campaign, so I will also clear up a myth circulating which supports the Brexit campaign. This myth states that “we are not voting to leave the EEC, we are voting to leave the European Union, therefore trade is unaffected.” Unfortunately, this isn’t true as the EEC institutions were absorbed into the EU in 2009. But yet again, this is irrelevant. The only jobs lost will be those directly attached to the EU itself, and jobs concerned with imports and exports, and any other category for that matter will not be lost.

This begs the question, if we were to leave why on earth would the EU stop trading with us anyway? Please bear in mind that in 2014 UK exports totalled to $503 billion, whereas imports totalled to $802 Billion. Who is the UK’s biggest import partners? Germany, China, Netherlands, USA, France, Belgium, and Italy. And now you know why the USA is desperate for the UK to remain as part of the bi-lateral trade agreement, and why the exports of other EU countries would plummet if we decided to stop trading with them. In short, they need us more than we need them.

“Higher Food Prices in our Shops” – NFU.

I have the fortune of belonging to a heritage mostly comprised of people who have worked in agriculture, with my father as an Agronomist. Quite frankly, we are baffled at why the Remain campaign have decided to use this quote from the NFU. In a recent paper published by Dr. Jonathon Gillham, it talks about whether GDP would overall increase or decrease by 2030 if we leave the EU. He concludes that it would fall. However, after doing some digging I found that he actually works as a macroeconomist for the treasury. And who runs the treasury? George Osborne. Who told us that leaving the EU would cause profound economic shock? George Osborne. How can we trust Osborne now after finding out that the papers he’s quoting date from the year 2000, and that these figures are not associated with imports and exports between the EU and UK? (And this is coming from a conservative supporter).

Anyway, since this is a quote from the NFU we’ll assume they’re talking about agriculture. For a start, if we leave the EU levels of government support to British farming would be unaffected, and might actually rise as the UK contributes more to the CAP than it receives back. On top of this, Government support would be targeted at issues affecting British, not European, farmers. That’s all irrelevant though, as I’m sure all you farmers out there are only interested in the farm subsidies we receive from the EU. As we all know, a subsidy is a set amount of money per land used to incentivize farming, which will cease when Britain leaves the European Union and this will make the British economy suffer. Which is right? Isn’t it…? Or so we were told, and unsurprisingly it’s the opposite. The British economy will suffer when you only acknowledge the idea Britain will be “losing” money. When you look at all the facts carefully the current farm subsidies do not outweigh the detriment being caused by the European Union. In fact, according to Saha, David; von Weizsäcker, Jakob (2009 from Brussels itself), in 2009 alone the agreed eu-economic wide stimulus was 200 billion. But they didn’t state who the largest contributors were. Maybe it’s because the UK is one of the largest contributors? This figure was just for 2009 alone, so imagine how much money the UK has been wasting on bailing out the EU since the start of the last decade!

Farm subsidies are not helping British farmers because the British receive a tiny portion. Looking at the big picture Britain receives a measly 7% of all EU farming subsidies. And whilst we're on the topic of prices increasing on the shelves, this would be irrelevant anyway. In 2015 the Bank of England warned that mass migration was driving down the wages being offered to British jobseekers. Economists found that increases in immigration have reduced the average wage for UK citizens. David Davis, the former shadow home secretary, urged the Prime Minister to tell the “truth” on migration by releasing new statistics.

In April this year ministers were accused of hiding the full scale of migration after officials suggested that 257,000 EU nationals came to Britain last year. Over the same period, 630,000 EU citizens registered for a national insurance number, which would entitle them to work or claim benefits in Britain. Regardless of whether the figures are true or not, it is undeniable that with more control over our borders, immigration would decrease drastically, the average wage would rise, and therefore the price of goods increasing on the shelves would be totally irrelevant.

On May 31, 2016, the European Commission — the unelected “government” for over half a billion people — together with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube (owned by Google) and Microsoft unveiled a “code of conduct” to combat the spread of “illegal hate speech” online. Internet firms must work with EU officials to build a “network” of “trusted reporters” who can flag up instances of ‘hate speech’ to be removed within 24 hours. The EU’s definition of “hate speech” is so vague that it could potentially include virtually anything deemed politically incorrect by European authorities, including criticism of mass migration, Islam or even the European Union itself.
BRIGHTON & HOVE CITY - ALBANIAN ORGANISED CRIME : POLICE seize illicit booze from seven Brighton premises with Albanian migrant links.
Bottles were seized as part of an operation to tackle ORGANISED CRIME within the city's Albanian community, Sussex Police said . .
The Archbishop of Canterbury is for REMAIN: The EU is a commercial protectionist group that is starving Africa & the Commonwealth of fair trade. The Common Agricultural Policy of the EU puts tariffs on fruits and foodstuffs and dumps subsidised EU produce elsewhere just like the Chinese dump Steel on us. I doubt Archbishop Justin Welby as ever suffered a day of hunger in his life.


n.b. "funded by EU grant" means in REALSPEAK: "YOU paid for this company to relocate from YOUR country to ANOTHER country."

  • Cadbury moved factory to Poland 2011 with EU grant.

  • Ford Transit moved to Turkey 2013 with EU grant.

  • Jaguar Land Rover has recently agreed to build a new plant in Slovakia with EU grant, owned by Tata, the same company who have trashed our steel works and emptied the workers' pension funds.

  • Peugeot closed its Ryton (was Rootes Group) plant and moved production to Slovakia with EU grant.
    British Army's new Ajax fighting vehicles to be built in SPAIN using SWEDISH steel at the request of the EU to support jobs in Spain with EU grant, rather than Wales.

  • Dyson gone to Malaysia, with an EU loan.

  • Crown Closures, Bournemouth (Was METAL BOX), gone to Poland with EU grant, once employed 1,200.

  • M&S manufacturing gone to far east with EU loan.

  • Hornby models gone. In fact all toys and models now gone from UK along with the patents all with with EU grants.

  • Gillette gone to eastern Europe with EU grant.

  • Texas Instruments Greenock gone to Germany with EU grant.

  • Indesit at Bodelwyddan Wales gone with EU grant.

  • Sekisui Alveo said production at its Merthyr Tydfil Industrial Park foam plant will relocate production to Roermond in the Netherlands, with EU funding.

  • Hoover Merthyr factory moved out of UK to Czech Republic and the Far East by Italian company Candy with EU backing.

  • ICI integration into Holland’s AkzoNobel with EU bank loan and within days of the merger, several factories in the UK, were closed, eliminating 3,500 jobs.

  • Boots sold to Italians Stefano Pessina who have based their HQ in Switzerland to avoid tax to the tune of £80 million a year, using an EU loan for the purchase.

  • JDS Uniphase run by two Dutch men, bought up companies in the UK with £20 million in EU 'regeneration' grants, created a pollution nightmare and just closed it all down leaving 1,200 out of work and an environmental clean-up paid for by the UK tax-payer. They also raided the pension fund and drained it dry.

  • UK airports are owned by a Spanish company.

  • Scottish Power is owned by a Spanish company.

  • Most London buses are run by Spanish and German companies.

  • The Hinkley Point C nuclear power station to be built by French company EDF, part owned by the French government, using cheap Chinese steel that has catastrophically failed in other nuclear installations. Now EDF say the costs will be double or more and it will be very late even if it does come online.

  • Swindon was once our producer of rail locomotives and rolling stock. Not any more, it's Bombardier in Derby and due to their losses in the aviation market, that could see the end of the British railways manufacturing altogether even though Bombardier had EU grants to keep Derby going which they diverted to their loss-making aviation side in Canada.

  • 39% of British invention patents have been passed to foreign companies, many of them in the EU.

  • The Mini cars that Cameron stood in front of as an example of British engineering, are built by BMW mostly in Holland and Austria. His campaign bus was made in Germany even though we have Plaxton, Optare, Bluebird, Dennis etc., in the UK. The bicycle for the Greens was made in the far east, not by Raleigh UK but then they are probably going to move to the Netherlands too as they have said recently.

  • Anyone who thinks the EU is good for British industry or any other business simply hasn't paid attention to what has been systematically asset-stripped from the UK. Name me one major technology company still running in the UK, I used to contract out to many, then the work just dried up as they were sold off to companies from France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, etc., and now we don't even teach electronic technology for technicians any more, due to EU regulations.

  • I haven't detailed our non-existent fishing industry the EU paid to destroy, nor the farmers being paid NOT to produce food they could sell for more than they get paid to do nothing; don't even go there.

  • I haven't mentioned what it costs us to be asset-stripped like this, nor have I mentioned immigration, nor the risk to our security if control of our armed forces is passed to Brussels or Germany.

  • Find something that's gone the other way, I've looked and I just can't. If you think the EU is a good idea,
    1/ You haven't read the party manifesto of The European Peoples' Party.
    2/ You haven't had to deal with EU petty bureaucracy tearing your business down.
    3/ You don't care.

An academic working as an adviser for the Treasury has been suspended from his Whitehall role after co-authoring a book criticising the EU.

He wrote From Brussels With Love, an analysis of the EU's origins, with Maastricht rebel and Tory Eurosceptic MP Sir Bill Cash, chairman of the European Scrutiny Committee. Sir Bill said the Treasury's decision was an 'outrageous act of bullying' and an 'attack on free speech'.

It is nonsense to suggest the EU Commission is on different to the UK's Civil Service. Our Civil Service has nowhere near that much power or influence, it does not initiate and direct legislation in the same way. The elected European parliament cannot initiate or repeal legislation, it can tweak and it can rubber stamp, but thats about it. The EU is now pushing for even more power, it wants fiscal union, which will need political union - you'd have to be blind not to see where the EU is heading, and the destination is not a democratic one. (Paul Embery, firefighter, regional secretary, Fire Brigade Union) (video)

Emma Pullen is clear why she wants to leave the European Union. Her hovercraft manufacturing business on Sandwich Industrial Estate in Kent has fallen foul of a number of laws from Brussels which has made her firm less competitive.

It is limited by the EU’s Recreational Craft Directive, which excludes the hovercraft it makes from gaining CE safety marks
We are on the back foot compared to any other recreational vehicle. -- “If you are selling a jetski to Europe, a buyer will just look for the CE mark and know it is safe we comply to the same standards but we can’t use it, even though it is the first thing authorities ask for, Trying to get that changed is a massive issue. It has severely restricted our business in the EU.”

The EU, she said, had also impeded her trade to countries outside the single market...There are some areas where trade agreements are not in place and we are restricted by the EU,”

Edi Truell, former chairman of the London Pension Fund Authority and founder of the Pension Insurance Corporation, has said that he is backing a Brexit to protect British pensions. His stark warning over the terrible cost of staying in the EU comes amid further revelations that Brussels wants to take control of the British tax system with a European tax code imposed across the 28 member states. Mr Truell, now chief executive of Disruptive Capital Finance but who was in charge of one of Britain’s biggest public sector pension pots covering 130,000 people and with £18 billion worth of assets, said that Brussels will demand “15 times the entire British defence budget” from the UK when it takes control. http://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/677801/new-EU-threat-pension-expert-vote-leave-protect-retirement-pots

Those who want to remain in the EU are suffering from a delusion know as Stockholm syndrome, or capture-bonding. It is a psychological phenomenon described in 1973 in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors. These feelings are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims, who essentially mistake a lack of abuse from their captors for an act of kindness.

Stockholm syndrome can be seen as a form of traumatic bonding, which does not necessarily require a hostage scenario, but which describes "strong emotional ties that develop between two persons where one person intermittently harasses, beats, threatens, abuses, or intimidates the other." One commonly used hypothesis to explain the effect of Stockholm syndrome is based on Freudian theory. It suggests that the bonding is the individual's response to trauma in becoming a victim. Identifying with the aggressor is one way that the ego defends itself. When a victim believes the same values as the aggressor, they cease to be perceived as a threat.

Please share with everyone to help the victims of Stockholm Syndrome break free from their delusion.

3rd PARTY BLOG COMMENT: The City of London is the centre of the financial and capital markets. But is under siege from the EU, and its continuing success is under dire threat. Why? Because the EU repeatedly launches assaults upon the Anglo-Saxon banking system – which is much despised and envied by those on the continent. The modus operandi: over regulation. The desired result: the relocation of the City’s institutions to Frankfurt and Paris, no doubt in order to control and manipulate them in the way that only Brussels can.

It cannot be emphasised strongly enough that a vote to remain in the EU is not a vote for the status quo, but one for more risk and more harmful regulatory change, little of which we can control. Future regulations and directives just keep coming, impenetrably titled with acronyms: Basel 111, the AIFMD, CRD IV, Solvency II. Solvency III is coming, and MIFID 3 is in the pipeline......


Here are a few things about the EU and our economy. You can decide if they were good or bad but I know where my vote is going: for freedom.

  • Jaguar Land Rover stops making its Defender in the UK because of EU laws on fuel emissions. It is now set to be built abroad outside the EU.

  • In 2007 the Peugeot factory in Ryton, Coventry closed down (2,300 job losses) and moved to Slovakia with the help of £78m EU funding.

  • Britain's remaining ferry service to Scandinavia (DFDS Harwich to Esbjerg) ended in 2014 after 140 years service because of an EU Directive.

