EU Referendum : Frequently Asked Questions - Issue No. 2 - 25th March 2016
  Would leaving the European Union ('EU') endanger jobs and trade, and could the EU put up trade barriers against the UK?
  What about the EU's Common External Tariffs?   Would leaving the EU exclude Britain from the Single Market?
  Isn't about 50% of our trade with the EU?   Is it true that 3 million jobs depend on trade with the EU?
  What about international trade deals that the EU has negotiated with the rest of the world - would we be excluded?
  Why are big businesses calling for Britain to REMAIN?   Haven't some big businesses threatened to leave UK if we BREXIT?
  Should we remain in the EU in order to influence its decisions?
  Which way should farmers vote? What's in their best interests?
  I keep hearing about fishing rights; what's all that about?
  If the UK leaves the EU, what would happen to UK citizens living in Europe? Could they be deported?
  If I own property in an EU member state, will it be safe?
  If the UK leaves the EU, would I lose free access to member states' services when I travel to Europe?
  Would Britain be 'isolated' outside the EU?   Hasn't the EU helped to keep the peace in Europe?
  Are we not stronger on the world stage as part of the EU, and would we not lose influence outside it?
  Don't we need to be in the EU to help protect us from organised crime and terrorism?
  Haven't measures such as introducing the European Arrest Warrant made us safer from criminals and terrorists?
  Haven't senior members of the British armed forces said we are safer in the EU?
  How much does EU membership cost?   If we left, would we lose millions in EU grants?
 LAW &
  How many of our laws are made by the EU?   Outside the EU, would we lose our Human Rights?
  Other sources, like Nick Clegg MP, say that a much smaller number of our laws come from the EU. What is the truth?
  If we left, would we still have to comply with EU rules in order to trade with member states?
  I have heard that the courts can prevent extradition if the accused person's human rights are at risk. Is this true?
  Some say that if we leave the EU, we would be like Norway and Switzerland, who have to obey most EU laws, pay a contribution to the   EU budget, and have open borders. Is this true?
  Hasn't David Cameron 'renegotiated' our membership of the EU to deal with all these problems?
  Aren't both the Conservative and Labour parties in favour of EU membership?
  Why does President Obama want Britain to stay in the EU?   Why do more countries, for example Turkey, want to join the EU?
  Has any other country ever left the EU?   How can we leave the EU? What is Article 50?
  What happens if the British people vote to remain in the EU?
THE BOTTOM LINE:  It's all so complicated. I can't make up my mind. How can I decide which way to vote?