Most REMAINERS bang on about the price of lettuce going up or not being able to take their cat on holiday. It is truly pathetic. This is fundamentally ALL ABOUT our ability to RULE OURSELVES, about our SOVEREIGNTY and SELF-DETERMINATION because ....

... THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER that the EU intends to force Europe into a federal state WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF ITS PEOPLE. Every law, every treaty, every year takes us CLOSER to being controlled from the Continent, so that the traitor Kenneth Clarke's dream comes true:

“I look forward to the day when the Westminster Parliament is just a council chamber in Europe.” – Ken Clarke : 1996

If you want to be ruled by Germany and France from Brussels, BE A REMAINER. If you want your country to remain free, sovereign and independent like 165 other nation states on the planet, SUPPORT LEAVE.

One of history's greatest philosophers, but not very PC today.
Which tells you something about the frequent idiocy of PC.