  • '3000 police cars foreign made'. Police say they are powerless to offer contracts to British car factories because of EU procurement rules.

  • Before the UK entered the EEC/EU, unemployment stood at 2.6%. It is now 5.6% (1.85 million - May, 2015).

  • Norway, Iceland and Switzerland are thriving because they are not encumbered by Euro bailout costs and extortionate EU membership fees.

  • There were 25 EU Free Trade Agreements in force in 2012 while the Swiss (non-EU) had independently negotiated 26.

  • The EU's Landfill Directive has been responsible for some councils ending their weekly bin collections.

  • EU specified light bulbs cost 500% more than filament bulbs. Some people complain that the EU specified light bulbs produce a lesser quality of light and cfl's contain mercury, a poisonous neurotoxin and phosphors. Health issues affecting those that suffer from light sensitivity.

  • It's been suggested that VAT on domestic fuels should be cut from 5% to zero. But 5% is the minimum allowed under EU law.

  • Less than 10% of Britain's GDP represents trade with the EU yet Brussels regulations afflict 100% of the UK economy.

  • Britain will pay £100 million a year more to the European budget over the next five years. (Telegraph: 03/12/2014)

  • Article 42 3. gives the EU the power to begin the process of standardising the military forces of the member states via the EDA.

  • Britain receives just 49p of every £1 paid to the European Union. (Sunday Express & Business for Britain, 12/07/2015)

  • TTIP will undermine data privacy by making it easier for companies to gain access to individuals’ personal details for commercial purposes.

  • EU Commission will block public access to all documents related to TTIP negotiations for 30 years. (EU/US negotiator Ignacio Garcia Bercero)

  • TTIP will downgrade food safety rules (including restrictions on GMOs), regulations on the use of toxic chemicals and data protection laws.

  • TTIP will allow corporations to sue the UK under the Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) clause.

  • European crime gangs are operating here with impunity due to EU open borders. Gov't estimates there are 13k trafficking victims in the UK.

  • The UK may withdraw from the obligations of any (EU) treaty under Articles 56,65,66,67 of the 1969 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties.

  • The EU isn't in the top five issues people are most concerned about. But those five issues are affected by the EU - like immigration.

  • HoC library's 13% UK laws made in Brussels figure doesn't include EU reg's which are transposed into law without passing through parliament.

  • The House of Commons library say 13.3% of UK laws now come from Brussels. European Commissioner Viviane Reding says it's 70%.

  • Our future does not depend on our membership of the European Union, it rests on our abilities to progress in the world outside of it.

  • Net EU contributions together with the adverse impact on business here of EU regulations will cost the UK more than £20billion in 2015.

  • There's no economic benefit in the UK remaining in the EU. EU regulations cost our businesses alone over £9.4bn, according to the BIS.

  • There was NO 'free movement' for Brits to the EU (EEC) before we joined in '73. Yet we lived, studied, worked, holidayed and retired there.

  • The EU is NOT "Europe". It's 56% of Europe's countries, 68% of the continent's population and just 43% of its land mass.

  • UK membership of EU: "Perhaps surprisingly, it's virtually impossible to find hard proof of any net benefit" — Carsten Volkery, Der Spiegel

  • UK has LOWER GDP ppp per head than: Australia - Canada - HK - Iceland - Norway - Singapore - Switzerland - Taiwan - USA
    Countries THRIVE outside the EU!

  • Britain’s future outside is bright, while the EU‬ is anti-democratic, anti-growth, and holding Britain back | via E21 http://t.co/fuFrsSuDHs

  • EU commits €267.6m for Denmark, €129.6m Estonia, €284.6m Germany, €172.9m for Sweden to boost fisheries & aquaculture. Nothing for the UK.

  • Top importers into the EU, by proportion of total EU imports: None have Free Trade Agreements with the EU! 18% China - 12% USA - 11% Russia

  • 'Britain had regular manufacturing & service trade surpluses with the rest of W Europe before joining the EEC (EU) in 1973' — Lewis Abbott

  • Well over a third of EU citizens reaching the UK in the year to March 2015 (39%) had no job arranged prior to their arrival here. ONS

  • In the past four quarters the EU exported £84.935bn more goods to the UK than we did to it. The EU cannot afford to stop trading with us!

  • The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 7th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th biggest economies can survive and prosper outside the EU. So can the 5th: the UK.

  • Switzerland, Canada, South Africa, Chile, Mexico and South Korea have free trade agreements with the EU. So would the UK when we leave it.

  • UK Net Contributions to the EU budget:

£11.3bn 2015 (OBR estimate)
£11.0bn 2014
£ 8.6bn 2013
£ 8.5bn 2012
£ 8.1bn 2011
£ 7.4bn 2010

AND: Elected MEPs cannot initiate legislation, propose legislation or even repeal legislation. All that is done by the unelected EU Commission.

Dr Charles Freeman: "EUROPE IS RULED BY TREASONOUS FOOLS: The mass-importation of Muslims by Europe's political elites is the greatest act of treason in the continent's history. A gigantic societal problem has needlessly been created and it has no peaceful solution. The peoples of Europe, particularly future generations, will pay a high price indeed for such madness."

Armed Forces Minister Ms Mordaunt, MP: said: "One reason why I decided to Leave is because I think it’s the only route open to us to get both the better deal that we need to thrive – but also to try and wake up the EU from what it’s currently sleepwalking into, which is a disaster.

"The suffering that it is putting on certain member states because it can't get its act together over the euro, that forced harmonisation, is horrific, and is just the sort of thing that is going to lead to those countries not thriving, but failing.

"Take a look at what’s happening on the continent now. The tremendous potential for civil unrest. The tremendous ill feeling built up in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, because of the forced harmonisation in the eurozone, the tremendous austerity."

Project Fear: More LIES from the Remain Campaign

DAVID Miliband claimed British workers could be stripped of four weeks’ annual holiday under Brexit.....Attempting to rally Labour voters into backing remain, the ex-foreign secretary said a month’s annual leave “exists for every single employee as a result of being in the EU” and is “at risk” on June 23.

But Leave campaigners pointed out workers are entitled to five weeks and three days off under British law – and argued it had nothing to do with Brussels The UK first legislated for paid holiday in 1938 and “gold-plated” EU rules in 2007 to make them more generous

Dr Julia Reid - MEP: "At the moment, we are not able to make our own trade deals. An EU commissioner in Brussels makes all the trade deals on behalf of all the other member states. If we left, we could make our own trade deals," she added. Leaving the EU would offer the opportunity to turn to old friends, believes Dr Reid. "There are two billion people and 53 countries in the Commonwealth and their economies are growing," she continued. "We are not advocating turning our backs on our near neighbours – we want to remain friends and trade with the EU but we also want to make our own trade deals and trade with the Commonwealth countries, the US and China. "We just do not want to be in a 'political union' with Europe."
"The EU is run by unelected elites for their own benefit, not for the benefit of the people. It's also corrupt, expensive, intrusive, and incompetent. Why vote to remain in such an awful organisation other than out of fear? And here's' the rub; if the British vote fearlessly [for Brexit] on 23rd June then providence will likely reward them as much as it will punish them for cowardice in not reclaiming their freedom when it was offered" - ‪#‎DrCharlesFreeman‬

OUR BRITAIN: Talk about being handcuffed by your own country against the very the thing that's the threat to the British people, their very safety, their heritage and their culture, and because some imbeciles decided for us to put us in the EU.

The EU have now forced facebook to ban anyone, and take down any pages that speak in a hateful way about religion.. how the hell can you show the bad in anything if you're not allowed to point out the bad, or show the bad but people be banned for honest views in comments?
We will try work round it, be careful what you say people, how you word your dislike. If the page vanishes look for a 'Our Britain 2' and so forth.. Vote Leave from this Nazi EU FFS!

1) LEAVE is clearly the left wing stance. We have nothing to do with Farage or Boris Johnson. This is about workers' rights. We don't care if workers from Bulgaria come here. The EU is not internationalist; it's an aggressive trading bloc. The idea the EU can be reformed is a joke.

 2) Rank and file unionists are in favour of a Lexit, a left wing exit. As for the leaders, maybe some are looking for a peerage. Because I don't understand at all how intelligent unionists could possibly support Remain.

(Steve Hedley, Assistant General Secretary, RMT)


The richest Arab countries of the Gulf (Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the UAE etc) have taken NO REFUGEES AT ALL. Saudi Arabia has ONE MILLION places in tents with electricity and running water. NOT ONE TENT has any refugees. Most of the Arab Muslims arriving in Europe are NOT refugees. Some were refugees when fleeing from Syria to Turkey, but on leaving Turkey they became ECONOMIC MIGRANTS, illegally entering Greece.

Either you have states and borders, or you don't (something you could vote on, but of course nobody would let you). If you DO have borders, then they and international law should be respected. Most of the migrants arriving in Europe are fit, young Muslim men who had the means, strength and money to flee, leaving behind women, the old, the infirm and children. These fit, young men are mostly Muslims, whose cult is incompatible with European civilisation. They have no intention of integrating, as they see non-Muslims as inferior, and of course believe as Muhammed taught them that only Islam has the right to rule the world (read the Koran). Many have refused treatment from women medical staff and also persecuted the few fleeing Christians in refugee camps. Some children are involved, many cynically used to exploit the sympathy of people in the west. Almost all these children are of Arab Muslim culture and would be far better off remaining within this culture in a safe Arab country, of which there are a fair number, Saudi Arabia for a start.

Bizarrely, these Muslim migrants flee Muslim countries which are horrible to other countries where they want to start up and spread the same nihilistic cult reesponsible for miserable state of their own countries.

Do you remember 1st January, 2007? That was the day when freedom of movement within the EU came into force for Rumania and Bulgaria. Michael Linden's so-called "nutters" had predicted a flood of new immigrants into the UK, and various luvvies and Labour Party cronies assembled at Arrivals in LHR to check.

As it happened, hardly anyone arrived from Eastern Europe on that day, at which point the gleeful vultures began wetting themselves for joy, gloating and leering at the nutters as they pontificated to the press.

The next day, of course, someone pointed out to these presumably non-nutters that Eastern Europeans were actually human like us and also celebrated New Year's Eve. There was never any chance of hordes arriving on January 1st. Still, that didn't matter: it was nevertheless the chance to have a good gloat and glee.

And then of course they began to arrive in their millions. We weren't TOLD it was millions, though we sensed it. The 200,000 ROMA gypsies set up camps in various places, hundreds of thousands came from Rumania, Bulgaria and of course more and more Poles and Czechs, too. Thousands of Rumanians began their metal-thieving and people-trafficking, others their cashpoint thefts, not to mention the whiplash scams. (Funny, we never heard of such crimes 30 years ago). And of course the ghettoes got bigger with extra-EU arrivals from Pakistan and the rest of the sub-human continent, leading to the horrific crimes of Rotherham and elsewhere.

*The governments LIED - stupidly so.* They apparently did not think that when they said 200,000 had arrived in one year someone in the free press would discover that 800,000 new NI numbers had been issued. Now we finally have a revised estimation of 3,5 MILLION in the last 5 years, but WHO BELIEVES THAT? NOBODY HAS A CLUE how many people there are here.

I am now at the stage when I believe nothing the government tells me. Mark Carney? This is the foreign pratt paid FIVE THOUSAND QUID PER WEEK  housing allowance (Was NOBODY with a house living in London capable of doing the job?) who has now come out with another tsunami of scare-mongering predictions. IT IS ALL LIES.

The world's 5th largest economy (we were 6th, but France is rapidly going down the pan, though Italy may beat it to the bottom) is perfectly capable of surviving and thriving outside the EU  as almost ALL other countries in the WORLD do, and the EU itself only comprises 44% of European countries.

Germany sells us a LOT more than we sell it. THAT TRADE WILL CONTINUE under terms favourable to both nations. Even Brussels will not be able to cut off the Germans' wallets to spite British faces.

The lies have been disgusting, not least those about "War in Europe".

*"Migrants give added value to Britain."* Yes, some do, and some don't. Many also bring NEGATIVE VALUE. There are simply TOO MANY. The NHS is operating at crisis levels, despite vast infusions of new money in the last decade or two. Immigrants are having so many babies that maternity wards are swamped. And these THREE POINT FIVE MILLION migrants in the last 5 years have got to live SOMEWHERE - no wonder the housing situation is catastrophic - not for the haves with their own house of course, but especially for young families. In London, a Somali immigrant family is living in a nice house with the THREE THOUSAND QUID A MONTH rent paid by the taxpayer. There are schools where more than half the kids are immigrants. One in Scotland has NO SCOTTISH KIDS AT ALL. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE? Our own governments are spitting on us. By "us" I mean of course the indigenous (mainly but not exclusively white) population.

If one dares to complain about immigrants (legal AND illegal) one is called "racist" or "xenophobic", words which have now lost all meaning. Current estimates put the UK population at EIGHTY MILLION in a few years time (and of course Muslims a majority by 2050), but as I said, NOBODY HAS A CLUE HOW MANY ARE REALLY HERE.

