Multiculturalism in Action
Photos from a"refugee" train in Germany

England's population density is 413 people per square kilometre, European countries would have to take in the following numbers of migrants to give them the same population density:
Austria 26.4 million
Denmark 12.4 million
France 162.3 million
Germany 65.6 million
Greece 42.8 million
Italy 64.7 million
Poland 90.5 million
Romania 79.4 million
Spain 162.1 million
Sweden 176.3 million

Conversely, if England had the same population density
as say France, its population would be 14.5 million.

Cologne Mayor issues advice to German women in danger of being sexually
assaulted by sub-humans importing their perverted Islamic culture into Europe.

"Refugees" in a cemetary in Croatia

Well, Putin got this right if nothing else ......