"NO DEAL" is the ONLY SANE OPTION for these reasons:
The EU wants our money and hates us leaving: it massively diminishes their power, income and credibility. (Borroso: "Sometimes I like to compare the EU as a creation to the organisation of empire. We have the dimension of empire.")
They will do ANYTHING to stop it. Their usual ploys are lying, prevarication, delays, insults, threats, fudge, insignificant rewording of their control-freakist treaties (see "The European Constitution" 2006 ), stirring up dissent in the hope of getting a second referendum where the rebellious plebs will this time vote properly and so on ......
Therefore, they will NEVER, EVER give us ANY kind of deal which is REMOTELY favourable to us. Apart from the above, it might encourage other EU victims to LEAVE.
May's WA (which the EU loved - GOODNESS, WHAT A SURPRISE!) is the most idiotic piece of EU-grovelling, treasonous surrender legislation that any sane person could imagine.


CONCLUSION: THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE TO "NO DEAL", which in fact is an IDIOTIC TERM dredged up in desperation by REMAINER TRAITORS who want the UK to be ruled from abroad in a federation dominated by Germany and with French-style state control, bureaucracy and taxation levels.

PS TRAITORS? YES, people who want to cede their nation's self-determination to foreigners.