WAGES? *Corbyn and the Labouring Party purport to defend "the working class", which of course is just one more LIE. Immigrants come WAY above the working-class in importance, as more and more once staunch Labour voters are coming to realise. Apart from housing, schools and health (all issues that negatively affect the working-class more than the more affluent) it is in the realm of the BLEEDIN' OBVIOUS that a Rumanian is willing to work for much lower remuneration than a native, since in Rumania a £ goes FAR further than here. Many Rumanians, Bulgarians and Poles live on a pittance here (often crowded in high-density slumlike accommodation) and send so much back home that they can build posh houses in their own countries. FINE FOR THEM, but it means DEPRESSION OF WAGES for native working-class Brits.

NO WONDER BIG BOSSES, BIG COMPANIES and BIG INSTITUTIONS want to stay IN. The EU benefits the BIG and the RICH, not the masses, and yet the Labouring Party is supporting REMAIN? YOU COULD NOT MAKE IT UP.

This is ALL a two-pole project by the EU:

A) to create a federal state in the insane view that this would p[revent Germany from starting wars
B) to socialize Europe by massively transferring wealth from the richer to the poorer nations and thereby sacrificing the current generation for supposed benefits for FOREIGNERS for the future  - the 25 MILLION QUID PER DAY NET we send to Brussels (apart from loss of fishing and all the rest) is in fact FOREIGN AID to add to the existing 12 BILLION in official foreign aid that mostly goes to the most corrupt countries in the world

You may think that both of these are noble aspirations, but they are something which NO EUROPEAN CITIZEN HAS EVER VOTED ON.

The EU is immoral, quasi-fascist, ruinous (LOOK AT THE STATE OF EUROPE TODAY - even NORTHERN Europe is now starting to collapse, let alone the Med countries), arrogant, venal, bureaucratic, interfering, power-mad and wasteful - and of course based on LIES.

Voting REMAIN is incomprehensible, the end of our British sovereignty to be handed over to a federal state dominated by Germany and France.

PS The next war in Europe will be either:

A) with Russia, the EU having goaded Russia one step too far OR

B) when the USE army is sent to put down a rebellion in one of the provinces fed up with federation tyranny - by then of course the said province will have lost control of its own armed forces

LEAVING is overwhelmingly right for Britain:

- We save twenty-five MILLION pounds net EVERY SINGLE DAY.
- We get to say where ANOTHER THIRTY-FIVE million quid is spent rather than having the EU decide for us.
- We regain the lost 66% of our fishing industry.
- We regain control of our laws, border and finances, AND of course of our armed forces, the EU being determined to incorporate them into a USE army.
- We renew and improve trade relations with the Commonwealth.
- We become individual members of the WTO, like all independent, sovereign nations.
- We make trade deals with the rest of the world, like all independent, sovereign nations.
- Traders are not subject to an incessant barrage of idiotic regulation based on the bureaucracy of France, one of the EU original states (you may not have noticed that France is in an economic emergency and general decline under massive state interference, over-regulation and over-taxation.
- We get cheaper food, without EU interference. (Farmers and fishermen - what's left of them - are mostly in favour of LEAVE.)
- We do not risk losing our place as a permanent member of the UN Security Council (the EU is determined to kick us off and replace us)
- We join the world community of independent, sovereign nations such as Switzerland, Norway, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Brazil etc etc etc.
- We are not subject to the creeping federalisation that is the obsession of the EU, including the "harmonising" of taxes (aka TAX RISES)
- We leave an organisation that has CONSISTENTLY LIED about its role and intentions AND has behaved in a quasi-fascist manner in pursuing its obsession with creating a federal state, including the imposition of the euro onto countries that it has ruined economically (ten years of economic misery in Southern Europe with up to 50% youth unemployment in some countries) ... AND of course:
- we do not have to accept uncontrolled mass immigration from the whole continent, putting impossible pressure on our infrastructure: schools, hospitals and housing are collapsing under the current strain


CAMERON: "BREXIT could mean World War III"

Stupefyingly moronic.
A) NATO (aka the USA) has kept the peace in Europe, allowing all the flabby EU countries to underspend on defence. B) The EU itself is a war risk, provoking Russia over Ukraine and with its insane obsession with getting Turkey and the Balkans into the EU. C) The recent multinational paramilitary exercises in Northern Germany were not designed to prepare to fight Russia, but revolting plebs in the EU. Cameron ("ISLAM is a great world religion of peace.") is a grotesque and traitorous idiot.

What does Khan's London Mayor victory tell us?

It tells us that:

A) .... London is now 45% "ethnic", of whom a VERY large % were not born in England.

B) .... as Labour invited them all in (though with recent Tory connivance), and showers vast benefits on them (including THREE THOUSAND QUID PER MONTH RENT FOR A HOUSE IN LONDON TO A SOMALI AND HIS FAMILY WHILE NATIVE BRIT WAR VETERANS SLEEP ROUGH IN THE STREETS) they will all vote Labour even if the candidate is a lobotomised slug.

C) .... as the number of immigrants in London grows, the disgusting white racists will continue to move out so that the London John Cleese already categorizes as non-English will come to resemble somewhere in Pakistan.

D) .... you don't have a clue as to the nature of ISLAM, clearly not having taken my advice to study the life of Muhammed and read the Koran. I agree that the latter is a pile of tedious drivel, but even so .....

E) This is not going to end well.

Big Businesses, Think Tanks, Universities, even the BBC, that advocate staying in the EU have one thing in common !! EU FUNDING. A bit of money seems to be able to sway the mind very easily and lock the whole country and it population inside the EU’s straightjacket. How cheap democracy is brought for nowadays, given how much it has cost this great country, and the rest of Europe, for it all to be sacrificed by so few, for so little."

The Truck Driver

As a truck driver with many years experience of driving throughout Europe, I am amazed of the amount of British transport companies that have been forced out of taking goods to Europe. When you spot number plates of trucks in the UK, hundreds of them are from eastern European countries, that bring goods over here from anywhere in Europe, and once here, they will park up for a day or two and take our goods back into Europe for the price of a tank of fuel. Its like the cheap steel, being imported that has killed off Britain's steel industry, and other manufacturing industries have gone the same way. By standing on our own, markets will open up and like the swiss, our exports, will increase, and other countries will buy British because our quality is the best you can get ! Including the standard of British truck drivers !


  • 25 million quid NET EVERY SINGLE DAY

  • ANOTHER 30 million quid spent FOR us by the EU

  • 66% of our fishing rights lost

  • a barrage of unnecesssry regulation

  • loss of control of our laws and borders

  • absurd levels of immigration

  • French-style bureaucracy by control freaks

  • loss of sovereignty sucked into federal state

  • the economic ruination of Southern Europe

  • subservience to German economic interests

  • no seat on WTO - inability to make own trade deals

  • dearer imports, especially food

  • NO security benefits through membership

  • inability to refuse entry to or deport known criminals

  • constant venality, corruption and waste by unelected eurocrats


  • a  voting system that permanently disenfranchises millions of voters, whose views are NEVER represented in parliament, unless you call 1 MP for four million voters "representation"

  • massive postal voting fraud, with relgiious lunatics filling out proxy forms for thousands of voters

  • a major party which committed widespread electoral fraud concerning the rules over election expenses

  • a national broadcaster that takes a political stance and receives free money not only from the establishment but also from foreign powers

  • ditto which turned a blind eyehorrendous paedophila in its ranks for decades

  • a Prime Minister who clearly lies to the people, so far with no sanction

  • a police force which covered up grotesque child abuse in Rotherham and elsewhere, and clearly lied over Hillsborough

  • EU Referendum voting slips sent to non-residents of the UK

THE LATEST LIES: Commenting on the claims against the Prime Minister, the Ukip leader said: “I think increasingly in this referendum campaign he’s looking like ‘Dishonest Dave’. He ruled nothing out in terms of how the renegotiation went, then three months later he tells us that if we leave it will cause World War Three. He clearly has been less than honest with virtually everybody including the House of Commons.”

Out on the Brexit campaign trail with the Vote Leave group, ex-London mayor Boris Johnson said: "This is the biggest stitch up since the Bayeux Tapestry. It stinks to high heaven. FTSE 100 chiefs are seeing their pay packets soar while uncontrolled immigration is forcing down wages for British workers. Now we learn that some fat cats have been secretly agreeing to campaign for Remain while angling for lavish Government contracts. It makes us look like a banana republic. And it is also now beyond doubt that the so-called renegotiation was a fiction designed to bamboozle the public. It was a meaningless mime, a ritual, a kabuki drama in which the outcome was utterly preordained. This is not the far-reaching and fundamental reform we were promised. The only safe way to take back control of our borders and our democracy is to Vote Leave on June 23rd."


The East End is rapidly turning into EastEndistan as whites move out in ever-increasing numbers. I don't suppose the Sharia Law patrols help much in encouraging them to stay. Still, we can label them as "racist" and "xenophobic" of course.

Funny how the looney left is obsessed with "diversity" and yet ignores the rapid undiversification of the Muslim ghettoes of our capital city.

And of course, most areas where Muslims gain strength are pretty undiverse: Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. In the Middle East, non-Muslims are being wiped out with varying forms of repression ranging from outright mass-murder by ISIS to the demolition of churches and more subtle oppression elsewhere.

Still, as Camerswine said: "Islam is a great world religion of peace." and "I often think that it is we in Britain who should integrate more with the Muslim way of life rather than the other way round."

And you REALLY could not make that up.

Today's homework - read up on:

A) the life of Muhammed and

B) The Koran

*GW? *There is not a snowball's chance in Hades of reversing it, whether we are responsible or not. The search for and burning of fossil fuels continues apace, ditto the population of the world (especially in Africa - REALLY good news) and plutocrats reign the planet.

The best approach is to prepare the suicide pills.

The EU?

Spain is vastly endebted with huge unemployment but is going to cut taxes left, right and centre .....

Italy is on the verge of bankruptcy, its economy hopelessly ruined by the euro.

Greece is about to implode again - financially and socially.

Migrants are still arriving in their thousands.

The fascist looney Turkish leader is taking the piss out of Merkel et al (not difficult to out-negotiate a pile of jelly)

The ECB's Draggy is at his wits' end; money-printing can only go on for so long


And France?

French police are on the verge of rebellion over the treatment they receive from leftist thugs in general and from rioting migrants around Calais in particular. It is actually HILARIOUS (except sad):

A) The left voted in a supreme idiot Hollande ("Marriage is too bourgeois - I'll have four kids without bothering with marriage.")

B) After 4 years of headless-chicken uselessness he FINALLY realizes that hiring and firing have to be a bit less insanely difficult and expensive and tries to reform the law.

C) The people who elected him revolt and attack the police.


BETSY M MACKAY wrote: I, probably like most of my generation, knew very little about the EU. I had done a Masters degree in the 70s; brought up my family, and by the early 2000s was ready to return to University. I was privileged to return to University to complete a Second Masters Degree; this time in European Policy, European Law and European Economic Analysis.

Words cannot describe the horror I felt as I delved into the truth of the EU. Sends shivers down my spine to this day, remembering the horror of the realisation, that we had been hoodwinked into the EU by deceitful, disingenuous, intentionally devious means. The populace of the UK was never intended to find out the truth behind the EU, until they reckoned it was too late. Truth is it almost....almost...almost is too late. We already are, in the UK, all but a federal state in the United States of Europe.

You never quite realised that, did you? Why? Because ' they very deliberately decided not to tell you! They deliberately created a political elite who knew full well that power was being ceded , systematically, Treaty by Treaty, to the EU. But who knew? They did! But were we the UK populace ever informed? Absolutely not! Why? They made mega millions from EU scammery & we the minions were shafted day, daily, monthly, yearly & forever. Where did your pensions go? Where did your schools, your NHS, your housing, your social services go? Well, £55 million per day, every day, every week, every month, every year..... Guess what? That is why UK is bankrupted for generations to come, with a £1.5 trillion pound debt. I wish I could enlighten the populace of the UK to the real truth about the EU. I spent a year studying the EU in depth, visiting both the EU Parliament and EU Commission in Brussels. Every word I heard in lectures, hundreds of hours of lectures, every word I researched for my thesis and every thing I saw in Brussels, lead me to the inescapable conclusion that the EU is an utterly corrupt, profligate, political monstrosity which has destroyed British jobs and bankrupted the UK for generations to come.

The EU operates on lobbying, which is the technical term for bribery and corruption. Whatever Cameron says, EU law has supremacy over our UK law unless there is Treaty change. He may say so but the truth is that 27 other countries will never agree, this side of eternity, to change the Treaties. So, what is the connection between the EU, the Bilderberg Group and the almost completed TTIP? (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership)

The Bilderberg Group meet in secret each year and they are a group of phenomenally wealthy men and women from the worlds of big business, banking and politics, coming from across Europe and the US. The TTIP represents an integral component of Bilderberg’s attempt to rescue the unipolar world (New World Order) by creating a “world company,” initially a free trade area, which would connect the United States with Europe. Just as the European Union started as a mere free trade area and was eventually transformed into a political federation which controls upwards of 50 per cent of its member states’ laws and regulations with total contempt for national sovereignty and democracy, TTIP is designed to accomplish the same goal, only on a bigger scale. The treaty is likely to advantage the corporations of both the US and the EU, while disadvantaging their people. It presents a danger to democracy and public protection throughout the trading area.

