Nigel Farage

I am always puzzled as to why so many people don't like Nigel Farage.  I try to go by the facts ....

  • He was originally a commodity broker. As far as I know, these people earn good money, and Farage is clever. Money is clearly not his main motivation, otherwise he would not have quit to fight for BREXIT.

  • He used to be in the Conservative Party, but left when Maastrich was signed because he disagreed with it.

  • He gave up his broking to go into politics to campaign against Maastricht and the EU. That was a practical decision of principle; I can hardly imagine it benefited him financially - initially at least.

  • Lots of Tories disagreed with Maastricht, but none of them resigned when it was forced through, including with personal threats.

  • Had Farage wanted a successful career in politics, with his glib tongue and sharp political brain he could no doubt have succeeded in the Tory Party; by now he would have been Foreign Secretary perhaps.

  • He was laughed at when he left the Tories, but preferred to put principle and country (as he saw it) before personal reward.

  • For many years he fought a fairly lonely campaign, with the establishment treating him and UKIP with contempt.

  • When UKIP and Farage began to gain in popularity, the establishment started labellelling him "racist" and "xenophobe". As Hitler said: "Tell a lie; make it big; repeat it often - and the people will end up believing it."

  • For years he made devastating speeches as an MEP in the EU parliament, with self-satisfied and venal cronies watching in contempt even as their policies and personal positions were being ripped to shreds.

  • He stuck it out and eventually his views prevailed and the referendum resulted in LEAVE, a policy he had championed for two decades.

  • In South Thanet, the Tories were so scared of him winning and humiliating them and the other dinosaur parties in the HOC that they ILLEGALLY financed a massive operation to stop him, and succeeded. I await the results of the police investigation into this electoral fraud, but I'm not holding my breath.

  • On everything he has said and predicted he has been proven right. Now ALL the parties (except the Labouring Party's lunatic dinosaur left) are espousing his policies.
SUMMARY: He fought long and hard on principle and initially against great odds and establishment opposition to espouse a policy he strongly believed in - and prevailed by sheer force of argument, character and personality.