Russians have summarily murdered civilians in Ukraine

from "The Daily Telegraph" 1 April, 2022

This was a peaceful town whose inhabitants had harmed nobody and
were a danger to nobody. What Putin has done is a Crime Against Humanity.

The fences in Bohdanivka are painted with the Russian words “peaceful people”. The writing, painted in big white letters, is hard to miss. But it was not enough to protect this town east of Kyiv during three weeks of occupation by Russians. Every shop showed signs of forced entry, with doors smashed and windows riddled with bullet holes. At an abandoned fighting position in a patch of woods outside the town, a miniature shopping trolley stood next to a foxhole, a few looted items still inside.

Ukrainian territorial defence forces leading journalists through the town said the risk of mines and unexploded ordnance meant leaving the road to look for graves was too dangerous. But regional mayor Anatoli Bucharov, who toured the area on Saturday, estimated that 20 civilians had been killed by Russians in the area, though he did not provide further details.Residents claimed that some people had been shot at close range. “They executed two civilians near here,” a local resident who gave her name as Alyona told 'The Telegraph' outside the local school on Saturday.

A Ukrainian gunman stands by damaged buildings on a road east of Kyiv on April 2 Credit: Campbell MacDiarmid for The Telegraph

Similar accounts of civilian killings have been corroborated in other areas recently abandoned by Russian forces, who withdrew from several dozen settlements around Kyiv this week. The bodies of at least 20 men in civilian clothes were found lying in a single street Saturday after Ukrainian forces retook the town of Bucha near Kyiv, some with their arms bound.

“All these people were shot, killed, in the back of the head,” mayor Anatoly Fedoruk told AFP. He said the victims were men and women, and that he had seen a 14-year-old boy among the dead. The mayor also claimed officials there had buried almost 300 people in a mass grave.

Settlements like Bohdanivka, just off the E95 highway into the Ukrainian capital, have recently been liberated from the Russian army after its attempt to seize Kyiv failed, prompting its troops to withdraw this week. Ukraine says its troops have retaken control of more than 30 towns and villages in the Kyiv region.

But the aftermath of the weeks of terror is everywhere to see. Dozens of burned out armoured vehicles, destroyed homes and, according to locals, the bodies of murdered civilians in shallow graves.





An Open Letter to the Russian People

Dear Russian Friends

Yes, we are friends with the vast majority of Russians who are TOTALLY not responsible for this insane war, which is the work of a single deranged and narcissistic psychopath who has lost contact with Humanity, with ordinary people and indeed with Reason itself, and who is supported by his mafiosi Leningrad pals and others too scared to oppose him.

Vladimir Putin is yet one more totalitarian control-freak who has seized power for himself, which is extraordinarily sad given the horrors that Russia and Ukraine already endured in the last millennium under Stalin. He was responsible for MILLIONS of Russian and Ukrainian deaths, and Putin is going the same way, committing mass-murder and war crimes IN YOUR NAME.

We in the rest of Europe should be a friend and ally of Russia; we have deep, historical ties and share much of the same culture. We are, moreover, the same species, and “No man is an island ....”; your suffering affects us deeply, and we are praying for the murder to end.

This invasion is the result of Putin’s sick mind, his obsession with Ukraine, his paranoia and his lack of empathy - which is a key feature of psychopaths. Ukraine was never and is not a danger to Russia, and nor was or is NATO. It is true that NATO is a basically democratic and defensive alliance, and so fascist regimes like the illegitimate Russian one ipso facto have MADE themselves our enemy - but one perfectly willing to leave you alone in your own illegality and misery as long as you did not seek to spread it around.

NOW, however, Putin has invaded a PEACEFUL and SOVEREIGN COUNTRY WITHOUT PROVOCATION and is brazenly murdering its citizens. This is a Crime Against Humanity in general and involves in particular multiple WAR CRIMES in the use of cluster bombs and the deliberate shelling, bombing and shooting of civilians in an attempt to terrorize them into surrender so that Putin can set up a puppet regime and effectively bring Ukraine back into the NUSSR (New USSR), which Putin has always dreamed of.

We in the West just want to get on with our lives in peace, and I am sure it is the same for the vast majority of both Russians and Ukrainians. Putin and his gang have instead ensured that Ukrainians (and most of the rest of the world) will hate and fear Russia for GENERATIONS. Russia has become a pariah nation; even the CCP of China is clearly shocked at what is going on.

Sadly, it all went wrong after the Russian Revolution, when Josef Stalin managed like Putin to assume totalitarian power, which almost always leads to war and mass-murder. TENS OF MILLIONS of both Russians and Ukrainians lost their lives and/or lived in misery and hunger for generations because of Stalin. Sadly, the lessons of History have not been learned, and you have allowed yet ANOTHER single individual to gain total control - as of course the Germans did under Hitler. IT NEVER WORKS.

So, THIS WAR IS NOT YOUR COLLECTIVE FAULT. The VAST MAJORITY of Russians had NO say in it, but are suffering - and are going to suffer more in years to come. One deranged and possibly terminally-ill individual controling several thousand nuclear weapons is sending your sons to murder innocent people while he sits in the safety of his palaces guarded by armed men. That is ALWAYS the way with totalitarian dictators: they are never in the personal danger they send young men to face.

What is the Truth in all this? Sadly, the first thing dictatorships do after gaining control is to control what “their” subjects are allowed to know, and this is no different. Only those who STARTED this war know the full Truth in Russia. We in the West do not necessarily know the WHOLE Truth either, but because the media are more or less free (certainly in comparison with Russia) we now a LOT more of the Truth than you do. And the Truth is that the Russian forces are committing war crimes against the totally innocent in Ukraine, whereas Russian-controlled media is absurdly labelling the Ukrainians as “Nazis” guilty of “genocide”. Most Russians do not know that their military forces are using cluster bombs and deliberately murdering innocent civilians - AND indeed innocent soldiers. Neither do they know the full extent of Russian losses, the THOUSANDS of Russian mothers who have already lost sons, the thousands more Ukrainians whose lives have been lost or devastated. And it is ALL FOR NOTHING. It is ALL TOTALLY POINTLESS. WHATEVER happens, this will ensure that Russians are hated by fellow Slavs for HUNDREDS of years; that Russia is ostracised by the free-world community for DECADES, that the Russian economy is shattered.

We are your FRIENDS and are PRAYING for you and Ukraine. This needless mass-murder is NOT the path Humanity should be taking, especially given the huge problems facing our planet.

RUSSIA DESERVES BETTER. After over a century of suffering under fascist rule, YOU NEED TO GET RID OF THE LENINGRAD MAFIA and rejoin the civilised world. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.

CJS 14th March, 2022