The Bilderberg Group are focussing on how to derail a global political awakening that threatens to hinder Bilderberg’s long standing agenda to centralize power into a one world political federation, a goal set to be advanced with the passage of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Bilderberg globalists are aghast, and there is panic in the ranks that their planned EU superstate is being eroded as a result of a populist resistance all around Europe, mainly centred around animosity towards uncontrolled immigration policies. And just who might we expect to find at such a secret gathering? Angela Merkel, Herman Van Rompuy (ex President of EU Council), Jean Claude Juncker, (Present President of the EU Commission), Martin Schultz,( Present President of EU Parliament), David Cameron, George Osbourne, Tony Blair, Ed Balls, Rona Fairhead, (Chair of the BBC Trust), Michael O’Leary of RyanAir, Stuart Rose (ex M & S, and BSE Chairman), Bill Clinton, Barak Obama - and many more. What do they all have in common? They are all trying to persuade you to stay in the EU. Why? Because it is in their warped self interest to do so! Is any of this in your interests? Absolutely not! Their modus operandi is that truth becomes lies and lies become truth. Sound familiar?

No possible option available, other than to get Out of EU ASAP. Vote Leave!

'The five pledges on the Remain campaign's guarantee card are:

1) full access to the EU's single market

The single market is increasingly meaningless as the WTO regulates world trade, and in any case we pay at least 8% over world prices for most stuff.

2) workers' rights protected

We had plenty of workers' rights long before the EU and in some cases have MORE rights than the EU. And you may remember that we joined a COMMON MARKET, which has nothing to DO with workers’ rights.

3) keeping the European Arrest Warrant

The Arrest Warrant is meaningless. We can't even prevent known murderers from coming into the country, OR deport them when they commit serious crimes again.

4) a special status in Europe

We have NO special status in Europe. That is a LIE.

5) stability for the UK

Southern Europe has "stability" - they have been stably in a gigantic recession for ten years thanks to the EU.

Admin Maddison: If South Yorkshire Police can mount a raid on Sir Cliff Richard’s home in pursuit of evidence linked to a single allegation of child sex abuse 30 years ago, why were South Yorkshire Police incapable of pursuing multiple allegations against multiple men who raped 1,400 children over 16 years? One thousand four hundred. Consider the weight of that number, feel its tragic heft. Picture 50 junior-school classes of little girls in Rotherham, once a respectable northern town, now a byword for depravity. We have seen child-grooming cases before, but the disgusting stories revealed in the report by Professor Alexis Jay amount to evidence of abuse on an industrial scale. Men of Pakistani heritage treated white girls like toilet paper. They picked children up from schools and care homes and trafficked them across northern cities for other men to join in the fun. They doused a 15-year-old in petrol and threatened to set her alight should she dare to report them. They menaced entire families and made young girls watch as they raped other children. These truly horrible things happened in our country – not in the distant, cruel past, but as recently as this year. All but one of the perpetrators were Muslims of Pakistani heritage.
ANON: "Last week Shadow Europe Minister Pat Glass called a voter a “horrible racist“ for talking about immigration. Today the mask has slipped again. At a Remain rally, Glass told voters to “speak to your mother, your grandmother. Don’t speak to your grandfather, we know the problem are older white men.” Older white men like Major General Julian Thompson, who fought for Britain in the Falklands and says we should leave because the EU weakens our defences. Or Col Richard Kemp, who is backing Brexit because he says an EU army is “inevitable“. If you’re over 60, white and a man, Remain don’t want to speak to you
ANON: The ECB ... printing billions of extra cash. The figure was initially 60 billion euros a month, this didn't work. then this astronomical figure was increased to 80 billion euros a month. This 'cash' is not actually cash; God knows that's a lot of paper. This 'cash' is electronic pips that has no existence in a physical sense. The EU is built on dishonest money, that is money that wasn't created by production; the EU is in fact bankrupt. This is the EU economy in all its glory; this is the EU economy Cameron is banging on about. To save our economy vote out, to save our freedom, vote out.
Lord OWEN for Labour Leave

1) Greece has been utterly destroyed by the EU. The EU refuses to fix the damage its own eurozone project has caused. Nations manage their currencies by transferring wealth from rich areas to poor. The EU will not do that, the people of Europe do not want that. That's why the Eurozone collapse is inevitable. 2) There is nothing "progressive" about Remain whatsoever. Is Cameron progressive? The Blairites? There is nothing "social" about the EU today. (Lord David Owen)
BLOG COMMENT: I keep hearing people say that they will vote to stay in the EU because it protects the poor against the rich. Nothing could be further from the truth. Please let me explain why…… Firstly, there are two main forms of taxation in the UK….. INCOME TAX: This penalizes the rich and favours the poor. (The less you earn, the less you pay) VAT: This penalizes the poor and favours the rich. (Everyone pays the same) Most of the people who have been taken in by this pro EU propaganda are too young to remember what the UK tax was before we joined the EU. I’m not……. Before we joined the EU, INCOME tax (Which penalizes the rich) was 33% with higher rates of 50, 75 and at one time even 95%. VAT (Which penalizes the poor) on the other hand was only 10%. Since we joined the EU, the fat cats which run it have slowly but surely reversed this situation so that today, INCOME TAX (Which penalizes the rich) has been reduced to 20% with a single higher band at 40%. VAT (Which penalizes the poor) on the other hand has been doubled to 20%. Do not be fooled. If you vote to stay in the EU, you are voting for the rich fat cats!
BLOG COMMENT: The one thing that has become apparent to me is that the most vocal pro Eurotrash supporters are rich or at least very comfortable and have buisness interest that may be affected by us leaving. Happily this vote is not being made by the rich, big buisness, economist or the shower that infest Parliament. My vote is just as important as Mr Sugar or Cameron. This is a vote for the ordinary people to put the rich in their place and show the UK Parliment and the EU bureaucracy what democracy is, it would seem they need a refresher course in it.

BLOG COMMENT: " To my mind, the UK immigration rate has always seemed lunatic; you were an overcrowded country long before Blair."


Not really me of course, but I'm practising method acting for a role  at our local dramatic society and trying to get into the head of a member of the unintelligentsia Labour elite from Hampstead.

How did I do? Not bad eh?

Speaking of your UKIP "nutters", we seem to be doing OK in the argument, improving as the debate goes on. Which is hardly a surprise, as from the Remain campaign we have noting but a pile of moronic, scare-mongering drivel. Cameron has managed to make himself look simultaneously uninformed, irrational, desperate, treasonous and economical with the truth. (translation: he's a delusional, lying git.)

Still, the BBC and Guardian have yet to do their worst, so all is still to play for. But it is weird how the REMAINERS are so eager to continue paying 58 million quid a day to the EU and have foreign ships hoovering up most of our fish - which is a bit bizarre, though in the case of the BBC of course money is irrelevant since their income is guaranteed whatever they do.

WAR if we leave the EU? Yup, Canada, Australia, Singapore, South Africa, Brazil, Norway, Switzerland and most of the other countries in the rest of the world are constantly at war, not having the EU to prevent it.

In FACT (I do so love facts) the only area PERPETUALLY at war is the Middle East, which is a bit of a poser since almost everyone there is - according to our great Philosopher King Cameron - a member of the "great world religion of peace."

As I have said before, it is a strange feeling to have a lunatic as PM. Harold Wilson looks like a combination of Solomon and Marcus Aurelius in comparison.

"All cultures have equal value." No, they don't. Arab Muslim culture is by and large total sheit. This is not PC but an opinion based on fact. Look at the EVIDENCE: sick Muslims migrants in European hospitals refuse to be treated by women! I'd stick them on a trolley and leave them to rot.

Yet another Muslim nutter (oops - that's reserved for UKIP) has just killed one and seriously injured three people at a Munich railway station, shouting "Alluha Akhbar" as he did it. Still, perhaps he was just pretending to be a Muslim? And buses in some Muslim ghetto up north are going to have "God is Great" festooned on the side, even though the Christian mob were refused permission to advertise God some time ago. Still, we mustn't offend Muslims, must we, or they might cut our heads off - which is not a risk we run with the Christian set of course, so they can be roundly despised along with whites in general.

What else? Oh, amusing to see successive luvvies at the BAFTAs foaming at the mouth in defence of the indefensible. Still, actors can hardly be said to live in the real world, any more than the Labour Party.

Corbyn v Khan looks like being fun, even more than Boris v Our Dave ........ whose side are you on?

By Richard Rogers

I would like to make a statement. I spent over 35 yrs working for HM Border Control; the last 20 yrs I was quite high ranking. I would like to let everyone know that the safest & securest way to preserve our country's future & security is to exit the EU. Over the years I have had to work with some of the dumbest MP'S & politicians you could ever imagine.This & the last three governments have been the very worst. They do not, for one minute, ever consider the nation's security.

They only think of themselves & how much they can make from the EU & all those big businesses who are laying out millions of pounds to support the remain campaign. Those big businesses are raking money from the EU with large tax breaks; they are all laughing in the faces of every hard-working taxpayer.

Please do not fall for it, put yourselves & your family's futures first. Take back control of the country & vote leave, this is the last chance you will ever have, so for your own sakes please take it.


BRITAIN would be legally entitled to use existing trade deals worth billions of pounds even if the country voted to leave the European Union in June, according to a new report. Written by some of the most eminent legal experts in the field, the Lawyers for Britain research discredits claims by Chancellor George Osborne that the UK would find it “very difficult” to renegotiate trade deals with 27 EU members and 50 global trading partners.

The report was yesterday hailed as a game changer by the independent Institute of Economic Affairs think tank. Director-general Martin Littlewood said: “This nails the lie from the Remain camp that if we were to leave the EU Britain would find itself at ground zero, or year zero. In fact, we would have in place nearly all the arrangements that we could possibly want and we would have plenty of time to exercise flexibility from there.”

Britain is already a signatory to more than 50 trade deals of varying degrees of importance between the EU and nations outside Europe. They include tariff-free South Korea and Switzerland, both top 10 trading partners for the UK. Exports to South Korea account for a £5billion boon to Britain’s economy every year while those to Switzerland represent £7.3billion Speaking at the G7 summit in Japan on Monday, Mr Osborne said: “If we left the EU, we would have a two-year period to negotiate our exit with 27 other countries. The legal position is clear. We’d have to start from scratch, which would take years if not decades. “We would then have to negotiate new arrangements with them and at the same time conclude over 50 trade deals with countries that aren’t even in Europe. That would be extremely difficult to do.”

This was echoed by a Remain spokesman, who said: “The legal position is clear. We’d have to start from scratch, which would take years if not decades, meaning ongoing uncertainty for trade, investment, jobs and livelihoods.” But this was rejected by the report’s author Martin Howe QC, one of Britain’s leading EU experts, who yesterday confirmed that, far from having to abandon the deals, “Britain would have existing trade deals in place” from the first day after Brexit. “There would be no difficulty in the UK continuing to comply with the obligations of this FTA after Brexit and Korea on a reciprocal basis would have no difficulty continuing to apply these substantive provisions both to the UK and the EU. This step would not require any renegotiation.”

Mr Howe added that there was already a legal precedent for this. He said: “It was applied when Czechoslovakia became the Czech Republic and Slovakia. That’s a much more extreme example than Brexit. Those people who are saying it is not true are buying into their own mythology without checking legal facts.” Mr Littlewood added: “What this document asserts is that everything we could need would still be in place on June 24. It is not a reboot on your computer with all the software missing. All the apps will be there. This is very important and it needs to be perfectly communicated to the wider electorate."

The nature of the referendum campaign is in my view a decider by the Remain campaign that there will be total uncertainty, and that we will be leaping into a void if we vote to leave. This report clearly and cogently establishes that the opposite is the case. Thanks to our international arrangement with groups other than the EU we would have everything we could wish for in the event of Brexit, and could negotiate from there. This could have a decisive impact on how people who are understandably nervous and confused will finally cast their vote on June 23.

"BREXIT will destroy the Commonwealth."

The depths to which REMAINERS will go is stupefying. Many Commonwealth countries have urged us to BREXIT, so where on earth does this writer get his ideas? (Forget Canada, currently ruled by a barmy leftist.) And they write as if we were planning to leave the planet. All we want to do is to leave the quasi-fascist and totally FAILING EU. It will be really depressing if this drivel persuades people to vote REMAIN. HINT: Look at Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Greenland, Oz, New Zealand, India, Russia, South Africa and just about everywhere else which is not in a hideous socialist federalising, corrupt, wasteful and power-mad bureaucracy, which of course has just invited millions of illiterate young Muslim males into Europe.


Let us talk about economics. Let’s look at the real economic impact of the European Union on Britain and Europe. We can dismiss most of the claims for the “single market” – too often an excuse for a morass of politically driven legislation that costs UK business about £600 million a week. In the 20 years since the dawn of the 1992 Single Market programme, there were many countries that did far better than the UK at exporting to the EU; 27 non-EU countries did better at increasing their exports of goods, and 21 did better at ramping up their exports of services. Of course they did: American and other non-EU businesses have excellent “access” to the EU, but aren’t wrapped in EU red tape, whereas we have only 6 per cent of companies trading with the rest of the EU – yet 100 per cent of them have to comply with EU law.

