A VERY FEW of the Individuals
supporting the LEAVE campaign.
Bryan Adams singer
David Bailey photographer
Anthony Bamford Chairman of JCB
Victoria Beckham entrepreneur
Julie Birchill writer
Sir Ian Botham former cricketer
Sir Michael Caine actor
Sol Campbell ex footballer
David Cambell-Bannerman MEP - Tories
Douglas Carswell MP - UKIP
John Cleese !
Joan Collins actress
James Cracknell Olympic oarsman
Jeffrey Donaldson MP - DUP
Lord (Digby) Jones former DG of the CBI
Ian Duncan -Smith MP - former Tory Minister
Sir James Dyson entrepreneur/inventor
Nigel Farage MEP & former leader of UKIP
Frank Field MP - Labour
Frederick Forsyth writer
Zac Goldsmith Tory London Mayor candidate
Michael Gove Minister - Tories

Chris Grayling

MP - Tories & Leader of HOC
Daniel Hannan MEP - Tories
Roger Helmer MEP - UKIP
Gordon Henderson MP - Tories
Kate Hoey MP - Labour
Sir Bernherd Ingham former Chief Press Scretary
of Mrs Thatcher
Sir David Jason actor
Boris Johnson Mayor of London
Nigel Lawson former Tory Chancellor
John Longworth DG - British Chamber of Commerce
Brian May Rock star (Queen)
John Mills millionaire Labour donor
Patrick Minford Professor of Economics
Austin Mitchell former Labour MP
Sir John Nott former Tory Defence Minister
David Nuttall MP - Tories
David Owen former Labour Minister
Priti Patel Tory Employment Minister
Norman Tebbitt retired Tory Minister
John Timpson retail shoe magnate
Tom Utley Daily Mail Journalist
Tim Weatherspoon restauranteue/entrepreneur
Heather Wheeler MP - Tories
Ann Widdecombe former Tory MP - writer
Tim Worstall writer
Some companies
which say they have no problem with BREXIT.
General Electric
General Motors
JD Wetherspoons
Land Rover
Bridgestone boss says Britain leaving EU is 'viable' and vows to keep firm here
Toyota pledges itself to UK whatever Brexit result
Lord Lawson says Britain has 'nothing to fear' about leaving 'undemocratic' EU
Sir Michael Caine backs leaving EU; lashes out at 'faceless civil servants' dictating to Britain
"Farmers may be better off if Britain leaves EU", says former minister
"Brexit won't hurt trade with UK." say leading international businessmen
Liam Fox calls for Britain to leave EU and become "an independent sovereign nation" again
Unilever, the consumer goods group behind Persil and Magnum ice-creams, has said it will not scale back its UK operations if Britain votes to leave the EU.
Bankers say City ‘would continue to thrive’ in or out of Europe
Boris Johnson fuels Brexit calls, saying Britain’s EU membership has never been worth less
We’ve nothing to fear from an EU exit, says major Tory donor: JCB chairman criticises Cameron over keeping the UK ‘in the dark’ over renegotiation with Brussels
“Bureaucratic nightmare" of EU criticised by British bosses
Britain is better off outside EU, says Sir Rocco Forte
Former SNP deputy leader Jim Sillars: I'm backing campaign for UK to leave EU
'Britain's place in the EU does not matter' says GE chief
Fashion house boss: 'We have nothing to fear if Britain leaves EU'
Toyota boss: we'll still be in Derbyshire in 75 years' time 
Hitachi to remain in UK regardless of Brexit vote
Booze giant Diageo is latest firm to say it would keep trading here in event of Brexit
Manchester City chief executive: Britain DOESN'T need the EU; a Brexit won't harm us

RETAIL magnate John Timpson believes that leaving the EU is a “risk worth taking”.

UK would be a 'better place' if it left the European Union, claims one of London's biggest hedge funds
Frank Field: this deal is awful. Labour supporters should vote out
Private traders will back Brexit in boost for Out campaign
Another ten bad arguments for staying in the EU
Billionaire chemicals boss backs EU exit with claim Britain will THRIVE away from Brussels
Why we must quit the EU, by tycoon Sir James Dyson
"Here’s why I back Brexit," says ANN WIDDECOMBE
'EU is an economic DISASTER zone' : Tory grandee Lord Lawson in scathing attack
Ulster-born JD Wetherspoon boss Tim Martin backs Brexit 'to restore democracy'
EU referendum: 200 small firm bosses and entrepreneurs tell Britons to vote for Brexit
The Director-General of the British Chamber of Commerce, John Longworth backs Brexit!
Avon calling: corporate headquarters to relocate to the UK
Leaving the EU is NOT a risk for investors, says world’s largest sovereign wealth fund