Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin is yet one more totalitarian and psychopathic control-freak who has seized power for himself, which is extraordinarily sad given the horrors that Russia and Ukraine already endured in the last millennium under Stalin. HE was responsible for MILLIONS of Russian and Ukrainian deaths, and Putin is going the same way, committing mass-murder and war crimes in the name of tens of millions of Russians who HAD NO SAY IN THIS Crime Against Humanity.

We in the rest of Europe should be a friend and ally of Russia; we have deep, historical ties and share much of the same culture. We are, moreover, the same species, and “No man is an island ....”; the suffering of Ukrainians and Russians alike affects us deeply, and we are praying for the murder to end.

This invasion is the result of Putin’s sick mind, his obsession with Ukraine, his paranoia and his lack of empathy - which is a key feature of psychopaths. Ukraine was never and is not a danger to Russia, and nor was or is NATO. It is true that NATO is a basically democratic and defensive alliance, and so fascist regimes like the illegitimate Russian one ipso facto have MADE themselves our enemy - but one perfectly willing to leave you alone in your own illegality and misery as long as you did not seek to spread it around. It is actually VASTLY in Russia's interest to be a staunch ALLY of the WEST in the face of the Chinese threat from its south, but you would have to have half a brain to understand this.

NOW, however, Putin has invaded a PEACEFUL and SOVEREIGN COUNTRY WITHOUT PROVOCATION and is brazenly murdering its citizens. This is a Crime Against Humanity in general and involves in particular multiple WAR CRIMES in the use of cluster bombs and the deliberate shelling, bombing and shooting of civilians in an attempt to terrorize them into surrender so that Putin can set up a puppet regime and effectively bring Ukraine back into the NUSSR (New USSR), which Putin has always dreamed of. It must be stopped somehow - and nations should NEVER AGAIN allow a single individual to assume total control over their lives. THIS NEVER WORKS.

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." - Albert Einstein