And is the EU booming, thanks to the “single market”? Of course not. Since 2008 the US has seen gross domestic product go up by about 13 per cent; the EU’s has gone up by 3 per cent. The EU is a graveyard of low growth; the only continent with lower growth is currently Antarctica. That is partly because of the sclerotic one-size-fits-all Brussels approach to regulation; but, worse, in the last decade the EU has been suffering from a self-inflicted economic disaster – the euro. We get inured to some of the figures – the 50 per cent youth unemployment in Greece and Spain – without stopping to think of the individual tragedies; the suicide rates; the inability to get medical treatments; the blighting of young lives. It is a moral outrage; and the search for a safety valve is continuous. On our doorstep we have a vast and developing tragedy – caused by the folly of trying to impose a single currency on an area with different labour markets and different rates of productivity. Take away their ability to devalue – with their own independent currencies – and many parts of the EU have found it impossible to compete.

What can they do? There are broadly three responses. The first is for the battered southern Mediterranean states to obey the diktat of the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund. They can cut costs. They can punish workers. They can cut pensions and holidays and benefits and hope that they can somehow bring their unit labour costs in line with Germany. The resulting austerity has taken a vicious toll, demand has fallen, confidence is shot to hell, and the suffering continues. The riots have now spread to France.

Alternatively, they can be treated as the poor and backward parts of a single political unit – like the south of the US, or the Mezzogiorno of Italy. They can beg for cash subsidies to keep them going. The trouble with this approach is that it requires the German taxpayer to be extremely generous to non-Germans – and as the programme develops, the Germans are inevitably demanding restraint on the fiscal policies of their clients, since he who pays the piper calls the tune. That is why the next step – post the UK referendum – is to try full-bore to create an “economic government of Europe”, using the single-market institutions, in a way that will inevitably drag us in – and for which the UK taxpayer will end up paying. This “political union” will be both horrifically anti-democratic and expensive; for us, too.

Then, of course, there is a third way in which people can respond to the disaster of being locked in a suboptimal currency zone, when their own region is unable to compete. They can simply move. That is what is happening now – on a scale never seen before in our lives. People are leaving the areas of Europe that are being hit by the euro crisis, and they are moving in search of work – above all to Britain. Last week we saw some astonishing figures: 270,000 immigrants from the EU – and 184,000 net. That is the same as a city the size of Oxford. We are in the throes of the fastest demographic change for 1,000 years. I have always championed the benefits of immigration, and the ability of talented people from around the world to contribute to the life of this country. But how can anyone claim that this is not an economic phenomenon? Immigration is now the single biggest driver of our population – set to soar to 70 or 80 million. It is this surge in demand that is largely causing the housing crisis, and the almost overwhelming pressure to destroy the green belt. It is immigration that has been relentlessly helping to compress the wages of the low-paid while the FTSE-100 chiefs (many lobbying for Remain) have seen their pay go up to 150 times that of their average worker. Priti Patel was absolutely right to point out yesterday that such executives – nice and well-meaning though they may be – are insulated from the impacts of these inflows on GP surgeries and school places.

And the flows will get much, much bigger as the new Living Wage takes effect. The UK minimum wage is already the equivalent of €1,529 a month – compared with €215 in Bulgaria and €233 in Romania. Think of that magnetic effect – if we continue, as now, with no way of moderating the tide. There may be a case to be made for this influx. Perhaps the public could be persuaded. But that is emphatically not what the Government has chosen to do. Year after year we have been told that immigration can be cut to the “tens of thousands” – a claim that now looks demonstrably hollow as long as we are in the EU. People do not necessarily object to immigration, and certainly not to the immigrants themselves. They object to the absence of democratic consent. There is no balance or discretion in the policy, because we do not control it – and the only way to take back control is to vote Leave on June 23.

Noel Gallagher says Islamic terrorists should be killed as punishment for their horrific actions, and a harder-hitting approach was needed. He said: “They will try to finish with us all only because of some twisted logic supposedly sent by their God. How can you reason with someone like that? I’m worried the solution of people like my good friend Bono is to love them until they give up. I prefer to kill them all before they kill us.”

Mancunian Noel let off steam in his rant and suggested 'exterminating' those responsible for religious-based mass killing sprees was the best course of action. The ex Oasis star said: “Too many people are going to die because of the freedom of movement in Europe: in Brussels, in Paris, in London or in any other place where they carry an explosive under their coat. The most important thing is that our leaders do nothing, they just talk. When something happens, they talk about what’s happening and go on about how we should unite to defeat terror."


Bring me the Wretched Refuse of Your Teeming Shore — And Nothing Else:

It appears that one of the secret codicils to the immigration agreement between the EU and Turkey granted the latter the right to choose which “refugees” to send on to Europe, and which to retain in the Turkish migrant camps. In practice, Turkey — surprise, surprise! — lets only the riff-raff go through — the most problematic cases — and keeps well-educated, useful, and productive people for itself. Most notably, Syrian academics are not being allowed to travel on to Europe.

For each illegal refugee that Turkey takes in for Europe, another one can legally travel to the EU. But just who they will be is a decision made by Turkey — and it usually isn’t the best ones.

The dirty deal made by Jean Claude Juncker and Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel more and more reveals itself as a farce at the expense of Europeans. Not only is Turkey being paid a high price for their position as gatekeeper, but it shamelessly exploits the opportunity to rid itself of problem people and saddle the European citizens with them. SPIEGEL reported that they are in possession of internal information from the EU, in which multiple European governments have pointed out that among the admitted candidates there was a conspicuously high number of difficult cases. The representative for Luxembourg criticized that most suggestions coming from Turkey were serious medical cases and “refugees” with an extremely deficient educational background.

Concerning the selection of “refugees”, the EU conceded unusual privileges to Turkey. Normally the United Nations refugee relief organization UNHCR decides who may be resettled. But — not without an ulterior motive — the Turkish government forced through a rule that they will always get to make the first choice. Officially this was called the “shortened process”, which took place “in collusion with the Turkish administration as well as with the host countries”. But in truth the lists that Turkey sets in front of the UNHCR are all stamped and accepted without a discussion.

In the past few weeks, the Turkish administration withdrew previously-granted exit permits for “refugees” on multiple occasions. This seemed to mostly be the case for families where the heads of families were well-educated engineers, doctors or skilled laborers. And in the meantime Turkey has seemingly let the refugee relief organization know that Syrian academics from now on will not be allowed to travel via the EU-Turkey exchange pact. (source credit - Gates of Vienna)
UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall MEP: "The truth is that the EU's Common Agricultural Policy - designed to prop up inefficient farmers on the continent - is the very reason why bills remain high in the UK. Research from both the Institute of Economic Affairs and the Business for Britain group have proved that to be the case. "In the UK, entirely because of EU policies, beef costs 35% - more, turkey 22% - , lamb 11% - , wheat 15% - , chicken 22% - , and potatoes 10% - - each one of those costs hitting every single family in Britain. On average a family in the UK would save £45 a month on their food bill if not for the wasteful EU policies that affect our food prices."

Without a hint of irony the gravy-train 'Remain' campaign insists, that the EU "defends and protects workers rights" while at the very same time the EU tells workers in Greece, that a six-day-working-week must be introduced as the new norm.

Vote LEAVE on 23rd June and reject this undemocratic and utterly corrupt bosses and bankers club.

David Davis:

"The Remain campaign have long demanded that we who want to leave the EU set out an alternative to membership. “Do you want to be like Switzerland or Norway?” they ask, dripping mockery on two of the richest, and happiest, countries in Europe, neither of which has any desire to join the EU. “Or perhaps,” they ask, suppressing laughter, “you want to be like Canada, or even Albania?”

They try to present the Brexit negotiation as a simplistic selection of one of a series of fixed options that some other much smaller country has established. They ignore the fact that those countries negotiated those deals to suit their own circumstances on a bespoke basis. The idea that all we can do is fit into a framework designed for a country a fraction of our size is symptomatic of the unimaginative and pessimistic view the Remain campaign takes of our opportunities outside the EU.

Great Britain is different. We are the world’s fifth biggest economy. We are a permanent member of the UN Security Council. We are a leading member of Nato, of the Commonwealth, and of the G7. We are a member of the powerful Five Eyes intelligence network. We owe none of these things to the EU. We are the nation of Shakespeare and Newton, of Faraday and Rutherford, of Gladstone and Churchill. Our language is spoken by 1.5 billion people and is the international standard for science, engineering, medicine, on the internet, in modern film and media, in commerce and law. We have more reach and reputation and influence than any country of 60 million has a right to expect. And the Remain team want us to choose between being Norway and Switzerland?

The UK, once we vote to leave, will negotiate a new relationship with the EU. And like all negotiations, the outcome will be dictated by what is in the best interest of both sides. To those people who insist that the EU would erect tariffs should we vote to leave, ask why would those countries damage their own trade with the UK. Out of spite? If that is the case, then, to paraphrase Groucho Marx, I wouldn’t want to be a member of any club which threatened to ruin me if I left it."

David Davis: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/05/27/britain-is-not-like-other-countries-even-the-sclerotic-eu-will/



A) There is only one single mosque in Japan and only 100,000 Muslims in the entire country; Muslims are not allowed to buy property and are not allowed to evangelise.

B) Japan has NO Islamic misery AT ALL: no bombs, no sharia, no ghettoes, nobody being "offended" by Japanese culture (if they express offence, they get an official and rapid escort to the nearest airport), no honour killings, no Muslim gang-raping or paedophilia, no Halal, no horrendous treatment of women

The Muslim Project

When Muslim population remains around 1% of any given country they will be regarded as a peace-loving minority and not as a threat to anyone: United States: Muslim 1.0% - Australia: Muslim 1.5% - Canada: Muslim 1.9% - China: Muslim 1%-2% - Italy: Muslim 1.5% - Norway: Muslim 1.8%

At 2% and 3% they begin to proselytize from other ethnic minorities and disaffected groups with major recruiting from the jails and among street gangs: Denmark: Muslim 2% - Germany: Muslim 3.7% - United Kingdom: Muslim 2.7% - Spain: Muslim 4% - Thailand: Muslim 4.6%

From 5% on they exercise an inordinate influence in proportion to their percentage of the population. They will push for the introduction of halal food, thereby securing food preparation jobs for Muslims. They will increase pressure on supermarket chains to feature it on their shelves - along with threats for failure to comply. At this point, they will work to get the ruling government to allow them to rule themselves under Sharia, the Islamic Law. France: Muslim 8% - Philippines: Muslim 5% - Sweden: Muslim 5% - Switzerland: Muslim 4.3% - The Netherlands: Muslim 5.5% - Trinidad & Tobago: Muslim 5.8%

When Muslims reach 10% of the population, they will increase lawlessness as a means of complaint about their conditions (Paris car-burnings). Any non-Muslim action that offends Islam will result in uprisings and threats (Amsterdam - Mohammed cartoons). Guyana: Muslim 10% - India: Muslim 13.4% - Israel: Muslim 16% - Kenya: Muslim 10% - Russia: Muslim 10-15%

After reaching 20% expect hair-trigger rioting, jihad militia formations, sporadic killings and church and synagogue burning: Ethiopia: Muslim 32.8%

At 40% you will find widespread massacres, chronic terror attacks and ongoing militia warfare: Bosnia: Muslim 40% - Chad: Muslim 53.1% - Lebanon: Muslim 59.7%

From 60% you may expect unfettered persecution of non-believers and other religions, sporadic ethnic cleansing (genocide), use of Sharia Law as a weapon and Jizya, the tax placed on infidels: Albania: Muslim 70% - Malaysia: Muslim 60.4% - Qatar: Muslim 77.5% - Sudan: Muslim 70%

After 80% expect State run ethnic cleansing and genocide: Bangladesh: Muslim 83% - Egypt: Muslim 90% - Gaza: Muslim 98.7% - Indonesia: Muslim 86.1% - Iran: Muslim 98% - Iraq: Muslim 97% - Jordan: Muslim 92% - Morocco - Muslim 98.7% - Pakistan - Muslim 97% - Palestine: Muslim 99% - Syria: Muslim 90% - Tajikistan: Muslim 90% - Turkey: Muslim 99.8% - United Arab Emirates: Muslim 96%

100% will usher in the peace of "Dar-es-Salaam" - the Islamic House of Peace - there's supposed to be peace because everybody is a Muslim: Afghanistan: Muslim 100% - Saudi Arabia: Muslim 100% - Somalia: Muslim 100% - Yemen: Muslim 99.9% -

Of course, that's not the case; to satisfy their blood lust, Muslims then start killing each other for a variety of reasons.

"Before I was nine I had learned the basic canon of Arab life. It was me against my brother; me and my brother against our father; my family against my cousins and the clan; the clan against the tribe; and the tribe against the world and all of us against the infidel." - Leon Uris, "The Haj"

It is good to remember that in many, many countries, such as France , the Muslim populations are centered around ghettos based on their ethnicity. Muslims do not integrate into the community at large. Therefore, they exercise more power than their national average would indicate.

