Video Assortment
EU debt
1.15 MB
December 2018 the criminal lunacy of those in authority
5G: Electromagnetic Radiation & Illness
15 MB
the horrifying effects of increasing exposure to radiation
Birmingham will soon be over 50% non-white
22 MB
The terrifying story of Birmingham then and now
French Riots & Communist Destablisation
51 MB
21-12-18 Immigration & what underlies all the riots .... long but interesting
AfD leader Dr Alice Wedel in Bundestag
7 MB
20-11-18 talking about BREXIT - pure commonsense
British Democracy
10 MB
"Yes, Minister" satire on power
The NAZIS were at the origin of the EU
23 MB
Gerard Batten A great speech in the European Parliament
CAMERON's LIES re the referendum
19 MB
David Cameron Has MAY seen this? There is NO weaseling out of it, is there?
German Zombies - please WAKE UP!
3.3 MB
unknown 2018: a video to encourage political engagement
May on the Customs Union
4.2 MB
Treason May 2018: Repeating 21 times that UK will be out of EU Customs Union
"Nothing to do with ISLAM"
12 MB
Pat Condell
the hideous denial of the perverted death cult named ISLAM
"Project Fear" in 1975
5.3 MB
Peter Shore 1975: a devastating critique: nothing has changed since then!
4 MB
Wild Bill Palestine: Propaganda & Truth
The Israeli Palestine Wall
9.3 MB
Katie Hopkins
2018: why it is so wide and high
The Coudenhove-Kalergi Conspiracy
38 MB
Dennis Wise totally devastating
Arron Banks
6.3 MB
Arron Banks 2018: before the HOC Select Committee
Identity Politics
14.1 MB
Jonathan Pie 2018: slagging off PC BS with lots of FFFing
Britain needs more Muslims in authority
2.8 MB
David Cameron even though their "Prophet" COMMANDED them to kill Infidels