... is a question that Chinese friends often ask me, but it is a strange question - not only because the answer is obvious but because:

  • "China" is a mass of land in which people live. It is unclear to me how one could have anything against a landmass.
  • The population of China is 1.4 billion give or take a few. Among these are every kind of human one could imagine from quasi-Saints to Satanic psychopaths, from fanatical devotees of the regime to those imprisoned or worse for opposing it. To have something against "the Chinese" would be irrational.
  • China is, however, ruled by the CCP (the Chinese Communist Party), and it IS rational to have a very great deal against THAT.

These are good reasons to dislike - and indeed despise and hate - the CCP:

  • THE CCP IS A DICTATORSHIP; these are ipso facto unacceptable to any civilized Human and completely violate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which China signed in 1948. Worse, XI Jinping has more or less (through corruption and abuse of power) got himself appointed "Dictator-for-Life", and we all know the proverb: "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." He has staked his reputation (and position) on "reclaiming" Taiwan; this is NOT going to end well.
  • TIBET: The CCP (we CANNOT say "China") annexed Tibet in 1950, a huge area morally owned by its inhabitants, the Tibetans. The Han Chinese have already part-Hanified Tibet and destroyed much of its ancient culture. They claim to have "developed" Tibet, but that is not the point. This was ALSO a claim made by countless colonisers of Africa and other lands. But the Han claim to Tibet is highly specious - and in any case one of Man's greatest treasures is freedom and self-determination, and the Tibetans have not been free since 1950. The CCP is currently running a hideous campaign of forced internment of Tibetan children into special schools where they will be further Hanified and their Tibetan culture destroyed.
  • THE GREAT LEAP FORWARD: Mao's ideological "Great Leap Forward" from 1958 to 1962 led to the premature deaths of an estimated FORTY MILLION PLUS PEOPLE - plus immense suffering to countless more. It was completely pointless, stupid and destructive - and the mass of the people had NO SAY in its implementation.

  • TIANANMEN SQUARE: Most ordinary people dislike living under a dictatorship, and resentment over the lack of political freedom and other issues led to mass protests in 1989, most dramatically in Tiananmen Square, Beijing. No dictatorship will give up its power without shedding blood, and an estimated TEN THOUSAND CITIZENS were murdered by the PLA (People's Liberation Army). BTW, the name of this military force is a LIE. It is not the "People's Army" but under the control of the CCP, and was used to SUPPRESS the People.

  • HONG-KONG: Britain left Hong-Kong a thriving, democratic and world-class financial and business centre and The Sino-British Joint Declaration set out the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the CCP after the handover in 1997. However, the UK government claims that the CCP is in "ongoing non-compliance" with the Treaty, and it is absolutely clear that the CCP has no intention whatsoever of guaranteeing the rights agreed - especially anything smacking of any form of democracy.

  • NORTH KOREA is the most vile dictatorship on the planet: effectively no more than a giant concentration camp run by an insane sub-human psychopath. South Korea on the other hand, is peaceful, safe, prosperous and democratic: the total and absolute oppose of the North. It is the CCP of MAINLAND CHINA that allowed North Korea to emerge from the Korean War and it is the same entity that has nurtured and sustained NK since then, when the USA and its allies liberated the South to become the magnificent nation that it is today. CHINA IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE HIDEOUS INSULTY TO HUMANITY represented by North Korea, which now has a nuclear arsenal and an increasing number of hypersonic missiles to develop it. It has just fired a strategic missile over Japan, a country which poses no conceivable threat to it. China's sponsorship of North Korea is just one more of China's Crimes Against Humanity.
  • HYPERSONIC MISSILES: The CCP is massively developing its offensive armed forces, including the manufacture of multiple ICBM silos and now hypersonic ICBMs capable of dropping H-bombs on the USA at 6,500 mph in a little over one hour. It must be noted that:
    - HUNDREDS OF MILLLIONS of people in China still live in relative poverty and insecurity.
    - NO COUNTRY threatens China, quite the reverse.
    - This will ONLY provoke a HUGE arms race and be HYPER-DANGEROUS for world peace, and even the survival of our species.

  • TAIWAN: The CCP is currently making daily hysterical threats against Taiwan including flying military planes into its airspace, clearly hoping to provoke a reaction to give them an excuse to launch a war. Such a war would be a huge Crime Against Humanity: Taiwan is a free, peaceful, democratic and prosperous country to which "China" has NO LEGITIMATE CLAIM. This is because dictatorships are ipso facto illegitimate, having seized and retained power by force. The CCP claim is also insane because were Taiwan to declare its independence overnight, the lives of the 1,400,00,00 Chinese on the mainland WOULD NOT CHANGE IN ANY WAY - except that communications between the two countries would improve. Has anyone ever asked XI exactly WHY he is obsessed with invading Taiwan? WHAT IS THE POINT? LET THE PEOPLE THERE LIVE IN PEACE.

  • XINJIANG: "internment camps":The CCP is running HUGE concentration camps for Uighur Muslims, whom it sees as a long-term threat to its power. Reliable sources confirm multiple Crimes Against Humanity in the treatment of those incarcerated.

  • PANDEMICS: China regularly gifts to the world pandemics from nasty viruses, either or both from its vile "wet-meat "markets or to leaks from its biological warfare laboratories. The latest has thrown the world into massive chaos and led to a huge number of painful deaths. Unsurprisingly, the CCP has not fully co-operated with attempts by the WHO to ascertain the origin of the outbreak - NOR did it prevent people leaving the country once the widespread outbreak had begun.

  • CLIMATE CHANGE: The CCP pays lip service to efforts to curb global warming. It runs some ONE THOUSAND coal-fired power-stations and is building ca 300 more for itself and other nations. It is completely futile for Britain, for example, to impoverish itself "going green" while China continues to pour billions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

  • SPYING AND CORRUPTION: The CCP oversees a programme of systematic industrial espionage AND and "investment" (aka bribes) in developing countries in Africa and elsewhere in order to increase its power and influence.

  • SURVEILLANCE AND CONTROL: The CCP is currently massively increasing its control and surveillance systems over its own people, whom it obviously considers a threat to its long-term existence. In this it is NO DIFFERENT from any other dictatorship, but it is much more efficient than most in this domain.

CONCLUSION: China is a beautiful country with an incredible history of amazing achievement - including under the CCP. But DICTATORSHIP is ipso facto a Crime against Humanity insofar as it facilitates the committing of multiple other crimes. As long as China is ruled by the CCP it cannot be a legitimate and welcome member of the Free World Community. It should not even be accepted into the United Nations since (like ALL dictatorships) it is non-compliant with The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

I had hoped that increased trade and contacts with China (including the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing) would bring about positive change - but the opposite has occurred. China today is more Orwellian and dangerous than it ever has been - and led by a megalomaniac. Trading with and thus enriching it serves ONLY to increase its nastiness, especially as has happened under Xi Jinping.

I believe the above to be substantially true. It gives me little pleasure to say it, but without telling and facing the Truth, Mankind is doomed to misery, slavery and possibly extinction.                                          CJS - 4 October, 2022