Adapted from Dr. Peter Hammond's book: "Slavery, Terrorism and Islam":

"This morning I watched the big questions the question was should we be proud of the British Empire, in the audience was a range of 1st and 2nd generation immigrants there were those from India, Pakistan, Jamaica and other former colonies. The venom was palpable, I have never seen so much hate expressed against the British!. One Irish man defended the British against the onslaught, the middle eastern Islamist, was particularly venomous as was the west African. So I have one big question, if you hate the British with such force, if you hate our religion, our way of life, our country, our politics, our freedom of expression, our law, our food, our culture, what the hell are you staying here for, it must sicken you to the pit of your stomach every day you wake up, you must feel like ending it all! Surely you want to leave, so leave! We won't stand in your way, honest. "

Kate HOEY ( MP)

"1) The EU has given us barely any rights, and what they don't tell you is that even the ones they have given us will still be on our statute books if we leave - they would have to be actively removed.

2) It's very surprising to see Corbyn backing Remain, but he feels he must to keep the party together. He is a lifelong eurosceptic. Up and down the country around 30% - of Labour voters will be voting Leave - don't let them kid you Leave is just for Tories and UKIP."

CS commented: "to keep the party together"?  -  How can one have anything but utter contempt for someone who puts party before both personal conviction and country.

Perhaps the most laughable claim is that the EU .delivers “lower prices”. The EU by its nature is a customs union – creating a protective wall around the Single Market which, coupled with other non-tariff barriers against non-EU countries, substantially raises prices for agricultural and manufactured goods. Estimates by Patrick Minford suggest electrical machinery is 24 per cent above world prices, cars 22 per cent and furniture 54 per cent. Paddy Ashdown let the cat out of the bag last week by moaning that Brexit would deliver “cheap food”. Heaven forbid! And add to this the economically disastrous renewables and biofuels mandates which drive up energy and food costs further.

On 9 May, 2016 it was announced by the European Prosecutors Office that "EU law" would become binding on all 'member states' by 1 Jan, 2017. The basis of many EU "rules" is a direct copy of the Napoleonic Code. A`pre-emptive´arrest is possible, if the European Public Prosecutor thinks that a citizen MIGHT commit a crime sometime in the future. Also there is no habeas corpus in corpus juris. You can be held for 90 days, without being charged and not fully knowing why you are being held.

You would lose:

  • the right to trial by a jury of your peers

  • the assumption of innocence until convicted in court

  • doubts arising in court being allowed to favour your defence: the ECJ will be supreme in the EU. The 'judges' in the ECJ are not 'real' judges, they lack the skill, knowledge and legal competence we expect of our own courts. The ECJ threatens democracy by acting outside its authority, for example as follows... 'The doctrine of the supremacy (sometimes referred to as primacy) of EU law is a principle that when there is conflict between European law and the law of Member States, European law prevails; the norms of national law have to be set aside. This principle was developed by the European Court of Justice, and, as interpreted by that court, it means that any norms of European law always take precedence over any norms of national law, including the constitutions of member states'
Other prominent left wing voices are for Leave privately but have decided to stay silent, because the institutions they work for are either Remain, or are funded by the EU. As you can imagine, there is significant overlap on that front. Many charities, universities and NGOs receive "EU funding",  though, given that we're a big net contributor, it's actually British tax funding. Nothing in the UK is "EU funded" in any meaningful sense.It speaks volumes that the Remain campaign is funded by Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley - organisations about as pro-worker as Andrew Lansley is pro NHS. It is led by David Cameron, George Osborne, it is strongly supported by Tony Blair, as well as global financial giants including the IMF and the OECD. Davos Man is firmly for Remain. Then there's TTIP, the secret deal between the US and the EU to open up our countries to predatory US corporations, and allow those corporations to sue our governments for passing legislation that limits their potential profits. If you haven't heard about it, it's because the EU and its media allies know full well that people are terrified and appalled by it. Not even our MPs have been allowed to see the text of the deal.
I never thought I would agree with George Galloway: "The IMF, the OECD, all these jokers warning us of disaster - these were the very same people who told us that if we didnt join the Euro our world would end. The exact same warnings. The exact same lies. In the 1960s Britain was the centre of the world - without the EU. We were not "outsiders". We introduced labour reforms decades before the EU got round to them. I would spend our £350m a week saving on making Britain great again. I love Europe culturally, but economically it is failing." (George Galloway)

"Britain would perform well economically outside the EU. The people claiming otherwise are the very same that said we would collapse if we didn't join the Euro. On the left, some are arguing Remain because they think they need the EU to defend workers from the Tories. Yet these people would support any uprising against undemocratic power anywhere else in the world in a heartbeat, but not for British workers, and it does show a bit of contempt for people." (Paul Embery, firefighter, regional secretary, Fire Brigades Union)

This information was published in 2012 by the Home Ministry and was later removed.

  • 50% of Britains male muslims are unemployed while 75% - of female muslims are unemployed – meaning 75% - (1.5 mil) of all 2 million muslims registered in the UK collect some form of state benefits

  • 28% (560,000) have been given a free house or flat by a council

  • 29% (580,000) of UK muslims reported “too ill” to work and yet

  • 45% (900,000) claim disability benefits

  • 33% (660,000) of muslims had no qualifications

  • 40% (800,000) of muslims want Britain to be under Sharia laws

  • 6% of young students and 32% - (760,000) of adults believe muslims who leave Islam should be killed
Remember most of these numbers are likely much higher today as they represent 2008 data.
EUROPE'S DEMOGRAPHIC SUICIDE: "Europe's rescue vessels simply act as a magnet for more migrants to arrive. They know that if they reach Italian waters, they will be taken to their destination. What is certain is that some of those brought to safety will have vanished from Italy within weeks. They will simply walk out of the migrant hostels after taking a hot meal and a shower. "
A BLOG COMMENT: "John McDonnel - what an idiot. We never hear about the most serious problems facing this country and that is : we are two Million Houses short in this country. The baby boomers, (ME) did indeed have it much easier that the present younger generation. There are 1.25 million people on Council waiting lists - and younger people can't afford to buy at present prices. Can't he understand that when we only build around 100.000 homes a year we can't have net immigration of 335,000. This makes me so angry - anyone who votes to stay the EU is peeing on our own younger people. Baby Boomer - wake up and help our children."

IMF Says Brexit Could Tank Global Economy


As Finance Minister of France she did NOTHING to slow the economic decline of France under a mountain of bureaucracy and socialist thinking - though THE WORD "thinking" is a bit OTT.


It is not the PEOPLE bringing down the global economy and certainly not the EU losing one of its principal milch cows the UK, but idiot elites.


If the IMF thinks Brexit is a bad idea, then IPSO FACTO it must be a GOOD idea ......

Put that in your pipe and stuff it, Mme Lagarde - all you care about is MONEY - OUR money, not on OUR behalf, but for what YOU are going to do with it.


A) You don't like the voters (and vice versa), so ...

B) You allow mass immigration, especially by Muslims, who concentrate into ghettoes and will obviously vote for you, especially if ....

C) You choose a Muslim as candidate.


London now has approx 1.3 million Muslims, which by amazing coincidence is the number of votes Khan got.

England will have 20 million Muslims under 40 within 20 years or so ....... LABOUR WILL NEVER LOSE AN ELECTION AGAIN, even without a single vote in Scotland ....UNTIL OF COURSE ...

The Muslims create their own Party ... errmmm, let's see - what about "The Muslim Brotherhood"? That's done very well in Egypt.

Once THAT happens, LABOUR will probably not get a single vote at ALL! But the civil war will start soon after, so that will be the least of their problems.

Still, Blair and Mandelscum will be on a yacht somewhere and Broon brooding in his Scottish Castle, so that's all right then .....

The Dutch Referendum on Ukraine:

"Agreement EU/Ukraine already approved by 29 democratic EU parliaments. Those voting No in Netherlands today are 0,006% - of electorate in EU." Carl Bildt (@carlbildt) April 6, 2016

Several interesting things. In a vote of exreme significance for Europe, the turnout was only 32% - . Europe (imho of course) is sleepwalking into disaster in numerous areas thanks to the apathy of most citizens, who seem to take their freedom for granted. I may be despised as an idiot, but at least I am not apathetic. Secondly, this vote was clearly a rejection of EU meddling and expansionism. The majority against moves to get Ukraine into the EU (which will only enrage Russia) was clear, despite the low turnout, and ultimately if people don't vote that is their choice, and usually problem. However, despite this vote, the EU elite will treat it with contempt, just as they have treated other popular votes in Ireland, Denmark and France. The quote from Bildt is such a sign of this arrogance and contempt. I regard them as no better than fascists, whose idiocy is ripping Europe apart and causing great social and economic damage.

The EU wants FEDERALISATION = the LOSS OF SOVEREIGNTY for England. REMAINERS are in total denial. There is NOTHING in the EU for "the working class" except idiotic regulation imposed on all businesses, even if they have nothing to do with the EU, vast immigration, housing, schools and NHS a DISASTER, lower-end jobs taken by immigrants with wages pushed down. THERE IS NOTHING THE EU DOES FOR US except take away our money, sovereignty and control of borders- AND of course there's the loss of most of our fishing rights. WAKE UP. The Labour stance is preposterous. Tony Benn must be turning in his grave.
The Labour position on the EU Refereudum is weird; there is absolutely no way the people it claims to represent benefit from the EU, quite the reverse. I find it incomprehensible. Plutocrats, big business and millions of Europe's potential migrants who want jobs and benefits in England are in favour. Housing, schools and the NHS are massively swamped by "free movement" (England's poorest suffering most from these deficiencies) and this all costs 24 million quid net per day and counting. We must be insane. Tony Benn would be stupefied by Corbyn's stance.

The Greeks can't pay their debts but they want the euro and they want the E.U. Germany doesn't want Greece in the eurozone or the E.U, but Germany wants its money back before Greece defaults. So what does Germany do in this situation? Well we found out the answer to that question a few weeks ago. The E.U (which is controlled by Germany) has ordered Greece to sell its assets such as airports, ports, motorways, electric grid, etc., to raise money to pay back German and E.U loans. These assets are being sold at firesale prices in a depressed Greek market. German & E.U investors are buying these very cheap assets so benefiting them in the long term, but Greece is raising small sums of money with each sale which means they have to sell even more assets to clear debt. The Germans & E.U are basically asset striping Greece and Greece is effectively being raped. Because the prices obtained from the sales is not good Greece will soon find its self in the position of having no assets of worth to sell, and yet still not clear its debts.

This is what happens to country's when they get into financial trouble if your a member of the eurozone. It's only a matter of time before Portugal, Spain and Italy face the same fate. Surely leaving the E.U is far better than being burned at the stake like Greece was. Vote Brexit.

I have a new definition for the expression "far right" - a bit long, but compensating with its accuracy:

The "far-right" are ordinary citizens and patriots stupefied and horrified by the unmandated and illegal mass invasion of their country by economic migrants belonging to a mediaeval, totalitarian religious cult of death seeking to dominate the world as commanded by their delusional mass-murdering, psychopathic and paedophile leader over 1400 years ago and who are pushed to protest peacefully at their national leaders' total betrayal of the trust placed in them at the ballot-box, and who when peacefully protesting are harassed, water-cannonned and arrested by agents of the same, duplicitous, self-righteous, ivory-towered and quasi-fascist leaders, while so-called liberals (aka new-age lunatics who believe in open borders) hurl stones and vile abuse at them as they desperately seek to defend their beloved, long and hard fought-for way of life"

I have also realised that the expression "far-left" has been wrong all these years. To match "far-right", the former should of course be "far-wrong". So in future we can say: "Corbyn is the leader of the far-wrong movement."

I hope you will all help to spread the message so that this long-standing error can be corrected.
Good moaning ...

I've updated my graphic of key "Remainers": I had forgotten Minibrain and Kinnock - how silly. I hope you like it.

INNERS can use it to drool over their heroes and OUTERS could use it for darts practice. I thought about making the images different sizes so you would get more points for hitting Blair than anyone else of course, but the rest would be graded. My only problem there is that I'd be tempted to award 9 billion points for each one. Still ........

BTW, have you listened to Farage yet? He is clear, consistent, rational and coherent: which is more than I can say for the rest of them - except perhaps Corbyn, whose manifesto on paper is attractive but would of course lead to rapid bankruptcy and poverty for the very people he wants to help. That is SOOOOOOO the problem with "socialism".

Meanwhile, Cameron has gone to Lanzarote to "think". You'd hope he would be doing that all the time. Still, better late than never I suppose.

The "FEAR" campaign is collapsing like a house of cards. They told us we would be safer in the EU and then came Brussels. And the Belgians were TOLD about the bomber and did nothing .... they make the Keystone Cops look like Poirot, Maigret and Kojak rolled into one.

And some pillock has been charged with racial hatred for tweeting his question to some woman in the street. Funny that: Muslims can foist (with establishment help) their loathsome HALAL meat on us, which offends me massively and causes me to hate them - but their actions do not constitute incitement to racial hatred.

And it's all bollocks anyway, since ISLAM is not a race but a vile cult - which they understand in Japan, where ISLAM is tightly controlled and they have no problems with it AT ALL.

Enjoy your Easter eggs - if you can find one with the word "Easter" on it. Apparently, the word offends Muslims .... they'll be demanding the removal of crossroads next.

