Anne Frank
The Diary


The Angel Anne Frank, the beautiful, gifted young girl so full of life, optimism and creativity hiding from the Nazis simply because she was a Jew, a victim of the greatest Crime Against Humanity in the history of Homo Sapiens.

Betrayed by an unknown sub-human she was sent to Bergen-Belsen Concentration camp where she died in early 1945 not long before the camp was liberated by the British Army - but unlike millions of others not simply executed and burned. Instead she caught the typhus that swept through the camp, and so this extraordinary light of creation was extinguished just a few weeks before she might have tasted freedom.

Thanks to those who loved her and cherished her memory the diary she wrote has survived to become a world literary icon and treasure: an eternal reminder of Man's potential for unimaginable evil. She will forever be a symbol of the millions of Nazi victims, whose story is of course equally tragic. ALL OF THEM WERE INNOCENT, but they were the wrong race. To this day it remains almost unbelievable that Humans could act in this way - but happen it did, and must never so so again.