The Abbreviated History of BREXIT to date (16 April, 2019)

  • After 40 years of EU membership, the public slowly began to realize that the EU is a gigantic and expensive con.
  • More and more people began to support UKIP, which began to win big in EU elections.
  • FPTP prevented them advancing in British elections.
  • The EU became more and more corrupt, undemocratic and obsessed with federalising Europe.
NB, re federalising Europe, pls note that NOT ONE SINGLE EUROPEAN CITIZEN HAS EVER VOTED FOR THIS: NOT ONE, NOT EVER, NOT ANYWHERE, yet this is the determined and obsessive aim of the European political elite: to impose on the masses a policy to which the latter have not agreed. It gets worse: in 2006, the French people were given the chance to vote on "The European Constitution", the name itself being a giveaway. THEY REJECTED IT. The French government in collaboration with the EU made a few piffling, trivial changes - principally of wording, changed the name to "The Lisbon Treaty" and passed it in parliament, thus BY-PASSING their stupid plebs who had voted "the wrong way". That was a black day for democracy in Europe.
  • The basic cost and grotesqueness of the EU became ever more apparent, so UKIP support continued to grow.
  • The Porky Party (formerly Tories) started to get really worried; PM Cameron thought he could nip this in the bud once and for all.
  • He conceded a referendum on EU membership, utterly convinced that REMAIN would win.
  • He would NEVER have conceded a referendum if he thought he could lose. (This is democracy after all.)
  • There was a four-month campaign in which all facts were laid bare.
  • Cameron solemnly promised to “respect the result of the vote” and to start the LEAVE process “the next day” if LEAVE won.
  • In addition to facts, there was a hideous “Project Fear” campaign of utter doom-mongering lies by REMAIN. NONE of the lies came true. For example, in April 2019, British unemployment is at its LOWEST FOR 42 years.
  • The PF LIES were fuelled by the Establishment, including a whole raft of international plutocracies, foreign leaders and brainless “celebrities”.
  • In the actual vote, people could choose “REMAIN” or “LEAVE”; there was NO reference to “DEALS” or CONDITIONS for either option.
  • “REMAIN” was placed as FIRST option on the ballot-paper; funny that ........

“LEAVE” WON by a clear margin.

  • Cameron at once resigned despite his promises, and the Porkies elected an extremely incompetent REMAINER as party leader.
  • Mrs Theresa May (or Treason Mayhem as I prefer) pledged to LEAVE THE EU, but delayed invoking Article 50 FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR.
  • She filled her Cabinet with REMAINERS and was advised by civil service REMAINER ZEALOTS.
  • She held a general election in which her repeated promise to LEAVE was CLEARLY STATED in the Porky manifesto.
  • ERGO, ALL PORKY MPs (and Labour come to that) were elected on a manifesto CLEARLY pledging “LEAVE”.
  • She lost her majority, giving her a clear excuse to FAIL to LEAVE, as she could then blame the opposition.
  • She made countless trips to Brussels and of course Berlin, where the real EU leader is.
  • She finally produced her “DEAL”, described by seasoned and respected commentators as “WORSE THAN REMAIN”. Many believe it was simply dictated to her by Merkel and the EU - who of course LOVE it.
  • She tried to get it passed in the REMAIN-LEANING HOC; it was rejected by the biggest majority in parliamentary history.
  • She has tried to get it passed TWICE MORE, each time failing by smaller but still large margins.
  • She is threatening to put it to a vote a FOURTH time.
  • She has even BRIBED some Porky constituencies to try to get their MPs to support her “deal”.
  • She has NOT sacked or disciplined the many Porky Party Cabinet ministers blatantly working AGAINST LEAVE
  • During all this she said over ONE HUNDRED TIMES that the UK would LEAVE THE EU on March 29th, 2019, nearly THREE YEARS after the referendum.
  • To date (April 16, 2019) the UK has NOT left the EU, despite her “promises”.
  • May is now negotiating with Labour to by-pass her own MPs who are trying to respect their multiple promises.
  • Labour spent decades rubbishing the EU, but is now supporting it for a perceived (but delusional) electoral advantage.
  • She is trying to get the support of a Marxist admirer of terrorism, including those who murdered a fellow Porky MP AT THE HOUSE OF COMMONS.
  • She said that June would be the new LEAVE deadline.
  • That promised deadline lasted a matter of days and yet another promise sees it now postponed to October, WELL OVER THREE YEARS after the Porkies PLEDGED to “LEAVE THE EU”, which should take TWO years according to EU Law.
  • It is of course classic EU strategy to delay, fudge, bully and obfuscate after ANY vote that goes "the wrong way" so that they can overturn it.


  • The Porkies have consistently LIED and collectively tried to avoid LEAVING THE EU despite their multiple pledges to do so.
  • May's “DEAL” is the most blatantly fraudulent bill ever to have been put before parliament.
  • She calls it “LEAVING THE EU”, but that is a CLEAR LIE, but a PM LYING to parliament and the people is apparently legal.
  • Over three years after the referendum we are STIILL in the EU, STILL paying some £30 NET NET EACH DAY, STILL conceding 66% of our fishing rights to Continental boats and so on and on.
  • With May in charge, there is no forseeable date at which we WILL actually LEAVE THE EU.
  • The Porky Party are unable or unwilling to remover her as leader, and so share collective responsibility for this traitorous shambles.

“LEAVE” with a “DEAL”

  • There were NO CONDITIONS or reference to a necessary “DEAL” either during the four-month referendum campaign or on the ballot paper.
  • The Porkies CLEARLY STATED during the campaign that “LEAVE” meant leaving the single market, the customs union, the ECJ, and as Cameron said “ALL OF THOSE THINGS”.
  • REMAINERS in the HOC are USING the fact that the EU and UK cannot agree a “DEAL” as an excuse NOT TO LEAVE.


  • The EU will NEVER give the UK a reasonable deal BEFORE we LEAVE.
  • This is to avoid at all costs any OTHER EU member daring to try to LEAVE.
  • They can’t actually kill us (the official ISLAMIC punishment for trying to LEAVE ISLAM), but will do all they can to frighten people and subvert the referendum vote.
  • The Chief EU negotiator has openly said that his job is to make LEAVING THE EU as painful as possible.
  • There IS therefore NO DEAL AVAILABLE (pls remember that May’s “deal” is NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS “LEAVING THE EU”), and therefore we should LEAVE “NO DEAL” (the terminology can be confusing, which is also part of the REMAINER strategy).
  • ONCE WE ARE OUT the EU will come crawling to make a mutually-beneficial “DEAL” because they have a HUGE TRADE SURPLUS with the UK which they cannot afford to jeopardize, especially as they are failing on so many other fronts: Italy, Greece, Eastern Europe, migrants, chaos in France and to a lesser extent Spain, recession in Germany and a coming huge global recession caused by excessive public and private debt thanks to idiot politicians.


2) The Porky, Labour and Lib-Dems (aka “DINOSAUR”) parties are stuffed with REMAINERS.
3) Voting for ANY of them would be to support LIARS, HYPOCRITES and TRAITORS.

This House of Commons has made Britain a laughing-stock
and brought once-proud British democracy into disrepute.

Chris Snuggs