I note that Jews are increasingly leaving Europe in the face of growing anti-semiticism ...... much of it in the Labouring Party. It really is unbelievable: Israel is the ONLY place in the Middle East where people can indulge their religion in total freedom, yet the craven European fawning to ISLAM in Europe is bleedin' obviously increasing anti-semitism. The more Muslims there are, the worse this will get (CLUE: they hate Jews - and Christians come to that).
 We have NO DUTY moral or otherwise to allow millions of fit, young, illiterate and religiously-lunatic, bigoted Muslim males whose cult teaches them that the lives of non-believers have no value into Europe. The EU is deranged. If the continent wants to moronically contribute to the decline and loss of its own culture and freedom, so be it, but don't ask us to bail you out.
Multiculturalism DOES work with almost EVERY cult and culture if not pushed too far and fast, but it DOES NOT WORK WITH ISLAM, which is VILE and INCOMPATIBLE WITH CIVILISATION. Its core beliefs are the reason for this, and to understand them you only need to read the Koran and Hadith and learn about Mohammed and his life

We have absolutely NO problems with:

- atheists
- Buddhists
- Christians
- Druids
- Hindus
- Jehovah's Witnesses
- Jews
- Moonies
- Mormons
- Scientologists
- Sun-Worshippers

or even Satanists (When did a Satanist last rape you or cut your head off?)

We ONLY have problems with ISLAM, but NO BASTARD IN GOVERNMENT WILL ADMIT THIS, which is why people are so angry.
"the modest advantages BREXIT  would bring."


B) Our fishing industry was destroyed by Heath: we used to be self-sufficient, but now import 66% - of our fish.

C) EU bureaucracy is based on the original key members France and Germany and is HORRENDOUS. I know; I have lived in France, Germany AND England.

D) The EU is obsessed by creating a federal state; this is insane, and nobody in the whole of Europe has EVER voted for it. They want to impose it by stealth. They KNEW the euro would fail down the line but calculated that this would FORCE fiscal union - a key step towards political union. THEY LIED TO US. The whole ten-year misery suffered by Southern Europe has been caused by these arrogant "we-know-best" liars.

E) The EU is favoured by the RICH (Kinnock, Mandelscum and Blair etc) and BIG industries (which could manage very well outside). Small businesses are the life-blood of an economy and DO NOT WANT the EU.

F) The EU is corrupt and quasi-fascist: it deposed the democratically-elected PM of Greece for having the effrontery to propose a referendum for his people on the euro. He was replaced by an EU/GS/ECB apparatchik who as Governor of the Bank of Greece at the time LIED about Greece's qualifications for the euro.

G) The EU is in fact already an empire ruled by Empress Merkel and her French poodle. Her behaviour over the migrant issue has been stupefying.

H) The puppetmasters Hollande and Merkel got Juncker elected as Commission President, a self-confessed LIAR.

I) EU brass pay themselves VAST salaries with little tax and innumerable perks: the whole thing stinks, much like FIFA does - or did.

There are absolutely NO compelling reasons to remain: the cost ALONE is totally unacceptable - and INSANE.

The writer of this article is deluded beyond belief.
SECURITY? Look, there are things we can't tell you for security reasons (Don't ask which reasons, because we can't tell you for security reasons). But rest assured that we in the police are doing everything in our power to protect you. The fact that we have practically no power thanks to human rights (not yours) and idiot politicians (you voted for them) is not our fault. Besides, the statistics show that the chances of your getting blown up or decapitated are small, and anyway, you have to die sometime, don't you? HAVE A GOOD DAY.
The Koran is full of hatred and violence. Just read it. It is one long tirade of nonsensical drivel. Mohammed? Muslims may KILL YOU if you insult him, yet he was a delusional, vicious, mass-murdering, paedophile, people-hating and utterly intolerant and unforgiving terrorist. It is this totalitarian cult of death that inspires all this murder of innocents. Until people start to grasp that Islam is totally incompatible with civilisation, this will go on. 270 MILLION KILLED BY JIHAD SINCE MOHAMMED'S DEATH.
CBI: About time we had a PETITION to STOP the CBI INTERFERING in the democratic process and the EU Referendum... they didn't get involved in the Scottish Referendum, but having not the slightest speck of patriotism are prepared to heavily involve themselves in this EU Referendum... everyone should understand why... The EU is run by the Corporate sector, it is the personification of Fascism - the merger of big government, with big corproations -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMuUEd6w54E
Critics can go to hell and drown themselves in the unbelievable swamp of lunatic PC denial that has helped to ferment this endless cycle of insanity.

Exactly WHO is committing 95% or more of the terrorist murders, and for decades - or more precisely since the 7th century ad?
This is the reality of Europe today - A teacher in Belgium tweeted that the Muslim children in his class were celebrating the Brussels jihad attack. Within a few hours 3 police officers found him and advised him not to tweet any more.
As Fletcher of "Porridge" might have said: "Don't let the bastards in." But Juncker only follows the orders of Empress Merkel. Have you noticed that the EU and Mr Flanby Hollande have not uttered one word of criticism of the mad woman of Berlin? That is left to Orban of Hungary, who gets called a racist and is threatened by Valls with sanctions. These people are beyond disreputable.
"Our indifference is fuelling terrorist organisations like Isis." Rubbish. The Koran is fuelling Isis. "This will radicalise Muslims." More rubbish. They are radicalised already. Have you READ the Koran? Anyway, it's more Muslim threats. "Do what we want or we will bomb you." is what it amounts to. Turkey? - not in the EU - not wanted in the EU - blackmailing us over migrants - run by a fascist Islamic would-be dictator - has been helping Isis - treats Kurds appallingly and is currently bombing civilian Kurdistan - is full of Muslims, believers in a weird, totalitarian, mediaeval cult of death You and the Turks need a reality check.
"racism" is very non-PC, unless it's on Jews or whites ....... the latter of course deserve it, and must pay for every conceivable crime committed by their ancestors - even though people of other races were just as nasty when the occasion permitted.
They have these fatuous grins and air of complacency, blatant proof that they haven't a clue. Since Hollande awarded the French Légion d'Honneur to the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia for the great service to France of signing cheques to buy bombs to drop on "terrorists" in Yemen  have almost given up. Almost as weird as our resident goon PM declaring that Islam is "a great world religion of peace". They are all queuing up furiously for the prize of "Idiot of the Decade". Is there any LIGHT anywhere at the end of the tunnel? Maybe on June 23rd .....
Who wants to be in a security union with the Belgians, who make the Keystone Cops look like Maigret, Poirot and Kojak rolled into one? The EU uses EVERY CRISIS to try to grab more centralised power. They certainly did that with the euro. I am beginning to think they engineered this whole immigration shambles just to advance federalisation. If so, it ain't working ......
It's actually a guilt trip. The looney left has convinced us that we are all racist because of what our long-dead ancestors may have done, or even not done. It is all a load of drivel. Other cultures and races are fine if they happen naturally, not if they are rammed down our throats by illiberal idiots.

The question nobody is answering is WHY the migrants want to get into the UK.

It could of course be that they have heard the story of the Somalian immigrant who came to the UK a few years ago (can't remember if legally or not) and for whom YOU the taxpayer are paying THREE THOUSAND POUNDS RENT PER MONTH TO LIVE IN A POSH PART OF LONDON with his family.

WHO VOTED for your money to be used like this? WHERE was it in any manifesto?

And the conclusion is: STOP PAYING THESE ABSURD SUMS. If foreigners can't support themselves, they can go back to where they came from. When I went to Gabon, I had to PROVE that I could support myself. Is anyone suggesting the Gabonese are racist?

Our representatives are completely insane.

The majority of Germans have proved themselves to be idiots, having supported the mass invasion of their country by hundreds of thousands of fit, young male Muslim economic migrants and condemning their country to go the way of Sweden. Their idiot leader seeks a "European solution", meaning that she wants other countries to share in German idiocy and a problem that SHE made 1,000 times worse than it already was.

Mass hysterical insanity is not a pretty sight, either in Islam nor indeed Germany.
If the Germans refuse to kick Merkel out, then on their own heads be it. German's problems?

- The euro is collapsing, with Germany a major culprit.

- The world economy is going to be very sick pretty soon, thanks to lunatic overspending by idiot leaders.

- The German economy is heavily dependent on exports, and will be severely damaged by a world recession.

- The UK is threatening to quit the EU and possibly bring down the whole house of cards.

- The Islamisation of Europe, ISIS and the threat of terrorism get ever greater.

You'd think it was a time to tread very carefully. But NO, the stupid moo plunged her country and the rest of Europe unilaterally into a crisis and racks up billions more in debt.

I cannot remember in my lifetime a more stupid series of moronic decisions than those committed by this wrong and thick-headed woman. And STILL she refuses to accept any blame, EVEN though she is in effect reversing much of her policy to ensure that Greece founders in total chaos under the sheer weight of fit, young invading Muslim men.

SHE IS MAD. BUT HER PEOPLE STILL SUPPORT HER, even though her party took a hit last weekend. Beyond belief.
Guten Morgen from the IVth Reich, where yesterday Empress Merkel lambasted her subject countries for not taking more of the Muslim economic migrants that she unilaterally invited into the country, behaviour being seriously considered for "Chutzpah of the Decade".

Otherwise, multiculturalism is going really well, with rapes, thefts and assaults and the number of Muslims ghettoes and no-go areas well up and the news from the centre of the Empire that  45% - of ALL crime in Germany is currently being committed by the migrant invaders. Crimes include rape (gang and otherwise) sexual assaults and generalised theft, while swimming-pools begin to segregate by sex both to avoid offending Muslims and to try to ensure their own citizens are not assaulted by same. Meanwhile, Swedish liberal politicians blame it all on the victims even as they try to hide the full extent of the chaos.

And her Imperial Highness has been to Turkey - currently run by yet another Muslim fundamentalist fascist nutter who has been aiding ISIS - to negotiate a deal. Hard to get your head round this one, but apparently it involves the EU giving innumerable billions of your money to bribe Turkey to take back some of the migrants that Turkey allowed to leave once they had been personally invited by the Empress herself to come. There is some talk of a one-for-one swap, which nobody really understands or believes in. However, despite the full application of Imperial persuasion, subject regions on the outskirts of the Empire are refusing to go along with this cunning plan, instead building high fences as fast as possible to keep them out. Poor old East Europeans! Decades of living behind Soviet fences to keep them in and now facing decades of fences designed to keep invaders out. It's a funny old world, as dear old Jimmy Greaves might say. (Get well, Jimmy)

Meanwhile, in Brussels,  Imperial Banking Supremo Draggy has printed more billions and tossed it about like confetti to the banks in the vain hope of avoiding a total collapse of the lying, fraudulent euro, as Greece and the other southern and far western outposts of the Empire continue to drown in debt - not forgetting France, officially in "economic crisis" according to the Empire Court Jester, Hollande, who is trying to introduce some labour-reforms (don't laugh) as his debt and unemployment relentlessly increase. French unions and students of course are protesting about the reforms, just as students in London protest about state borders. The students have apparently not heard about the idealistic young girl who went to Iraq to prove how nice Arab Muslims are but got gang-raped and murdered within days of arrival. The idealism of youth might be admirable if it were not so stupid, destructive and indeed treasonous.

And unfortunately, Her Maj has been dragged into it all, with a claim by "The Sun" (no sneering please) that she secretly (and now not so secretly) is a Brexit nutter, having expressed this opinion at a private dinner. The Palace has denied the alleged remarks, while "The Sun" sticks by its story - which of course is tantamount to claiming that the Queen is lying. To be honest, this isn't doing our nutters' cause much good, the Queen and the SAS being the only institutions not debased by a succession of establishment cretins over the last two decades (especially Labour - though Cameron is doing his best to catch up).

But regarding her Maj, surely she should be entitled to express an opinion on THIS particular subject, the giving away of our sovereignty? She IS the Sovereign, after all, but does she even get a vote on the abandonment of the government of her realm to foreign powers?? And there is no point pretending that Cameron has got an opt-out from the "ever-closer union" bollocks, since if we are in the EU we will be sucked into the Brussels black hole whether we like it or not.

Still, there is some good news: Iceland is itching to conclude a trade deal with us. You may remember Iceland as that piffling little country that one would expect to wither and die outside the EU but which has actually recovered quite well from the 2008 fiasco and is accepted as being one of the nicest places to live on the planet - unless you absolutely must have sunny beaches of course. And THEN we had this morning the Archbishop of Canterbury no less wading in with THIS magnificent offering (not often I have GOD on my side!):

Archbishop of Canterbury says it is not racist to fear high level of immigration - Justin Welby says it is 'absolutely outrageous' to condemn people who have concerns about 'one of the greatest movements of people in human history'

Indeed, your Worship - couldn't have put it better myself, me being one of those accused of xenophobia of course, though such accusations from illiberal idiots don't carry much weight.

It's all very surreal, and the Empress is now doing EXACTLY what I told her to do months and months ago, STOP THEM COMING or MILLIONS MORE WILL FOLLOW. She chose to ignore me and her country is now in crisis. The elections this weekend in Germany ewill be interesting. It astonishes me how a single German could still support the bovine mass of idiocy otherwise known as Merkel, but as our parents know too well, the Deutsches Volk are docile and loyal to their leaders, as indeed is the British Labour Party.
Which reminds me of this magnificent portrait that was in the news, of Diane "Let them all Come" Abbott. Dunno why we had to pay nearly 12,000 quid for it; I could have done her a decent photo for a tenner. Still, there you go; it's only (our) money.
22 Feb 16
Reply to a FB comment about Scotland:

A majority of the English would probably be ecstatic to see the Scottish ball and chain detach itself from us.

