"Leaving the European Union would make it harder for Britain to combat Russian aggression in Eastern
Europe, drive up mobile phone bills and could prolong the Ebola crisis", David Cameron has warned.

(Ed. This is part of his cunning plan codenamed "Scare Tactics". The truth about security is outlined below. For mobiles and ebola it is not worth dignifying his absurd claim by a response.)

Former soldier and serving Defence Minister Julian Brazier: "I believe that the EU makes us less safe.' (6-4-16)
Former head of the CIA General Michael Hayden says the EU "gets in the way" of national security. (BBC R4 : 25-3-16)
Quitting the EU 'would help our security', former MI6 chief Sir Richard Dearlove ("Financial Times" : 24-3-16)
Belgian security is so bad it's actually a threat to Britain ("The Telegraph" : 24-3-16)
Pentagon to open major £200m intelligence centre in Britain - Proposed ultra-secure data centre would be the US headquarters for European and African military communications ("The Independent" : 20-3-16 - pretty much a vote of confidence, no?)
I fought for Britain and I know how the EU weakens our defences ("The Telegraph" - Maj. General Julian Thomson : 1-03-16)
Brexit would STRENGTHEN national security, blasts former Army Commander Colonel Richard Kemp ("The Express" : 1-03-16)
Don’t count on the EU to protect us; Nato will do that ("The Times" : 1-03-16)