The UK economy is the 5th or 6th biggest in the world. We can certainly stand alone without the stupefyingly bureaucratic and interfering EU. We want to be INDEPENDENT, like Canada, Australia, Singapore, Russia, New Zealand, South Africa, Brazil etc etc. The EU has ABUSED our trust with its venality, corruption, arrogance, quasi-fascism and general incompetence.

I don't do LIES. Juncker LIED about the euro. THEY ALL LIED ABOUT GREECE'S ENTRY INTO THE EURO. The economic ruination of Southern Europe is THEIR FAULT, but you will NEVER get any of the bastards to admit it, or apologize.

I absolutely detest the EU, and now Merkel has gone completely MAD. Germany is going the way of Sweden; all thanks to the unbelievable arrogance of the European political elite. You think England wants to be part of this total shambles?
22 Feb 16
Reply to a French whinger:

You just don't get it. This is NOTHING TO DO WITH THE USA, which you are obsessed about. WE WANT TO BE INDEPENDENT, not in a federation dominated by idiotic, arrogant Germany and its vastly endebted, sclerotic, highly-taxed, overregulated and endemically high-unemployment France. I don't care if we are not the biggest contributors. We pay THIRTY MILLION EUROS PER DAY NET to Brusssels to enable the obscene plutocracy of EU employees. We GAVE AWAY our fishing industry. Now we IMPORT 66% - of our fish, where we were self-sufficient since the stone age. Our trade with the EU is declining. The EU is in freefall economic decline thanks to idiot overregulation and the moronic euro, which ALL REPUTABLE ECONOMISTS SAID WOULD FAIL. The Brusselomafia DID NOT CARE if it failed; in fact, they PLANNED it to fail to FORCE fiscal and thus political union. The EU is the ANTITHESIS of democracy and many of us LOATHE and DESPISE it.
21 Feb 16 FIFTY-EIGHT MILLION GBP TO BRUSSELS EVERY SINGLE DAY, devastated fishing, endless regulations irrelevant to most exporters, little control of our laws, declining EU economies thanks to overregulation, ruination of Southern Europe, no control of borders, lunatic intention to get Islamic Turkey into EU, obscene venality in Brussels ......  we must be insane to be in the EU.

Reply to a blogger:

Why this patronising contempt for Farage?

  • He has been CONSISTENT about the EU for decades.
  • He has been RIGHT about the EU for decades.
  • He has fought an often lonely and sneered at fight against the evil of Brussels for decades. (Yes, it IS evil.)
  • He only wants our country to be independent, to govern ourselves, like multiple other countries. He does not want to be in a federal state dominated by Germany with France as its poodle and drowning in French-style bureaucracy. Is that what YOU want?

    For the life of me I cannot see why this basic and honorable principle should be treated with such contempt by people like you. Why the contempt for someone who simply wants his country to remain independent? What is it you don't like about him? That he likes a decent pint and isn't a slimy, glib, lying Westminster spin-merchant?

    Describing Farage as "an ignorant moron" says a lot more about you than about him.

Denmark shocks its citizens by criminalizing anything considered insulting or demeaning against Islam and Muslims…saying it constitutes racism

EU referendum: Britain will become a 'third-rate' power if it severs ties with Europe, warns Kenneth Clarke

This is INCREDIBLY irritating: Clarke is a complete IDIOT.

"if the UK severs ties with Europe."

For GOD'S SAKE ..... it's enough to put up with lies from Cameron, but from all the other Tory has-beens or never-weres?

A) The UK is IN Europe and bar an asteroid strike or earthquake of primeval proportions will REMAIN in Europe.

B) EVERY COUNTRY ON THE PLANET has "ties with Europe". How the HELL will leaving the EU mean "severing ties with Europe"?

C) The CONTINENT (GET IT, CONTINENT), sells the UK MORE than we sell IT, so if they "sever ties" with us in a fit of moronic spite (I would put nothing past these incompetent quasi-fascists) THEY WILL LOSE MORE. How long do you think their voters will put up with that?

We seek to leave the EU, that bullying, federation-obsessed, bureaucratic, interfering nightmare that is NOTHING like the EU we voted to join decades ago. We are NOT "severing ties with Europe".
"Although Geophy is broadly correct in the impact an exit from the UK is likely to have on property occupation, London is a global city and may not suffer as much as cities like Birmingham and Manchester, which is where the real damage is going to take place, precisely because they are satellites to London's hub. When looking at the negative economic impact of an exit from the EU, it is the small to medium sized industries in the Midlands and the North that will lose out, though as we now know, the Exit campaign would rather be 'independent' and penniless, than European and prosperous." Very funny. Europe is in decline and southern Europe in ruination. Even Germany is now sinking under debt, accelerated by the lunatic invitation of Africa and the ME to come to Germany. Our trade with the rest of the world is INcreasing relative to the EU. Singapore, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland and multiple other countries Are perfectly FINE outside the EU. In fact, they are LAUGHING as the Continent sinks under regulation, debt and interference from Brussels. Have you SEEN what is going on in Greece, Portugal and so on? Or do you just regurgitate mindless IN propaganda from the likes of Blair, Mandelscum, Brown and now Cameron? Why do you peddle lies?
Ten myths (aka lies) spread by the IN campaign (pdf): http://www.unhinged.info/EU/TenMyths.pdf

The destruction of our fishing trade (pdf): http://www.unhinged.info/EU/StolenSeas.pdf

The truth About UK Trade (Powerpoint): http://www.unhinged.info/EU/trade/UKEUtrade.pps

Ten freedoms the OUT would bring: http://www.unhinged.info/EU/freedoms.htm

Rolling news: http://www.eutruth.info/news.htm
From a Telegraph blogger named: "Pat Riot" England's population density is 413 people per square kilometre, European countries would have to take in the following numbers of migrants to give them the same population density:

Austria 26.4 million
Denmark 12.4 million
France 162.3 million
Germany 65.6 million
Greece 42.8 million
Italy 64.7 million
Poland 90.5 million
Romania 79.4 million
Spain 162.1 million
Sweden 176.3 million

Conversely, if England had the same population density as say France,its population would be 14.5 million.

William Hague: "As all the confusion, delays and dramas of last week's Brussels summit subside, it is worth looking at what happened there in comparison to the innumerable summits of previous decades. This one stands out because David Cameron did something no previous British Prime Minister has ever done: he came back with the European Union less powerful over the affairs of the UK than when he arrived, and left it with considerably weaker prospects of increasing its power in the future.

For decades his predecessors have fought rearguard actions against new powers and rights for the EU. He is the first to have turned the pressure the other way around. Coming on top of his unique achievement of securing an actual reduction in the EU's budget, this entitles him to rather more praise than he often receives."

William - the EU is imploding and the Brusselomafia are panicking. What the HELL will they do without our 30 MILLION euros NET every SINGLE day?

And thanks to Brussels bureaucracy, German arrogance and the idiotic euro, the European economy is in decline and could be about to blow up completely if Deutsche Bank goes down, while Southern Europe (and German-poodle France) is horrendously endebted.

So they have come up with some weasel words, which amount to crumbs on the table that can later be vetoed anyway. There is nothing about our ludicrous contribution or the destruction of our fishing or the substantial repatriation of our law-making or indeed anything about border control.

You seem to be on the side of Cameron, Blair, Mandelscum, Brown and May - are you HAPPY in the company of that lot?

"The EU has saved Europe."? What an insult to NATO, which REALLY saved Europe, and the Anglo-Saxons and allies before that by defeating Europe's OWN fascism.

The way the EU wants to go, the next European war will be when some hapless dominion of the Empire (Catalunia, for example) tries to secede from teh Empire .....

When you made that amazing speech at the Tory conference as a young man all those years ago, we hoped for great things from you ......

18 Feb 16
Cameron said that "Islam is a great world religion of peace" and that "Mainstream Britain should integrate with it more" AND he wants Turkey to join the EU. He also said before the last election that he would reduce immigration, "no ifs or buts".

This track record makes him both a lunatic and a liar and for me his credibility is zero. He appears to care nothing for our 58 million quid sent to Brussels EVERY DAY, nor for our destroyed fishing industry, nor for Somali "refugees" housed in posh parts of London at rents of 3,000 quid a month. He seems not to notice the delusions of Empress Merkel, the economic decline of the EU under a mountain of regulation, our own increasing trade with the rest of the world or indeed to rapid Islamisation of Europe.

He is an idiot. Corbyn could hardly be worse.
22 Jan 16
"Christianity has also been murderous ...... "

Those days are long gone. Concerning ISLAM today, there is no problem with Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, Christians, Mormons, Jehovah's Witness, Scientologists, Sun-Worshippers. Moonies or even Satanists - only Muslims.

Islam is a totalitarian death cult based on a delusional mass-murderer's mediaeval desert ravings. You only have to read the Koran to understand that this cult is based entirely on total, halluncinatory drivel propagated by a pedophile, mysogenist, bigoted any-other-religion-hating terrorist. Yes, Islam is STUPID, its followers brainwashed from birth, and any that choose to convert from Islam risk death - which should tell you something about it.


PS The Koran is a truly horrible and actually nonsensical book based on delusions and full of hatred, bigotry and violence. There is NO DOUBT about this. I have read it. It is all absolutely clear. Of course, there are nice Muslims, but unfortunately, ALL Muslims worship this book. Therefore, it is impossible for me to respect any Muslim, any more than I could respect anyone who worshipped Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf".

22 Jan 16

"The Dark Side of the human mind causes pause: was it unavoidable that a species with a Dark Side became the most intelligent species on Earth? We will see that, indeed, it was bound to be the case. Where does this Dark Side comes from? How does it relate to Love? Does the Dark Side enable Love?"

Patrice Ayme

We are not all dark, but we non-dark are not good enough at identifying and neutralising the dark side. Obviously, we are ipso facto not vicious enough to deal properly with the dark side. We may end up becoming extinct because of our own excessive niceness. I am desperately trying to be less nice to nasty people, but the PC morons running the show are negating my best efforts.They are currently threatening to prosecute a British soldier in Iraq who killed a terrorist preparing to fire an RPG without shouting a warning. And, NO, you could not make it up.
"Never judge someone based on someone else's opinion." The vast majority of people believe what they have been told to believe, or what their parents believe and what they were indoctrinated as kids to believe. The VAST majority of Muslims are Muslims ONLY because they were born into a Muslim family, which has brainwashed them from birth - same of course with other religions. The ONLY true believer is one who has freed his or her mind from all prejudice and freely chosen a faith after the age of reason, say 20.

When considering a problem, I try to imagine myself as a visiting alien free of prejudice. No doubt impossible, but that is my aim. On any rational, unprejudiced basis, ISLAM is utterly vile - and stupid.
15 Jan 16 ISLAM dominates the news - what a dreadful curse it is on the world. Frankly, I've had enough of this primitive bigotry and wholesale contempt for decent human values and respect. Why the hell don't they fuck off back to one of the mediaeval, Islamic cesspit fail countries to the south. This obsession with infecting the rest of the world with their nauseating, paedophiliac, homophobic, pigophobic, mysogenist, dogophobic, women-hating, bigoted, religionist and totalitarian anti-human cult of death is beyond belief.
12 Jan 16
Key ally of Merkel says Germany must remove failed asylum seekers .....

"Former Merkel ally says Germany must remove Merkel."
would be better ......

11 Jan 16

Boris Johnson: "This week, we learned that commuters across Greater London are to be subjected to 3 more days of strikes by union barons who don’t give a stuff about Londoners, or indeed their own membership.

Jeremy Corbyn’s candidate for Mayor, Sadiq Khan, won’t condemn this latest attempt by the unions to stop the Night Tube – but that’s hardly surprising.

Mr Khan is backed by ASLEF, the union organising the strike, and he also accepted £10,000 from a union who say 'the Night Tube isn’t going to happen'."


These people hold the country to ransom. They abuse their power, selfishly. US ATC officers did the same and Reagan sacked them. If they feel they are underpaid, they can resign and find someone willing to pay them what they are REALLY worth. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.

Poles are in general reliable and grateful for what they can earn. The tube drivers are NEITHER of these.
10 Jan 16
London boosts number of armed
police in view of ISIS threat.
It is quite insane that our police are not armed. The establishment is paranoid about the US situation, but all the police are armed on the continent. I lived in France and Germany for 16 years and never saw a cop even pull out his gun. Never heard of guns being used in any towns where I lived. We are way behind the curve of history - as ever.

Noel Edmonds says: "Britain is full."


Noel Edmonds should rejoice to be slagged off by the PC moron unintelligentsia so-called liberals that have got their hands round the throats of our country.

Why can't we have instant electronic voting on these issues? THEN there would be no arguments and they couldn't get away with this traitorous nonsense.
Fishermen campaigned stoically and vainly for FORTY YEARS to right the appalling injustice done to them in 1975. Today's REMAIN morons can't even give us all a week to enjoy the feel of righting a wrong with a DEMOCRATIC VOTE, but whine, whinge and moan in TOTAL IGNORANCE of reality.